“The Betrayal and How I Continue to Overcome(REVISED)” an Interview with Author, Marquis A. Jackson

“The Betrayal and How I Continue to Overcome(REVISED)” an Interview with Author, Marquis A. Jackson

RENEE’: First off, Congratulations from myself and Stewart Boutique, and here at Pretty Women Hustle Magazine, we are extremely proud of you and can’t WAIT to see what you do next.

MARQUIS: “I want to say thank you for being in my corner since day one. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to meet you, in order for me to be seated in this position 3 years later.

RENEE’:Tell us about you, Marquis. Not what we see on social media, but when people think of you, what do you want them to remember about you?

MARQUIS: “I am an open book all around so there are only a few things people don’t know about me. To be very serious, I know for a fact that I am not a person who fits in. To the ordinary observer, it appears as though I blend in. The reality of the situation is that I’ve never really fit any social box or natural societal constraints. (You’ll understand more when you read the book). When people think of me, I want to be them to recall a good-hearted person who led a life of light and power in the mental realm, that not too many people are able to grasp.”

RENEE’: Tell our Readers & Hustlers where you grew up and if are you an only child.

MARQUIS: “I grew up in Columbus, Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) but I’m originally from Washington D.C. Biologically I have two sisters and one brother, with me being the middle child. Fitting. I am the second born with my brother being the first. “Realit-ily” (Yes I said that)I am the firstborn with only one sibling, not two. I’ll allow your audience to take from that what they will.”

RENEE’: Marquis, tell us something about you that you have never told anyone, that’s not even in your book…oops. Did I spill the beans? Ok, I did. So go ahead.

MARQUIS:Why ! LOL! You had to get to it, didn’t you? The soft questions were just not enough is that pretty accurate? LOL! Just teasing. On a very personal note. I don’t talk a lot about this for obvious reasons, though I do realize there is healing in healing others, so here goes. I was molested by a male relative when I was younger. For those of you wondering, no, that bears no reflection on who I am today, in fact, I am who I am DESPITE what happened. There is a lot more to that story that I cannot share here, but it will be told in my autobiography. Let’s get to the book before we go down a different and dark path here. Keep these questions coming.! I love it!”

RENEE’: So, tell my “can’t hold water” self, about your story, “The Betrayal and How I Continue to Overcome – It’s Not Personal It’s Facts (REVISED), and what is the inspiration behind this book. Specifically, what made you decide to put your untold story out into the world?

MARQUIS: “I’m glad you asked this question. I get asked it a lot and I had been struggling to answer, until recently. All I did was finally accept my gift. Then it just came to me. We all have experienced betrayal in our lives, and we will always experience betrayal in some form or fashion. It’s just the natural order of things. The way of the land stars which is what I call everyone. People must have a real human experience to see their way out of things, so I am shining a beacon of light into what it looks like going through the betrayal and overcoming it.”

RENEE’: Was it hard for you to get your book published? Did you have any experience with publishing before?

MARQUIS: “Getting published in 2022 is not hard. There’s a Youtube video about anything now. Access to resources makes anything virtually possible. Anyone with a strong enough desire, a story to tell, and a will to not quit can do the process. It only requires a bit more elbow grease when you are self-publishing, YOU must incur every cost involved and that’s when you get to see who you are and what you are truly made of. I have worked with the publishing house Triple Crown Publications owned by the talented/amazing Vickie Stringer, who also self-published ‘Let that be the Reason’.”

RENEE’:Do you have a good support system in place? 

MARQUIS: “The best support system I had in my life died in 2015 not to say I don’t have a lot of supportive people, it’s just not an entire system.”

RENEE’:How did your book signing go on 10/22 in Akron? What was that experience like seeing your fans, and signing books for them? (Don’t get the big head on us and don’t forget us, little people. (LOL!)

MARQUIS: “Yes, the event was amazing, better than I could have ever asked for. There was so much love and actual care in one space, I could not have asked for more. Just having the stars who showed up that got to interact with each other was more than I could have asked for. People made connections and lasting impressions on each other. Girl, I will never forget anyone who assisted in my come-up and stayed true. Thank you all”

RENEE’:You recently had a wedding? Congratulations MRS. Jackson (if you’re nasty)to you and Demajio! Where was the honeymoon? Where are the wedding photos? Where is my invite? GULP (awkward!!!!)

MARQUIS: “Yes honey! January 15th, 2022, I officially became Mrs. Jackson… if you’re nasty, LOL! I won’t add too much more because the sophomore book will be packed with all the tea and it’s HOTTTT.”

NOT the wedding…LOL!

RENEE’:What is the ONE message you want people to take away from your story?

MARQUIS: “I want people to know that it’s not about money or status that makes you somebody, it’s not about the perfect man/woman and it’s not about what you have done for someone. It is simply about your light and how you use it. I give all credit to my spiritual leader in the book and yes, I know some of them by name and they carry many. Do you as the reader know your spiritual advisor, or are you still searching for their voice and just one name?”

RENEE’: Whew! That was deep. Where can people purchase the book?

MARQUIS: “My book is currently available online with Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Imusic, and Books A Million.”

RENEE’: How can people follow you on social media?

Facebook: The Betrayal Life Coaching LLC
Instagram: The Betrayal Life Coaching LLC
TikTok: The Betrayal
Website: www.thebetrayal.co
Email: howtoovercome@thebetrayal.co

RENEE’:What are your parting words for newlyweds who have had a rocky start?

MARQUIS: “I can say that you must know the person you married and why you actually said I do. It’s best to remember that at some point your person and even you yourself will change and evolve. You might find yourself wondering who did I really marry? If you can remember who you married, you can “call” that person to come back to you.”

RENEE’:What is your advice to people who have a story to tell but don’t know where to start?

MARQUIS: “I tell all my stars who have a story to tell, mine is no greater than yours, what you must believe is if the story should be written or seen in another light, to become successful with your story you must advertise it in your gift and writing is not the only option.”

RENEE’: P.S. When the royalty checks come in, can I hold something?

MARQUIS: “LOL! For sure, sis you will always be fed in my circle but for real though I thank you for providing me this opportunity and giving me my first step to greater!”

Thanks for reading! Be sure to get your copy of “The Betrayal and How I Continue to Overcome” (REVISED) by Marquis A. Jackson, today! Be well hustlers! Until next time.


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