Our Ancestors Wildest Fashion Dreams

    Over the past few years, black fashion designers have been emerging more and more. fashion weeks in many places throughout the country, the Caribbean, and overseas have been created to give black creatives their very own space to showcase their work to the world. These black creatives are very unapologetic about their style and purpose. Many are on a mission to create a brand of black excellence and appropriately represent fashion through the eyes of the black lens,

“Black excellence to me is paying homage to the past and knowing that the future is filled with promise. When I get into a creative space I think about what the culture needs and what I want to see the culture represent through fashion and apparel. My fashion represents textures and colors. It understands that our women have shapes and curves. My fashion is not in a box.”

Soulseed was planted over a decade ago, and since then has been rooted within the black community to uplift culture, community standards, and cultural dopeness. Akim Wilson the creator and designer has made her mark in Florida and beyond seeking to spread the positive message of black excellence worldwide, she says,

“You know when I created this brand, I understood that I would have a responsibility to black culture to produce items that would be reflective of the excellence of our ancestors. that’s a huge responsibility that I don’t take lightly. I’m strong in the belief that black culture has been misrepresented in multiple different spaces. So, through clothing, through fashion apparel I want people to not only see but feel the spirit of the ancestors when they wear my pieces and also when they see my pieces on a runway.”

From harem pants to bandeau tops to affirmation tees to luggage, Soulseed has created a collection of pieces for all ages and sizes.

 “I want babies to be able to wear words of affirmation across their chest from the moment they are born until they are able to fully grasp the concept into their adolescence and teen years. It’s important that the things that we read and see are uplifting because then it creates a lifestyle. So, in a sense, my brand is more of a fashion lifestyle brand that helps build character and affirms are people.”

To learn more about SoulsSeed please visit the website and social media links

Website: www.soulseedapparel.com

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