Keaire Beautii Bar’s Founder and CEO, Jasmine Hall, Sits Down with L. Renee’

L. RENEE’: Tell us more about who Jasmine is, behind the brand?

JASMINE: “Yes, I created 26 chapters in this thing called life. Found my passion in 2020, which is working with kids. So I went to school for child development. Soon I will be done 🙌🏾 Then I will be a kindergarten teacher. I love traveling, I will travel with family, friends, and even solo. I recently started traveling alone and it has been the best experience. If you are thinking about it do it!!!!!

I also enjoy writing poetry. This is where the nickname “Queen Poetrii” came from. I love reading, James Patterson, who is my favorite author. I am also a big foodie. Always down to try new food. I’m very curious to know the story of how you got into teaching children with disabilities and where can we find out more about that. It was a hassle of finding out what I wanted to do career-wise. My title is Registered Behavior Therapist. A friend of mine actually introduced me to RBT, after finding out that was my career path.”

L. RENEE’: Other than being drop-dead, gorgeous, why beauty?
JASMINE: “Beauty is something people don’t like about themselves, so being there to encourage and show them how to self-love is something I am extremely passionate about because I was once that girl. Keep your head up sis! You ARE worthy! NEVER give up!”

L. RENEE’: You’ve recently been compiling a list of Black Businesses owners on social media and sharing that, without asking for anything in return. What made you decide to do that and how can someone help or get plugged in?
JASMINE: “Yes to me everything isn’t about money, it’s just me supporting other Black CEOS Support is free. You never know who may need a service that I don’t offer or an item I don’t sell, so that’s another reason for the list. I will be doing 1-2 a week. I ask all Black Entrepreneurs to pay it forward and help message me on Facebook or comment under one of my posts so we can get to work.”

L. RENEE’: How long have you lived in California and what’s the best part of living on the West coast? Favorite place to go?
JASMINE: “I have lived in California for 26 years – my entire life. I love the west coast, simply because of Los Angeles. There are some amazing places to go, to learn about history, as well as fun places to go unwind. Personally, I love Huntington Beach. Food is Life and I love our food out here. I want to know all there is to know about this.”

L. RENEE’ Talk about the Tumeric/sea moss soap you have. Sis, that thing looks and sounds like the TRUTH! What gave you the inspiration, what’s it good for, and how long does a bar last? Spill the tea, honey!
JASMINE: “Yesssss, it’s literally my favorite soap & lasts a whole 2 months. I get lumps under my armpit, for which I have seen many a dermatologist to have removed. At the end of the day, all they wanted to do was give me shots every 3 months for the rest of my life. I researched what I can use that’s more natural. I made a turmeric honey scrub that did wonders, so I had to turn it into soap as well. The soap not only helps with lumps under your armpits, but for dark areas, eczema, and dry skin as well. Also, The scrub will be coming out soon. So stay tuned for that.

L. RENEE’: How long have you been in business for yourself and what have been some of your biggest rewards and challenges?
JASMINE: “A year, off and on revamping. Consistently, 3 months. My rewards are helping people see progress in themselves as well as loving the products. Seeing photos of them rocking the items they get from my Beautii Bar. Challenges for myself are overthinking my businesses and being consistent.”

L. RENEE’: Tell us more about your family life and what you like to do for fun. Our Pretty Women Hustler Readers love connecting with our Pretty Women Hustlers on a personal level.
JASMINE: “I’m very family oriented! Family is everything to me. If I’m not working I’m with their bowling, family game nights, movies, and even traveling. Sometimes I need my alone time though lol so solo trips are a huge thing for me, self-care days, taking myself out to dinner, writing poetry, or even reading a book I enjoy.”

Jasmine, CEO and Beauty Influencer

L. RENEE’: What’s some advice you would give to someone who wants to get involved in the beauty business? What is one thing you wish someone had told you when you started out?
JASMINE: “For the beauty industry, get out of your shell! Create…create and re-create from looks to products. I wish someone had told me about business credit and marketing strategies.”

L. RENEE’: Any plans/projects/features coming up that we should get ready for? What’s next on the agenda for your brand?
JASMINE: “Next to come is a Black Women Boss calendar. No date yet, but it’s in the works.”

L. RENEE’ Tell us how to support you and find you on social media and online.
JASMINE: “Website : I’m on Facebook at: Instagram: @millionaire_jas.”

L. RENEE’:Any parting thoughts or words of wisdom?
JASMINE: “Yes, stay consistent in anything you do from business to personal! Never give up & keep your head up. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

L. Renee'

L. Renee is not your average community activist. She is a powerhouse from Ohio who has been passionately involved in her community for many years, but it's only in the past four years that she's truly made her mark. As an author, L. Renee has self-published four books, and her writing can also be found in the regular column she contributes to in Pretty Women Hustle Magazine. Her exceptional writing skills have earned her the highly recommended status in the International Association of Writers & Editors. L. Renee is a true entrepreneur. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Reflexologist, she is also a highly sought-after Business Consultant, having shown over 1000 businesses how to scale to 7 figures. Her knowledge and expertise in essential services have not only made her a private real estate investor but also the proud owner of a 100-person call center in Central Ohio. What sets L. Renee apart is her drive to help her community build brands and break generational curses. She is passionate about making generational wealth the norm and not the exception, and her philosophy is that nobody said you couldn't look good doing it. L. Renee is an Ohio Buckeye, born and raised. She still resides in Ohio with her husband, James, and their Italian Mastiff, Kane, their children and their 2 beautiful granddaughters. Her personal life has always been as important to her as her professional one, and she is committed to creating a well-rounded and fulfilling life for herself and those around her. L. Renee is an inspiration to those around her. She is proof that with hard work, determination, and a true passion for helping others, anything is possible. IAPWE Recommendation: Urban Business Institute Feature in NY Weekly: Written by me Political Writing: Muck Rack ( I no longer use this profile - the articles were from my work at DemCast as an activist/volunteer/podcaster. Please ignore links in bio. ) Founder/Contributor of Women of Knowledge & Empowerment Zone (W.O.K.E.)

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