Dr. Arlene Scarano, Founder and CEO of PETLOVERSCHAT, First-Ever Social Media Platform Devoted to Connecting Animal Lovers and Owners with One Another

Dr. Arlene Scarano is the founder and chief executive officer of PETLOVERSCHAT. She established the company with her husband, 

Dr. Joseph Scarano, during September, 2021. The PETLOVERSCHAT website and mobile applications went live during April, 2022. Arlene was born in Clarendon, Jamaica and moved to Florida at the age of twenty-four. A life-long student, she has a bachelor’s degree in nursing, master’s degree in nursing practice, doctoral degree in nursing practice, and most recently has obtained her medical degree.

You have been a life-long student and recently obtained your medical degree. Share your background. 

I have enjoyed a successful career in medicine, advancing my status by obtaining bachelors, masters, doctorate and medical degrees. I met and married my husband, Joe, in 2018. He is a pediatrician and I provide medical care for adult patients. We share a passion for the humanism, and science, of medicine.

When did you decide that you would launch PETLOVERSCHAT?  

Throughout my medical career, patients have shared with me their love for, and devotion to, their pets. Some have presented with grief and depression associated with the loss of a dear pet. Many reveal the sense of purpose and emotional reward associated with pet ownership. I found that patients who are reticent to “open up” become animated and engaged when I inquire about their pet…often sharing, with smiles and laughter, their pet photos and stories. Eventually, I realized the need for an open forum where owners could share their passion for pets…and PETLOVERSCHAT was conceived.  

What excites you the most? 

Knowing that PETLOVERSCHAT is the first-ever website and mobile application specifically dedicated to providing an online community for pet owners and lovers around the world.

Share the innovation that went into launching the PETLOVERSCHAT app.

PELOVERSCHAT is the only social media platform where users can share, chat and communicate with other pet lovers. The number and variety of features sets us apart from traditional social media websites. These features were specifically created for pet lovers and enables them to engage in a more fruitful way with other pet lovers. Pet lovers will no longer need to carve out a niche for themselves on traditional social media sites. Our marketplace and ad center, in particular, provide the first unified virtual locus for conducting pet related business.  

Take us through the unique features.  

Our signature feature is Pet of the Day, displayed on the landing page of our app and website. Joe and I personally curate this, choosing an intriguing and eye-catching pet to be featured for a day.  Pet Playdate allows users to transition their online relationships into real-world relationships, broadening both the pet’s and owner’s social network and facilitating healthy pet interactions. Pet Tricks enables owners to showcase their pets’ remarkable skills.   Pet Tails is dedicated to noteworthy and heartwarming stories of pets acting heroically or aiding others. We invite owners of service animals of all sorts to give them the notoriety they deserve. Pet Adoption enables users to list their pet for adoption or find a pet to adopt. Animal shelters and rescue agencies can utilize this component to find homes for their needy pets. Likewise, Pet Lost and Found is a forum for reuniting wayward pets and their owners. The Marketplace is where users can list goods for sale, providing direct-to-consumer marketing for individuals and businesses.

How is this app helping people to broaden their social networks? 

PETLOVERSCHAT enables pet lovers to engage in an active community with others who share an interest and love for pets/animals. The highlight of our site is “Pet of the Day,” which showcases a pet daily. Users have the ability to “like” and comment on the “Pet of the Day”. Our application and website include a live chat feature and enable pet lovers to interact with one another globally. Users can rapidly form online friendships, expand their online social ring, share their pets’ unique qualities and stories, and even arrange live pet play dates.   

Tell us about the advertising campaigns. 

Our Ad Center utilizes an innovative, affordable, flexible and user-friendly model which supports companies within and without the pet industry. Our advertising campaigns are highly effective and are designed to generate revenue for businesses of all sizes. Advertisers enjoy real-time analytics, allowing businesses to assess the impact of their ad campaign and monitor advertisement performance with precision. 


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