22 Women Making Pretty Moves in 2022: Meet Geralyn McNeil

To be a woman who makes “Pretty” moves you must first understand the gift you hold within and next understand how to utilize it.

Geralyn McNeil is a Mobile, AL native licensed cosmetologist, lash artist, and body contouring, expert. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and birth doula. She graduated from Empire Beauty School in 2016 and has worked in the beauty industry for 5 years. She is licensed with the state of Tennessee and Alabama. She began lashing at a local lash studio 2017 located in Nashville, TN before advancing her career and opening her own salon GP LASH & BEAUTY BAR in 2018. Her go-getter attitude and attention to detail led her to many opportunities.

She has touched many people, turned frowns into smiles, built self-esteem, and poured joy into many lives over the years. Geralyn has a keen eye for detail and creating art. She’s known for her freestyle lash technique and her ability to lash in a timely manner.
She is also known as “The butt grower.” In 2021 she released her butt enhancement product “Plump Posterior.” Specially formulated to grow the butt and hip area naturally. Whether you have a surgical BBL (Brazilian butt lift) or natural it works for all.

Outside of the beauty industry and her lash career, Geralyn donates to the homeless. The Brown Paper Bag movement started in 2019. She offers discounted lash services in exchange for items to fill at least one brown paper bag with much-needed essentials for the homeless. Items such as water, non-perishable items, sanitary items, fast food/ grocery gift cards, bible scripture, motivation quote, and a list of local resources.

She is very passionate about what she does and is well on her way to the top.

Outside of entrepreneurship and beauty, Who is Geralyn McNeil in five words?
fashionista, athletic, mother, wife, foodie

What inspired your start in the beauty industry?
Being able to transform women in multiple ways. Mentally, physically, and spiritually

You have worked many years in the beauty industry while mentoring, what lessons were you able to carry with you from entrepreneurship to mentorship?
Staying consistent, never giving up, focusing on the positive, organization

Tell us about Gpinthecity lash & beauty bar.
We are located in Mobile, AL where we offer a variety of services. Luxury lash extensions, lash extension courses, body contouring, retail products and so much more.

Can you share your 2022 journey with us?
The 2022 journey has been a rewarding roller coaster. This year was about getting organized and figuring out what I wanted out of my business. Rebranding this year was very important to me. I’ve overcome some obstacles that were much-needed life lessons.

How did your business excel, what major moves are you proud of?
I’m proud that I took and completed phlebotomy school at Herway training institute. Doing so is going to set me up for many opportunities to come. My raw hair collection (G-Code Extensions) will launch later in October 2022. I’m very excited about that.

What is next for you in 2023?
2023 I plan to fully launch my lash supplies! I want to have a full-stock lash supplies store. Just Walk in and shop!

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
Not just pretty on the outside, but inside as well. Going after all things that matter to you. The art of many different hustles

IG: _gplashandbeauty

Website: www.gpinthecity.com

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