Pretty Women Making Pretty Moves in 2022: Meet Chaundra Scott, MSW

Chaundra Scott is a Maryland MSW, authorpreneur, and freelance writer. Her career in social work has spanned over 15 years with experience in child welfare, case management, community outreach, and engagement. She has served as a wealth of knowledge in seeking and accessing various resources whether for professional development or for the clients that she serves. She has even founded her own magazine called The Wellness Collective to highlight human service professionals, trending news, and wellness practices. Chaundra is also a self-published author of over 5 book titles and provides literary services for other authors. When she isn’t writing or serving in her community, she enjoys spending time with her daughter. She also enjoys crafting, planning events, and binging her favorite television shows. Chaundra is seeking her DSW to further her social work passions in leadership, administration, and community outreach.

Outside of entrepreneurship and writing, Who is Chaundra Scott in five words?
I am resilient, transformative, creative, determined, and optimistic.

What inspired your start in the writing and publishing industry?
Some ask why but I ask why not! I turned my childhood love for reading into children’s book stories for the family and workbooks/journals for adult enjoyment. As a child, my mother instilled a love for reading and learning. I would even write short stories. Once I became a mom, I experienced many teachable moments with my daughter and I decided to share them with other families. Five self-published books turned into me assisting other authors in self-publishing their books as well.

You are someone who has worked years in public relations while assisting writers in sharing their stories, how did your years in public relations influence your journey?
Being a writer helped me to explore the art of media pitching. I have worked with a few publicists to have their client brands visible to their target audience. I also offer media relations for authors in order to help them share their art of storytelling with the world. Those experiences led to me creating my own media platform of a magazine called The Wellness Collective.

Tell us about your company Curls and Coils.
Curls and Coils Literary Solutions is my baby and my first business. The business name is based on the title of my first children’s book. The brand encompasses all of my self-published book titles such as Dear Daughter, Fix Your C.R.O.W.N, Beautiful Shades, and more.

Can you share your 2022 journey with us?
This has been a year of reflection, ownership, and discovery. I had a few losses but I refused to quit. I continued to push through to reach my dreams and to advocate for myself. Many sleepless nights, tears, and worries helped to mold me into the resilient woman that I am today. As a single mother, I doubted myself many times but my child is also my motivating factor to strive for greatness. This is only the beginning. I refuse to look back because I’m not going that way.

How did your business excel, what major moves are you proud of?
I excelled to offer book collaborations, more individual writing projects and launching my brand The Wellness Collective. The Wellness Collective will soon serve as a private practice co-op for therapeutic services while also offering a magazine for social workers, wellness, and lifestyle. I’m proud of myself for seeing this vision through despite naysayers, my own imposter syndrome, and more.

What is next for you in 2023?
2023 will be the launch of The Wellness Collective magazine and private practice co-op office space. 2023 is the year of “why not” and I’m here to receive it all!

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
Someone who embodies grit, beauty on the inside, and the willingness to transform lives for the better.

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