Day: January 7, 2023

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New Online

Profit Loss Domino Effect

“I can teach you what you need but I cant teach you what I know” Leaders, coaches, teachers or mentors, are the go to persons for people who have questions. Lets be transparent for a second. Customers and clients seek services that only “YOU” have the answer too, that only you can provide. They have […]

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Pretty and Ambitious

Meet Shanese A.K.A “Dramakueen”

Shanese AKA “DramaKueen” is a lover of the arts and is also a big believer in philanthropy and community outreach, such as bringing awareness of those who suffer with Celiac Disease. Right before the pandemic Shanese volunteered to go to jail and was featured on season 6 of the hit docu-series 60 Days In on the […]

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