She’s Pretty and Black Owned: Meet Renee Price

Renee Price, also known as Hustle Bae. For the last four years, she has worked as a business consultant helping other businesses grow and succeed. She has a huge passion for business and it’s her pleasure to educate other people on how they can find resources. Renee enjoyes modeling, especially for her brands: Hustle Bae and Looking Good Girl. She feels this helps hers connect with her audience and clients.

Both brands aim to inspire other women to look and feel good. She believes that instead of just promoting your brand, it’s important that you connect with people and show them who you truly are.

What inspired the start of “Hustle Bae and Looking Good Girl”?
There are many inspirations for my Looking Good Girl brand. It was a pivotal decision from the effects of covid. My current businesses were suffering and I knew e-commerce was something I wanted to look into. Even though I wanted to make money, I wanted to offer something that would really help others. A brand I could have fun with and be passionate about.
The name “Looking Good Girl” came from a previous hustle from years ago.

I use to struggle with depression I found that getting myself dressed up would help elevate my mood and help me make it through the day. Everytime I did this and went out in public, people would say “Hey, you looking good girl” and I knew that no matter what I was going through no one could take that from me. It was sometimes the only power I felt I had. When I looked good, I felt good and when I felt good, I could take over the world. I used this in creating this brand.

I previously sold waist trainers and purses during tax season and I remembered it going very well for me. I thought about the pain points I had at the time as a woman and found a product to solve those issues, Shapewear. As a young single mom I always struggled with my belly after having children. That mom pouch never seemed to go away. Shapewear helped me look good and feel good when I struggled with body confidence. I explored weight loss options, popular diets, supplements and even hired trainers. I finally decided to get lipo and shapewear was a huge part of the healing process. I couldn’t find what I needed half the time. So, I began doing research and ultimately decided on shapewear to be the main product of that brand.

Hustle Bae came about because I have created many brands and none of them show my face or who I really am. I wanted to have an outlet to show what and how I do what I do and teach others how to do so along the way. I always got a kick out of “Salt bae” memes and noticed other “bae” characters popping up. I created “Hustle Bae” and began showing my hustle to the world.

What has been the biggest challenge of running a brand like ” Hustle Bae and Looking Good Girl “?
The biggest challenge with Hustle Bae, is figuring out “how” I wanted to share the process to the world. Although I wanted to share, I did not want to put my whole life on display. The biggest challenge for Looking Good Girl, is really learning how E-commerce works, it has been a learning curve for me. When you start a business, it’s more than a cute name and even though you have all this passion build up on why it’s an awesome brand? You still have to figure out how you’re going to sell it. In E-commerce that takes money and strategy and a strategy that switches up.

How does “Hustle Bae and Looking Good Girl ” impact the community?
With everything I do, I am a resource to those around me. Both brands motivate and inspire people to be their best. Hustle bae provides opportunities for others to create financial stability for themselves. Looking good girl sparks confidence, self worth and provides a safe space for women to be themselves.

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years?
For hustle bae large conferences, speaking opportunities and educational school programs. For looking good girl large vendor shows, wholesaler opportunities and product placement in mainstream stores.

What advice do you have for the next generation of entrepreneurs?
Let me say this, being an entrepreneur is not for the weak. You’re talking about creating something nobody believes in but you. Be ready to “stand beside it” when things aren’t going well, just like you are when things were going well. Know when to pivot and switch things up a bit. Never stop learning and educating yourself. It’s ok to outsource things you aren’t as strong at. Most importantly, never give up and stop being lazy. This is your dream/goal. It ain’t gonna happen unless you do it.

What does being “Pretty and Black Owned” mean to you?
It means being powerful and empowered on so many levels. It means knowing my worth and not being afraid to accept anything less. It means opening the doors for others to do the same. There is nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it.

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