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Owner of Phenomenal Expressions Akilah Roberts here to talk about how I tapped into what Professionalism means to me. After opening up my business in 2021 and writing my own novels, I decided to take my faith to another level by coordinating anthologies. I loved the idea of collaborating with other authors, sharing ideas and stories together. I joined many groups located within social media and wrote my proposal. I was blown away with the response because I wasn’t a seasoned writer in the game yet, but people were so eager to write on the content I selected. I published my first anthology in June 2022 and it did way better than I expected on the Amazon charts. I decided to gain some knowledge and experience on becoming an Editor and received a Intermediate Level Certification. It made me feel good to follow through with my anthology series titled “The Miseducation of Becoming an Adult” with more insight on what it takes to complete a project of this magnitude. I am now going into Volume #2, which will discuss Professionalism.

The 10 topics that will be discussed within The Professionalism Anthology will be;

Appearance, Language, Creativity, Respect, Attitude, Adaptiveness, Leadership, Team work, Service, Organization.

Being a Professional is essential to making money, keeping customers and gaining new ones. I believe you have to be able to communicate, lead, look presentable, have great ideas, be a team player and network, and also be able to adapt to change and be organized.

I personally picked these 10 topics because I feel these are all of what being a Professional is about. If you agree too, I am currently looking for contributors to help write on these 10 topics.

The goal is to explain what Professionalism means to you and provide examples of how you have used these in the workplace or as business owner.

This will serve as a “key” for those 18 and older when they go out and job search. My platform serves writers from all over the USA and being diverse with ideas is what I love most about doing anthologies.

Phenomenal Expressions is a business that promotes all things creative and teaches others to be expressive in their beliefs, goals and motives. My beliefs are that if you write on topics that you need help in, it can potentially increase your levels in that area by 80%.

This anthology, volume #2 will close on incoming contributors January 1st. This will be the LAST day to join. You will have to pick a topic and make a payment of $110.00 to cover the cost of publishing the book. Writers will also receive free promo flyers and a magazine article included in that price. Author Copies can be purchased after publishing for $5.00 each.

The Miseducation of Becoming and Adult will have 8 more volumes discussing specific topics so stay tuned in.

Volume #3 Self Care Edition

Volume #4 Money Management

Volume #5 Domestic Violence

Volume #6 Women’s Health

Volume #7 Marriage & Family

Volume #8 Business Starter Edition

Volume #9 Teen Edition

Volume #10 Teacher’s Edition

Akilah Roberts


Anthology Coordinator


Business Consultant

Real Estate Advisor

Contact info– Facebook Business page– Facebook Group– Instagram– Website

Akilah Roberts

An Authorpreneur of Phenomenal Expressions who teaches you to be expressive in your beliefs, goals, and motives. Follow me via Instagram @quietstormauthor for more.

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  1. I really enjoyed getting to know about the owner of Phenomenal Expressions. I would love to tap in writing more and was inspired by the email article. Thanks. P.S. I’m considering being a contributor to The Professional anthology.

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