Meet Certified Esthetician and Beauty Business Mogul, Crystal Wilson

Crystal Wilson became a certified esthetician and massage therapist after fighting depression while working in corporate America. She later grew a passion for beauty entrepreneurship, creating her own business, the Luxe Beauty and Body Studio and Training Academy. Providing over 1,000 certifications to beauty industry entrepreneurs. She has also worked with clients of Mia Esthetics and Goals plastic surgery, some of the prominent facilities in Miami and Atlanta.

 With her experience working and creating an honorable reputation in the surgical community, Crystal has made it a goal to be transparent and authentic with her services, revealing the truth about post-operative surgical care. With the glorification of plastic surgery, most people aren’t aware of the toll it can take on their bodies until after surgery. The pre-and postoperative period is a critical time for patients to be prepared. As Crystal points out, “post-operative surgical care is more important than the actual surgery because if you don’t take care of your body after surgery, you will get infections.” Being properly informed and guided can help reduce the risk of complications and support the surgical recovery process.

Have you always held a passion for skincare and beauty? What inspired you to become an esthetician?

I was inspired to be an esthetician because I was tired of working in corporate America. I already had a love for the beauty industry, so I took a mink lash class in 2014. I instantly wanted to learn more so I decided to get my esthetician license. I love that being an esthetician allows me to enhance the beauty of all women and men. I’m able to help them be more confident in their skin and their bodies. Being an esthetician is very rewarding to me.

What has been your biggest lesson thus far in entrepreneurship? 

I learned that you have to take time for yourself and that having a good team is crucial. As an entrepreneur, you’re always working, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Therefore, check in with yourself and have a day off. There were times I would focus a lot on work and I would forget to eat. I realized then that I needed help. That’s where my team became my support. 

Where do you hope to see your platform in the next 3-5 years?

In the next 3-5 years I will have a podcast heard all over the nation and my Skincare line called Savior Skincare will be in stores.  

Walk me through your day-to-day skincare routine, what are your keys to having a solid skincare regime? 

My daily skincare routine consists of cleaning my face with my skin milk cleanser when I wake up. Then, I use toner and my vitamin c moisturizer as a finish. At night I cleanse my face with a light foam wash and I use my nighttime moisturizer on my face. I also use an aloe mask and a brightening mask twice a week. 

What are three most common questions you get asked about skincare? 

I get questions all day about skincare. The most common questions are:

Do you have to wash your face every day? My answer: Of course! 

Do I have to wear sunscreen? My answer: All ethnicities should wear sunscreen. 

Can I sleep in my makeup? My answer: Absolutely not! You’re clogging your pores. Makeup should be taken off daily. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman who knows what she wants and will achieve it no matter what. She’s focused, ambitious, a leader, and an innovator.

Connect with Crystal on Social Media @iamceocrys

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