Meet Entrepreneur and Author Gloria Bempah

Gloria is an Author and Founder of Amani Upendo Wellness Coaching. In Swahili, Amani and Upendo mean peace and love, so the main hope with her coaching practice is that everyone who joins her wellness community gains a sense of God’s perfect peace and love. 

When you join Amani Upendo Wellness, you embark on a journey with like-minded believers who are ready to get on the path to total wellness through biblically sound practices and adaptions to their everyday life.

Besides coaching, Gloria is an author with several releases to date, all with the focus on self-improvement or development for the modern-day woman – and Christian. She also has live online courses ( with premium content) available so you can grow, on the go! 

Regardless of what stage you’re at with your wellness Gloria can relate and provide you with the right leadership to get back on the path to total wellness – through Christ!

Outside of entrepreneurship and writing, Who is Gloria Bempah in five words?

My name is Gloria Bempah and I am from Toronto, Canada. Five words to describe me are passionate/ optimistic/ faithful/ gentle/ kind.

What inspired your start in the Wellness Industry?

My ‘Journey to Wellness’ began in the same season that everything around me began to work against me. As I struggled and got left alone to survive, I simultaneously learned how to trust God, and love how He created me and I learned how to walk with the Holy Spirit as my friend and compass for my life.

You are a woman of faith, what role does your faith play in your entrepreneurial journey?
You know, I was baptized at a young age so things like being in the church and studying the word became second nature to me. As I’ve matured I personally think God allowed me to have an early start with my faith knowing that as I aged, I would encounter some very dark things. I believe that He knew I would need a strong foundation to keep me from completely losing all hope – and direction in life.

Tell us about your company Amani Upendo Wellness Coaching.
The words ‘ Amani and Upendo’ literally translate to peace and love in Swahili. As a certified wellness coach, my passion is working with others (regardless of their current state or walk of faith) to reach total wellness through Christ. I’ve grafted biblically sound practices that will further your confidence in God and your own abilities.

Can you share your 2022 journey with us?
Well, as I mentioned I am a Toronto native but I relocated to Montreal Canada quite recently. It took a lot of strength and prayer to make it happen but God moved with me so I was successful. Why Montreal? As a child, I always had this curiosity about the only province in Canada that’s strictly French-speaking. I always did well in french studies so I was confident and somewhat excited to do it.
I have also taken a leap of faith with my brand. From coaching with ‘Joy plus app’ to being featured with blogs like ‘rock solid faith’ or ‘candidly Christian the year 2022 has really been filled with God’s divine help.

How did your business excel, what major moves are you proud of?
The biggest move I made was taking the first step. It is always the hardest one but it’s worth it.

What is next for you in 2023?
Honestly, I’m just going to continue to work and allow God to do what He does best – have my back.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
In my opinion, A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman that can do these two things well.

First of all, she knows how beautifully and wonderfully made she is. A Pretty Woman knows how attractive she is inside and out and works to make sure that she attracts the right things in her life.
A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is also someone who knows the value of discipline, focus, and hard work. She understands that the more effort she puts into things she is passionate about, the more results she gets out of everything she does. She is a modern Proverbs 31 woman.

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