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It’s Black Business Month and it’s a time for celebration. Entrepreneurship is no small task and it’s necessary to praise those who have risen to the occasion. It’s an even bigger cause for celebration when minority business owners exceed the ever growing hurdles that are often stacked ahead of them. For Candice Nicole, she has successfully overcome many business obstacles to remain firm in her industry of public relations. Candice has even managed to mentor other public relation professionals and entrepreneurs to assist them in achieving their greatness.

Candice Nicole is the proud Founder and CEO of her firm known as Candice Nicole Public Relations. She has maintained her success while also educating other professionals on the pros and cons of public relations. “There are individuals out there who are honest about their work and truly care about the industry and people within; yet so many do not respect the hardworking,” exclaims Candice Nicole. “It is extremely important, especially for the Black and Brown community, to present yourself properly and check your facts before you enter a room,” Candice continues.

Her hardworking hustle has allowed her to level the playing field on her terms. She has created her own framework for her life and profession without asking for a seat at the table. Here’s what Candice Nicole shared with Pretty Women Hustle Magazine about public relations, assisting other professionals, building relationships, and what hustle means to her:

How has public relations evolved throughout the years?

“It has evolved tremendously, especially when you think about former times when the PR individual used to be strictly behind the scenes making things happen. They were the ones typing and printing bios, transferring videos to VHS tapes or CDs, and printing out photoshoot pictures to mail out to media outlets. Now, PR professionals are coming to the forefront with their everyday content, tips, and strategies due to the power of social media today. Social media provides news instantly so that those who are experts within that said industry can chime in on the matter as well. It has morphed into something that is easily accessible on both the public and media side. Producers, reporters, and journalists have their own Twitter pages which allows for the public to send them tips on an event immediately. I love how attributes of public relations like the media continue to evolve, but some of those traditional aspects like properly using a press release are still great tactics for today.”

How have you managed to maintain success throughout the ever-changing industry? 

“I’m not afraid to reinvent myself, and I’m also not afraid of change. Within my professional life, I’ve been able to adapt to every twist and turn of this industry’s tomorrow. I have that understanding that nothing will stay the same forever, and in this industry, you have to be open to that change and that growth. Part of the reason I’ve been able to sustain myself and remain successful is I continue to research and read. I listen and converse with my peers within the industry, and I partake in PR spaces and courses. Paying attention to marketing, branding, social media, and PR trends grants me with the insight of relevancy. As a PR professional, it is important to know the current status of those different pockets in order to create a powerful PR impact with your client or your project.”

Many don’t realize that public relations is about building relationships. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs and publicists on relationship building? 

“My advice would be to be intentional with your relationship building. Refrain from making every interaction with a media professional or another industry individual with an ending objective. Don’t congratulate someone on their new position just so you can send them a media pitch next week. Make each and every exchange genuine whether it’s in person or via social media. Also, with it being 2022, be mindful of the stress that everyone is under. Many are dealing with anxiety and stress so a simple check in on those people will go a long way for that relationship. Having clarity on that specific person who you are pursuing a relationship with by sending them a warm introduction email complimenting them on their work and offering a helping hand whenever needed. It takes you two seconds to share, tweet, and forward someone else’s work. Once that person sees your support, they will be willing to connect with you.”

What inspired your start of the Facebook group “Respect the Publicist”?

“I casually shared a personal thought on either Facebook or Twitter regarding PR pros and cons and how we’re treated. Naturally, I hashtagged “respect the publicist” which started the conversation. By creating this Facebook group of now 2400+ people, I’ve welcomed other publicists who look like me and beyond to express their everyday victories and frustration that we all face in the industry.”  

What resources are available for entry-level and even seasoned PR professionals? 

“My Facebook group “Respect the Publicist” is a great community to join for support from your fellow peers. I wanted other PR professionals to have a space that they feel 100% respected and uplifted especially working in an industry that may not be respected by many. Please do not forget about Boutique PR agencies like CNPR that are always willing to spread knowledge to those who are willing to learn. Research learning opportunities like internships and courses that will give you hands-on experience. Also, do not be afraid to reach out to a publicist for mentorship or consultations. Be willing to pay someone for their time and knowledge if you are determined to succeed.”

What does the term hustle mean to you? 

“I love the term hustle because it’s who I am and what I do. I’m aware that others have mixed feelings about the term due to the negative connotation of being schemed out of money or possessions, but it has become a positive attribute. I view the word hustle as someone who is super focused, resilient, and willing to make sacrifices to reach their goals. This person will always remain humble while elevating within their careers. That hustle will continue your starvation for success. Once you tap into the hustle side of you, nothing and no one will be able to stop you.”

Thankfully, we have a front row seat to see Candice’s hustle in full bloom. Her advocacy is commendable as she lends a helping hand to help others grow into their full potential. As a minority business owner, Candice Nicole, is setting the bar high! Her accolades are highlights of the Black Girl Magic that shines from within her. Connect with Candice Nicole to continue to see her magic shine through. Stay up to date with this boss mogul by visiting; and by following @candicenicolepr on Instagram and Twitter. 

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, author, MSW and freelancer who can be followed on Instagram as @curls_coils.

Chaundra Scott

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, author and blogger. Follow her online as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife.

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