Andy Smith, CEO of iChat Global Network- Launches iChat 4Kidz, a First of its Kind, Social Media App

Andy Smith. Smith is currently one of the highest sought-after Branding & Marketing Agents in the country. His love for excellence has granted him access to notable platforms and opportunities not only in the Christian Community but also the Global Marketplace.

Andy is the CEO of Andy Smith Global Enterprises. (ASGE) Under this global entity he oversees three global magazines, I-Worship Magazine, Woman Arise Magazine, iCreate Magazine, three Global Newspapers, I-Connect Newspaper, Bastrop Community Voice and Winnsboro Connect Newspaper and a Branding & Marketing Firm for entrepreneurs Andy Smith Creative Media Group. Smith is a man of vision and believes strongly everyone has the potential to change the course of their future.

Now, Andy has launched, The iChat Global Network, a Social App that has been created to build effective communication through relational connections. “Our goal is to create a safe place for our children from bullying and negativity. Through positive feeds, our app teaches them how to build healthy, life-long relationships while communicating through the social world.  In addition to that, we encourage all cultures, all ethnicities to enjoy life through positive communication. Through our app families will be able to stay connected as well as businesses from a corporate perspective will stay in the light of growth and expansion.”- Andy Smith

Tell us about your background and what led you to launch the iChat Global Network.

Well, growing up I’ve always been a technology geek. I’ve always had a love for electronics and active devices. Over the years as we know, social media has been a driving force in the world but also for some a place of danger, specifically our children! I was raised by a single parent in a public housing neighborhood. We didn’t have the best of everything, but my mom made what we had feel like Rodeo Drive, lol. So, growing up I was always told that I was different. I wasn’t the perfect child, but I was different. I was expelled from High School in the 9th grade because of my behavior. I never thought about a school again.  I went on with my life and developed a passion to express my creativity in other outlets. I discovered I had an enterprising spirit, a gift for speaking, and a genuine interest in building authentic connections both in person and on social media. It was at that moment that I began to move quickly on the visions and innovative ideas I received. I begin watching how people interacted with each other, some positive and some not so positive. So as time grew, I begin to see my passion grow in the areas of public awareness.

I’ve watched social build up some people and tear others down, but the biggest concern of it all was knowing that people that had evil motives were out there approaching our children through inappropriate pictures and vile messages. This is where the desire to launch iChat Global and iChat 4 Kidz came from. It was launched to provide a socially moral platform coupled with safety and compassion as the leading factors.

iChat 4Kidz is a first of its kind, a revolutionary social media app where safety is paramount, and kids can enjoy a bully-free social media experience. Tell us about the 2-factor authentication. 

The two-factor authentication is a security measure in which the parent/caretaker must be notified that the child is attempting to use the app. More specifically, it allows parents to have sole control over their children’s account. Secondly, we offer a time-based login which also allows parents to log their children out of the app. We offer two logins for iChat Global Network, one for adults and one for kids. Our subscribers will also be able to create their own customized profiles, personal posts with pictures, video, and content upload much like our competitors.

Take us through the app. Is it user-friendly? Is it for all-ages?

Yes, it’s user-friendly. It has a very easy login process in addition to an exciting surprise on every login screen for the kids. It’s guaranteed to be engaging, exciting and education for its duration. We have two worlds operating in iChat. We have iChat for adults which is for 18 and up and the kidz version which if for ages 4-16.

What makes this app fun?

Most social media apps are tailored to the adult or even the teen as the ideal client. Rarely have we seen toddlers and school agers as top of mind when building a social marketing app. That’s what sets us apart. To answer your question, this experience will be fun because they can play, learn, and connect with their real-life friends or meet likeminded children their age all over the world. Irrespective of life transitions the child may face they will still be able to access their childhood friends and grow up together, maybe not in physical proximity, but they can virtually.  

Tell us about the #KidzChatRoom.

The #kidzchatroom affectionately known as “CIRCLE OF FRIENDS” is a space, perfectly curated for the iChat user’s personal friends. The process is highly monitored. To access it security credentials must be entered. Verification codes are sent to the parent(s) before this process is even facilitated. The Circle of Friends is the tool that takes the place of private messenger which will further allow our team as well as parents to securely monitor the protection and freedom of our children.

Tell us about The Andy Smith Wellness Initiative. 

Andy Smith Wellness Initiative is a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on the safety and wellness of our children and teens. Through this program we will assist in the dismantling of the risk factors that lead to bullying and suicide. The ASWI is dedicated to protecting, educating, and rescuing our youth. ASWI will be a bridge of hope for the lost and a place of safety for those who feel as if they have no one to turn to. This initiative will be administered through all school systems with a special emphasis on holidays where most children with no family especially in juvenile detention centers really don’t have family.

Share your vision for iChat Global Network.

My vision for iChat can be described by two words: global expansion. I really want to keep precisely and strategically alive the traditional levels of social networking. We are pushing this directive on US soil for the moment and in the upcoming days launch into our international brand presence. However, once I feel that we’ve successfully expanded our reach my vision includes growing our international base to be a top social media app that revolutionizes how we communicate forever. If we don’t prepare for the future, who will?

Jules Lavallee

Jules Lavallee is an International Journalist from Los Angeles, CA. For the past eight years, she has covered celebrities, global leaders, royalty, entrepreneurs for over 20+ magazines and countless cover stories. Staying true to roots in Boston, MA, Jules is a true humanitarian. She has supported many nonprofits in fundraising, strategic partnerships, and media. She has served on the Board of Big Brothers & Big Sisters and is currently on the Board of Fund Duel, gamified fundraising platform. She is an influential person in the areas of gender equality, diversity, and empowerment. She is a graduate of Harvard University.

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