A Breakout Year for Serial Entrepreneur Nailah Queen

Nailah Queen, a Baltimore, Maryland-bred serial entrepreneur has had a breakout year with the introduction of Regally Insane, emerging health, wellness, and natural hair care brand. Born during the onset of the global pandemic, the company is female and black-owned. As the Founder & CEO, Nailah created the company after she began to experience ill health effects, specifically hair loss; caused by what she thought to be due to the stress of the pandemic.

After suffering from a significant amount of hair loss and becoming disappointed with the products on the market, she knew she needed to do something. Out of desperation and frustration, she took matters into her own hands and began experimenting with natural oils and started mixing them at her kitchen table. Through trial and error, she was finally able to create the perfect blend of 11 essential oils. Ultimately, after using the oil blend on her natural hair, she began to see an abundance of growth and less shedding of her hair. Satisfied by the results, she decided to bottle her combination of oils, and born was Regally Insane’s signature product, the “Grow Like Crazy Hair Growth Oil. With the success of the hair oil, Nailah added additional products intended to help maintain men’s beards, along with an array of wellness supplements to the inventory.

Other products in the extensive line include Keto Drops, Acai Berry Detox, Elderberry Immune Booster, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Inflammation Support Gummies, Hair Growth Capsules & Serum, Beard Oil, and a Travel Anxiety formula. 

As an advocate for women’s wellness, Nailah makes it her mission to reach other women who may not be feeling their best selves. At every chance she has, she uses the time to educate and motivate others to make wellness a priority. Through social media live sessions and in-person events, she strives to reach other women who are in need of encouragement towards making healthier lifestyle choices. Currently, the company is answering the call to provide alternative wellness products that may aid in combating seasonal colds, the flu, and the coronavirus.

What inspired your start in entrepreneurship? 

I started my first business in April of 2015 to honor my late mother and to create a legacy. I am the first business owner in my family. It is my mission to show the younger generation what is possible with persistence, dedication, hard work, and commitment. As a black female entrepreneur in today’s society, it is important for them to see my success. I proudly bring along my family on my entrepreneurial journey. Since opening, I have hired my husband, son, nieces, and nephews to work for the company in different capacities. This is just one way I give back and how I make a difference in their lives. 

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

One major highlight thus far is being able to give back to those who live in underrepresented communities. Oftentimes, the first time many people are diagnosed with a medical condition or illness, it’s actually the first time they are hearing of how they could have possibly prevented it.

My company works to change that narrative. We take pride in educating those who are unaware of the possible health risks that could affect them and their community. That is always a highlight for me. Through our awareness initiatives, we have provided in-kind sponsorships of our products to organizations. Our intent is to help tackle the rise of preventable and non-preventable conditions head-on. In the past, we have generously supplied bottles of our hair growth oil to the Trayvon Martin Foundation Circle of Mothers and to countless cancer survivors. Our other wellness products geared towards aiding in lowering A1C have been a true blessing to those who are living with and diabetes. We are community-driven and are focused on making a difference where we serve. 

If you could tribute your success to any in your life who would it be?

My mother, Garnetta Beard. She always told me “to find something that you love to do and when you do, you’ll be great at it!” This has held true. I watched her work tirelessly to take care of her family and admired the dedication and sacrifices she made for us. After her passing, I made it my duty to continue to build on that foundation and to create a legacy she would be proud of.

What message do you hope women take away from your platform?

I am a black female statistic, who has WON! I beat the odds; plain and simple. I want to show other women that their past can define who they are, positively. Your past experiences can very well guide your current experiences. It is important to be the change you want to see. Entrepreneurship allows us all to have a seat at many tables we are invited to, without having to ask for an invitation. Finally, I want to encourage women to be unapologetic when it comes to their dreams, aspirations, and goals. And to give them the support to crush them!

What is your go-to quote for motivation?

“We are blessed to be a blessing to others”. This reminds me that it’s bigger than me. It’s not about personal gain for me but that I am a part of a bigger plan and that I’m doing God’s work. It fuels me to know that what I do will affect generations to come. I want to be a positive influence. To do that, I must put in the work.

What does being a woman making Herstory mean to you?

It means being unapologetic with my moves and selfish in my decisions about what’s best for myself, my fellow sisters, and those sisters of future generations. For too long we have fallen in the shadows of men and have had our voices muted and our dopeness discredited. Those days are no more. I will speak from my heart, mind, and soul to motivate, encourage, support, and break barriers for women all across the world. Change is here and the time has come. We are making Herstory out loud!

Social Media Handles: On both Facebook and Instagram @Regallyinsane

All products are currently available online at www.regallyinsane.com

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