Profit Loss Domino Effect

Profit Loss Domino Effect

“I can teach you what you need but I cant teach you what I know”

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Leaders, coaches, teachers or mentors, are the go to persons for people who have questions. Lets be transparent for a second. Customers and clients seek services that only “YOU” have the answer too, that only you can provide. They have researched and found your profile or website and yes, you can assist them. Great!

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Now that you have consulted your clients and have conducted business. You make the sale and get the work done. The client is a great listener and fast learner. You advise her on what she should do. Here is where you need to be careful.

Profit Loss Domino Effect

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If you teach your client how to do something on their own. You gain her trust but lose her as a returning customer or client. Be cautious when doing business and be careful not to reveal too much of your own expertise and inner workings because you do want to keep your customers coming. Lets be real, the less they know how to do something, the more they will need you to do it. And that is essentially how you get paid. RIGHT?! Yes, I know it sounds strange and everyone is on the new wave of “I’ll just teach you” but don’t realize that the moment you give them the knowledge and tools for them to do it themselves, they will no longer need you. It becomes a profit loss domino effect. They will then do it for themselves and then teach others how to as well. Then nobody needs any help. WARNING … are the flashing lights to the close of your business. If the cycle continues there are no more referrals being given out. So what may seem like a quick few thousand dollars for one month to create a class; to teach people how to start a business or create something of value, you are realistically cutting yourself out of making millions by withholding those gems.

Save Something for YOU

To keep your clients as returning clients, YOU DO THE WORK! Don’t minimize your efforts, by saying “Oh girl its easy”. No, its a lot of work and time put into being a leader, a coach, a teacher, business owner, editor, designer etc. That’s why you are needed. To do hard tasks that others cant or don’t want to do. You get paid to help the process go easier for them. The message is that you always want to keep your clients coming back for more.

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Being self -taught is more of a FLEXXX anyways if you ask me.


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