Pretty Women Making Pretty Moves in 2022: Meet Michelle P. Jones

To be a woman who makes “Pretty” moves you must first understand the gift you hold within and next understand how to utilize it.

Michelle P. Jones is “The Writer’s Coach” and helps writers birth their literary masterpiece, which brings their story to life through the Authorpreneur Academy’s course offerings, personalized strategic plan & coaching services and offers publishing services through her company, Bledsoe Publishing Company, LLC.

As an Amazon international bestselling author, literary award-winning author, ordained minister, writing and copywriting strategist, confidence consultant, workshop/seminar facilitator, podcast executive producer/host, blogger, and inspirational/motivational speaker, Michelle is uniquely positioned to ensure you offer an exceptional literary masterpiece to the marketplace. It is her belief that her life’s purpose is to use her skills, talents, and abilities in service unto God, with mankind being the direct beneficiary.

Michelle is the Founder/CEO of the Authorpreneur Academy, and Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC, an independent publisher who offers professional services, through inspiring, empowering, and equipping
entrepreneurial creatives, authors, and professional writers to structure and view their writing as a business set for exponential growth while introducing an exceptional literary masterpiece to the marketplace. As a
published author, Michelle has self-published two (2) books for national distribution: Grasping Your Success: Six Steps to Starting and Legitimizing Your Business (published 2017), Walking on Water in My
Stilettos: How God Strengthened My Faithwalk (published 2018), and published 2021 ABF Best Book Awards Finalist in Christianity Desperate Housewives of Biblical Proportions (November 2020) with Enhanced DNA Publishing, and is a contributing author in the anthology As for Me and My House: Stories to Help Onboard Households for Entrepreneurship (published December 2019).

Michelle is a writer’s writer and believes in sharing her gift with the world through her monthly First Friday blog, Purposeful in
Stilettos, Brown Girlz Readz Book Club on Clubhouse, and the bi-monthly writing clinics she facilitates.

Michelle is also the executive producer and host of a weekly podcast, the Unapologetically Michelle Show, where she discusses real, relevant, raw and life-changing topics that can positively influence its listeners’
choices and decision-making process positively. Michelle believes life is a series of life-happening moments, and it isn’t about the fact that you went through them, but that you overcame each of them and
stepped back into your community to share intentionally, unapologetically, and purposefully those learned life lessons with others to help them traverse their journey called life. Michelle enjoys reading, writing, listening to good music, and watching action-packed and Sci-Fi movies.
Michelle believes that information is power and she can be found sharing the information she holds with others to empower them to live their truth, their purpose, and their life OUT LOUD and in living color. Michelle currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Outside of entrepreneurship and writing, Who is Michelle Jones in five words? 

A service-minded Kingdom Entrepreneur

What inspired your start in writing and sharing stories? 

I have always loved reading and writing since childhood. It began with me sharing business tips and tools with my clients and others. To write about my life, being an entrepreneur, and introducing readers to the Bible in a relatable way. Writing has always been my way to express myself and my feelings. I just now have the opportunity to share it with the world.

You have crossed over into the journal-making industry, what has been the most rewarding part of creating different journals to impact people? I believe that knowledge is power and that when we know better we can do better. Journals are a way to introduce information and for the reader to interact with the information immediately to affect change in their life intentionally. What most people don’t realize is that trauma can be healed through our writing. It gives the person an outlet to put on paper what is informing their decisions and choices. Once on paper, it loses its power and its ability to negatively impact the author’s life.

Tell us about your company’s NEW Journal Line the Unapologetically Blacknificient Intentional Living Journal. 

This journal is all that and a bag of chips. The journal first and foremost celebrates the richness and beauty of the African American culture. The reader will find historical facts, the celebration of our culture and journey to freedom, and relative information that can change their life. The journal has 3 sections: How Am I Living, Intentional Living, and Journal Pages. In the How Am I Living section, the reader will take an honest look at where they are in life. They will share their deepest fears, hardest struggles, biggest dreams, etc. In the Intentional Living section, the reader uses the 31-day journal to intentionally live each day when utilizing the guides provided. They will write out their daily affirmation, share what they are grateful for, who they need to forgive, and objectives (goals) they want to accomplish, etc. All of these are designed to help the reader use the tools they learn to develop the skills they will use to intentionally and unapologetically live a happy, healthy and whole life. This is accomplished by them choosing themselves daily. The journal pages section is where the reader will chronicle their journey by sharing their experiences as they apply what they learn each day while completing the Intentional living section. A link to an introduction video will accompany each journal to ensure the reader understands how to best use the journal. It is our desire for people to have the best possible experience with the journal. We have created a separate journal for men and one for women, and the reader can select between two different covers when ordering.

Can you share your 2022 journey with us? 

2022 started off with me starting my publishing company, Bledsoe Publishing Company LLL and ghostwriting a client’s book and associated workbooks. I have since published his book and workbooks, published another client’s book, began creating book covers for clients, created the journal, and am ramping up to begin designing an Unapologetically Black Coloring Book. I am also putting a call out for contributing authors for our Morning Glory anthology (which will be published in 2023). As a socially conscious business, Bledsoe Publishing created the Bledsoe Family Legacy Foundation with their first order of business to provide scholarships to graduating seniors who show a need and meet our criteria. Applications will be released for consideration in the fall of 2023 with notification of awardees being announced in the spring of 2024. As if that isn’t enough, currently, we are writing gender-specific programming for nonprofits to use as their specialized internal programming and teaching them how to structure it to be an additional stream of income for their organization.

How did your business excel, what major moves are you proud of?

 2022 has been a year of transformative change and growth for both myself and my company. I am truly aligning my faith with my business and using Bible principles to serve mankind with services, programming, and/or products that equips, inspires, and empowers mankind to intentionally live a life of purpose unapologetically. This year we are kicking off our Unapologetically Write a program with two writing clinics per month. One will be virtual and the other will be in person. The program is designed to ensure its participants will have the necessary information to introduce literary masterpieces to the marketplace while understanding that presentation does matter. As previously mentioned, I am excited about the foundation, the work we are doing with nonprofits, and creating the Reformation Project which is also a part of the foundation. For me personally, my greatest accomplishment is when I invited God to be the CEO of my business. I check in with Him daily to see what’s on my to-do list for the day and what action steps I need to take that honor Him and keep my businesses growing.

 What is next for you in 2023?

 In 2023, the kick-off of the scholarship program, the publication of the Morning Glory anthology, the introduction of the Grief Journal anthology, finishing up the Restoration Project (re-entry program to help to return citizens re-acclimate in society with the tools needed to intentionally live a life of purpose based upon the transformative change process), and publishing books for clients. We are currently accepting new authors interested in publishing a book. Bledsoe Publishing is equipped to take an author from concept to publication while the literary award-winning and international best-selling author and coach, Michelle Jones coaches them through the process. It doesn’t matter where an author is in the process, Bledsoe Publishing has the right publishing package to meet their needs.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

Growing up I was always told that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I no longer believe that statement as it was taught. I believe beauty is an outward expression of the inner condition of an individual’s heart. It is a reflection of who they are and who they see themselves being. With that being said, a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman who knows who she is, knows her worth, and has realized she is not in competition with anyone other than herself as she strives to be a better person today than she was on yesterday. She doesn’t have it all together and that’s ok with her because she is growing into who she is created, destined, and purposed to be intentionally and unapologetically. She is the woman I look at in the mirror every day and whom I encourage to keep going especially on those days when nothing seems to be going right. She is ME and every other woman who refuses to give up, give in and not live life to the fullest. She is the sister-friend I collaborate with and check in on to make sure she’s ok, and whose successes I celebrate. And, whose tears I wipe when she’s experiencing the growing pains from failure. She’s not every woman, she’s the woman who has decided to see each new day as an opportunity to accomplish her objectives (goals) and be of service to someone else.

Social media handles:

 Facebook: @MzMichelleJ ; @BledsoePublishing ; @MzMichellePJones

Twitter: @BledsoePublish

   IG: @MichellePharesa


If you have any questions and/or to obtain additional information, please contact them via email at

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