5-Star Rated Publicist Desirae Benson- What is the Winning Strategy for Publicity?

Desirae Benson is a 5-Star Rated Publicist who works hand in hand with high-profile musicians, actors, politicians, producers, directors, authors, playwrights, entertainers, businesses, athletes, and other industry professionals to create an even bigger buzz around them on and offline. With a master’s degree that focuses on the areas of Written Communication, Public Relations, Linguistics, and Journalism, her expertise has afforded her the ability to showcase her professional prowess in creating dynamic and memorable content across many facets of the entertainment industry. She pens high-quality press releases, biographies, and write-ups, that are geared for national news outlets, music festivals, IMDb accounts, websites, magazines, and a plethora of other online forums.

She got her start in entertainment and media relations when she worked with Fox TV in Tokyo, Japan years ago as an About Town TV Host, interviewing American celebrities visiting Japan.

She is considered a multi-media journalist who has advanced knowledge in creating EPKs for musicians, film production teams, corporations, models, photographers, writers, and others who are involved in the entertainment industry. With numerous followers and a vast reach on social media platforms, Desirae L. Benson has led numerous campaigns for many artists, resulting in outstanding success. Her unique ability to personalize content, make it unique, and acquire multiple shares, speak volumes for her clients and the fans who love them.

Tell us about your background. 

I have always been heavily drawn to creativity. Thinking back to my childhood years, I had an insatiable curiosity to learn about entertainment, broadcasting and the various forms of communication people used to get a message across. With that being said, many times I would pretend to interview the people on the posters I used to have hanging on my bedroom wall, I even used my hairbrush as a mic! I knew with piercing clarity that one day I would be involved with the public through entertainment, media, and public relations.

Interestingly, my first experiences working with mass communications and being in a position of high visibility was sparked through the print and commercial modeling I was involved with when I lived in Japan. In the eyes of others who witnessed my professional relationships and business interactions, I was a valuable and formidable asset to their bottom line. Seeing me in action helped solidify their own knowledge of my cultural diversity and the importance I placed on developing solid bonds with colleagues no matter what their backgrounds were. With that came a variety of wonderful opportunities to collaborate with news channels, media outlets, entertainment magazines and other companies that worked hand in hand with celebrities and people of prominence who were traveling into the country. Once I was back stateside, my growth flourished even more. Even before my move from Asia back to US soil, I had already set things in motion so I could continue working and growing in my niche. 

This led me into the path of obtaining my Master’s degree in linguistics and journalism—two things that I continue to be extremely passionate about. Combined with my education, along with the years of training and the experience I gained working with public relations overseas, I created my own PR business.

Today, I am full of gratitude to be able to do what I love with complete and authentic passion. I consider myself to be a cultivator of greatness—not just for myself, but for the many dynamic clients that I am honored to work with.

Tell us about your high-profile clients. 

Let me first start off by saying, all my clients are AMAZING. Truly, it is a sheer pleasure and great honor to work hand in hand with such dynamic people across multiple industries. I am really big on letting my work speak for itself, and my clients can appreciate that about me, as they readily share my work, acknowledge my efforts, and consistently enjoy keeping me in the loop of what is going on with them whether it’s business or personal. I respect that.

Social media has made it possible to connect with people on a global scale. This is why hashtags are so important. If anyone would like to track and learn more about some of the wonderful high-profile clients I have worked with, and continue to work with, they can click on the hashtag, #DesiraeLBensonPR…this in and of itself will tell them a lot.

What is a winning strategy for your clients? 

I am highly competitive with myself, and it’s thrilling to set a goal, crush it, and move on to the next goal at hand. I completely convey this to my clients as well. Considering the nature of my work, I would say that balance and a clear direction are one of the biggest winning strategies for my clients. Think about the ebb and flow of the ocean. There’s give and take to the rhythm of all things. Creating a balance between how they are showcased, creates a balance in how the public perceives them, which in turn leads to even more buzz. That’s what we want.

Do you work with actors, musicians, and authors who are starting out? 

I do. Clients who are just getting started are very eager to work with me in regard to putting a plan together that propels them toward achievement. I listen to their ideas all while guiding them up the path of success just like I would do with a client who is seasoned. The difference between setting someone up to win and keeping them relevant, comes down to strategy, effort, diligence, and patience.

What do you offer clients? 

I specialize in public relations, brand elevation, and growth for my amazing clients by helping them to greatly expand their relevancy.

Diversity is important. I work with individuals, companies, brands, musicians, artists, actors, athletes, and speakers from all over the world. I am known for creating an even bigger buzz around whatever it is that they are doing. It’s a careful balance and I welcome others under my PR umbrella who have resilient spirits and who are clear with where they will be going in regard to achievement. There’s something very rewarding about a client who I can help exceed their own expectations and give them the assistance they need to remain confident and successful in their niche and beyond.

Shining a bright light on what my clients are doing and how others can learn and benefit from them is essential to their overall success. Helping them to get the media coverage and support from their fans, community, and the industries they are involved with are keys to their growth. I am with them every step of the way. A publicist should be their client’s biggest cheerleader.

Can you please share a few success stories? 

Sure, there are so many. There have been success stories across the board with every single client I have worked with, and I am so very grateful that they put their trust in me to assist them on their journeys. I have witnessed wonderful things happen in a matter of months with one particular client. Tori Nelson is a 13-Time, World Boxing Champion with an incredible history. She went from actively boxing to actively touring the world as a motivational speaker inspiring women to challenge themselves by unleashing the champion within. I have seen my eight-time Grammy® nominated client, the amazing and iconic Gerald Albright receive Billboard #1 spots for all three songs on his EP, “G-Stream.” I had the pleasure to help present my clients, the legendary Whispers with Lifetime Achievement Awards during a live ceremony in front of thousands in Vegas. I have worked with the innovative Glynis Albright, known as the Waffle Queen, who has created products that are loved around the globe. She has an inspiring success story that has propelled others to follow their dreams. Witnessing the success of my client, Grammy® award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, Felton Pilate of the legendary group confunkshun has been awesome. He is the writer of the famous song, “Love’s Train.” Recently the group, Silk Sonic, comprised of Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak covered the song creating a global buzz with the new generation loving and embracing a classic hit. I promise you…if I continue listing success stories, this interview will span over the course of several days. (smile).

Truly, success comes in so many shapes and forms as a publicist. There are days when I simply celebrate getting all the emails I have on my list replied to, or landing a magazine spread for one of my clients. Success is sweet and the dividends add up when you count your blessings. It is also important to note that clients should measure success in many ways as well. It doesn’t always have to be a big blown-out event that garners them global media attention all the time. Little wins are truly big wins to the overall success of a brand…they all add up and they all bring on the feeling of accomplishment.

What will people notice when working with you? 

Uniqueness. They will notice that my content stands out and commands attention. They will notice that this fact serves as a foundation for the success they will find through working with me. Coupled with this, they will find that they have a safe place to share ideas while we both work toward the achievement of their goals. I say we because it is a team effort. We are on a team designed to win and see their brand flourish, succeed, and even surpass their expectations. Someone will also notice that I have a very good relationship with the media and that respect is given both ways. This is something that is essential when a client needs to receive publicity across all types of media platforms. Lastly, they will notice growth. If they measure where they started and compared it to where they are while working with me, they will clearly see that positive progress has been made in the direction that they desire.

Why is having a Publicist critical to success? 

We live in a world where multi-tasking is the norm and it’s not uncommon to see people running several businesses at once. When someone wants to leverage their efforts and continue to grow by expanding into areas they have never delved into…burnout can happen quickly. If someone is not at their best, they are not fully engaged in the process any longer. A publicist is like a buffer between where you desire to go and where you currently are. I help to fill in the gaps and complete the pieces to the puzzle. Media outlets are far more apt to respond to a publicist about an inquiry rather than the individual reaching out on their own. That old adage, “Tell your people to get with my people” actually carries a lot of weight and for good reason. You are perceived and approached differently when the world sees that you place value and importance on your image by hiring someone to work on your behalf. Having a publicist in your corner who values your position and works angles that you merely only thought about, sends a strong message to those who have the potential to highlight your brand in the future.

Truly, a publicist is a spark that lights the bonfire that creates the smoke to get you noticed by the world.

Share some of the misnomers of hiring a Publicist. 

Where do I begin? (laugh). Well…one of the first things is that a Publicist is synonymous for being a manager. This is totally false, but I can see why it could potentially get confusing. As a publicist, I do a lot—from phone calls to media pitches, creating press kits, promoting clients on social media, running their pages at times, or even arranging terms for a contract…I definitely do quite a bit.

However, managing someone comes with its own set of tasks that don’t particularly involve the rigor of what a publicist does throughout the day to make sure a client is taken care of. We go beyond management in my opinion. I handle a lot, but I do not handle everything. The other misnomer comes to down to confusing a publicist with a booking agent or a broker. Although a big piece of success is landing my clients a wide variety of media attention, booking interviews, product demonstrations, or radio and television segments…that is only one part of the whole picture. A booking agent has the sole responsibility to book the client out for events related to their industry…for example, a musician. Their booking agent solidifies their concerts and their tour schedules. I often work hand in hand with them, however, they have their lane, and I have mine.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Publicist? 

The energy and the flow. I thrive off it. As a publicist, I get to create, and creativity is an expansive thing. One idea takes you to another, and another, and another. It’s a beautiful process and it vibes well with my personality. Having clients who smile at the end of the day from something I have said, done, or something I am planning for them is so rewarding.

Every experience from my past has taught me many things that I can pull from in the here and now. I am a strong believer in manifestation, and in order to attain success, growth, or any of the other goals that I have put my focus on, visualization and purposeful thinking have been at the forefront of my thought process. Being a publicist allows me to completely submerge myself in the moment. Moments create history, and history creates longevity. I make it a habit to cheer for myself. I know where I’ve been, I know where I’m at, and I am very clear about where I am going…I’m grateful for it all.





Jules Lavallee

Jules Lavallee is an International Journalist from Los Angeles, CA. For the past eight years, she has covered celebrities, global leaders, royalty, entrepreneurs for over 20+ magazines and countless cover stories. Staying true to roots in Boston, MA, Jules is a true humanitarian. She has supported many nonprofits in fundraising, strategic partnerships, and media. She has served on the Board of Big Brothers & Big Sisters and is currently on the Board of Fund Duel, gamified fundraising platform. She is an influential person in the areas of gender equality, diversity, and empowerment. She is a graduate of Harvard University.

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