Black is beautiful and my history is Black.

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What better way to celebrate Black History Month than to celebrate YOU!

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Mindfulness moments in life are very important because we often get hung up on the past and fall into depression. Take a moment to reflect 10 years ago but do not stay there. Allow your mind to drift back and forth. Think about where you are now and where you were then. Remember the decisions you have made and how they have shaped your life today. Regardless of where you are now. You are alive. Be grateful. Exhale.

There are too many African Americans to name that have paved a way to helping minorities of color believe in ourselves and our gifts. Showing the world a strong sense of self and confidence, helped a ton because there was a constant fight to prove equality and acceptance.

(i.e) Skin tone, Hair, Facial features, Weight etc….

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One thing is for sure being taught how to stand out among the rest was never a problem. Black Culture will forever dominate any other race simply by being the strongest, most creative, and by being beautiful humans on this planet.

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Happy Black History Month

A simple reminder that Yes Black Girl you matter. Your life is Beautiful. You are Worth being here .

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