22 Women Making Pretty Moves in 2022: Meet Taraneika Brady

To be a woman who makes “Pretty” moves you must first understand the gift you hold within and next understand how to utilize it.

Look out world, Taraneika Brady, Owner of Brains & Beauty Therapeutics, LLC and Founder of Brains & Beauty Achievement Club has hit the ground running in hopes of creating an avenue to reintroduce trade back into the education system.

As a licensed educator and massage therapist, she quickly realized how alternative education and career routes were devalued. Aspiring to make a difference for children that looked like her, she created the Brains & Beauty Achievement Club. Her club introduces the kids to all educational routes with an emphasis on trade.

As a first-generation college student, Taraneika only knew to go to college and graduate. She was never exposed to alternative career routes and wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. As a result, she changed majors several times causing her to accumulate student loan debt.

After obtaining her bachelor’s in Biology and Master’s in Education, she began her career as an 8th grade Science teacher. After teaching for seven years, she decided to leave education and attend massage school. She quickly realized that she could make so much more money with her trade than she could with her degree.

Fresh out of massage school Taraneika went into business for herself. She then decided to go back into the school system to introduce all career routes to middle school students so that they can decipher which road would work best for their future without creating a financial burden before they become working adults.

Outside of entrepreneurship and therapy, Who is Taraneika Brady in five words? 

Ambitious, self-driven, tenacious, server, and life learner

What inspired your start in the massage therapy industry? 

 My love language is service and I’ve always been good with my hands. My entire life has been devoted to making a difference rather it’s through a listening ear or a healing touch. After discovering how beneficial massage was to well-being I was immediately drawn.

You have worked many years in the therapy field and you are now an educator, what lessons have you been able to carry with you throughout your career? 

I’ve been teaching science at the middle school level for many years. My massage career didn’t take off until I realized how important having a trade was. Since then, I have used my experiences to introduce my middle school-aged children to both career routes and the potential debt they may obtain for not knowing what they want to do in their future.

Tell us about Brains & Beauty Therapeutics, LLC.

 Brains & Beauty Therapeutics, LLC came to fruition from wanting to create a safe and peaceful environment where individuals could come to reach a balance mentally, and physically, and leave feeling beautiful. Our ultimate goal is to promote self-care and well-being.

Can you share your 2022 journey with us?

After I obtained my license in January, I immediately started working for myself and looking for a location. In March, I moved into my spa and joined The Spa Boss Tribe. This is a tribe of black spa professionals that provide educational training and helps with scaling businesses. Within the tribe, I formed partnerships and had the opportunity to do chair massages at Rick Ross’s house. I was also a contestant on a new TV Show called Spa Tank. On the show, I pitched my idea to create a trade school to help eliminate student loan debt and introduce students to trade careers before they graduate from high school. 

How did your business excel, what major moves are you proud of? 

I would like to think that BNB excelled because it was a new business that started during a recession and thrived. I am most proud of being nominated for not one, but two awards for 2022. I was nominated for Black Spa Awards 2022 Best Massage Therapist and Georgia Business Journal’s Best Massage Therapist. Being viewed and nominated amongst the best most definitely has set the tone and was my most MAJOR move.

What is next for you in 2023? 

2023 holds many more rewards for BNB Therapeutics. I am currently enrolled in esthetician school so that I can add more services to our menu. I’m also sponsoring a club that teaches students all about entrepreneurship and trades.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

My definition of a Pretty woman who Hustles is a lady with grit and the ability to grind effortlessly no matter her circumstances.

Connect with Taraneika Brady online by visiting  bnbtherapeutics.com

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