A Pretty Powerhouse: Meet Tiara Johnson

Tiara Johnson is a Mompreneur Powerhouse! To many she is Tiara J, to some, she is Sister, to one Amazing Queen, she is a Daughter, Granddaughter, Auntie, Cousin, and Niece, to one special little girl, she is called Mommy, and to a few special people, Friend, Confidant, and shoulder to lean on.

Tiara J is a Washington DC entrepreneur who’s dedicated to uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring the next generation of women to win!

Tiara is a Serial Entrepreneur, an online Boutique Owner, Social Media Influencer, Radio Show Host, Mentor, a Women’s Advocate, a #Metoo Overcomer, an Author, and last but most importantly, God’s Masterpiece. She is a native of Washington DC where she raises her 14-year-old Daughter, the future of the generation and the heir of Tiara’s legacy. Tiara is the Founder and CEO of Women with Vision, Her Seat at the Table, Crowned Glamour Beauty Bar, and Styled by Tiara J where she assists Women bosses in training to find their purpose as well as take the necessary first steps in launching their brands and businesses.

Tiara’s many events, speaking engagements, and interviews all involve Women’s Empowerment and shaping the minds of our youth to have a clear path for the next steps in life. She is currently working on expanding her brand and vision for even more to win at life, love, and the leadership of tomorrow.

Tiara’s organizations are founded on love, support, unity, and women’s empowerment. Her mission is to empower today’s women to reach greater heights for tomorrow’s world. Tiara’s Mission in Life is pledging to make the everyday woman look like she is walking straight off the runway. One of her favorite quotes is: Be the change people hope for. Every win you gain builds others hope and belief in you.

Who is Tiara Johnson in five words?
Tiara is: A Woman on a Mission.

What inspired your start in entrepreneurship?
What inspired my path into entrepreneurship was freedom.
I wanted to enjoy my life, enjoy being a mother, and live without feeling like I’m just surviving.

Tell us about your brand ” Women with Vision, Her seat at the Table, Crowned Glamour Beauty Bar and Styled By Tiara J”?
My brands are about what life is like for women. I speak for them. I am a woman and my goal was to foster a plan and create a space for women to be their most authentic selves and to live unapologetically free. Women with Vision started back on Valentine’s Day in 2014 at a time when I saw a decline in women loving themselves or life. Her Seat at the Table is a space that was created for Women in Business to be creative and to just relax and recenter themselves in the rat race of life. Crowned Glamour Beauty is my newest baby. It is my very own beauty bar where I cater to women with beauty services such as Lashes, Body Contouring, and Brow services. Styled by Tiara J is my freelance wardrobe and personal shopper experience I offer to clients that are looking for services for styling.

What message do you hope women take away from your brands?
The message that I hope women take from my brands are to go after every goal and every gift that you have. Your gifts can take you places gear can’t.

How can women support your mission?
Women can support us by joining our online community Women with Vision as I am looking for more women to build up our community and start hosting events together.

What is next for you?
Well, I am wrapping up writing my very first book I’m so excited!!!

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
My definition of a pretty woman who hustles is a woman that knows what she wants and doesn’t stop until she acquires that very thing she worked hard for!

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