Meet Author Gina M. Carter

Gina M Carter is an author and business owner. She owns a leggings brand called, BYBC Leggings, based in New Orleans, LA. She also wrote a book called “Robbed By Death Twice”, dedicated to her late husband and late father. She was born and currently resides in New Orleans, LA. She graduated from Marion Abramson H.S. Also attended Delgado Community College where she attained her certification in Medical Assisting. She decided healthcare was not her passion, so she dove deeper into business. She became a widow at the age of 40. After surviving tragedy, she is ready for what’s next. She loves family, friends, and functions.

First things first, how did we develop an interest in writing?
I developed an interest in writing simply to tell my story. I wanted to honor my late father and late husband. I also wanted to release baggage and help others who may have been through the same or similar experiences.

When did you realize you had a story that the world needed to hear?
I started journaling after seeing a therapist and while journaling I notice I had a lot of baggage to be released, especially about my late father. So journaling was the inspiration for the book.

What was the writing process like, did you come up with your title first and build around it or did the manuscript come first?
I created a writing schedule to write three times a week for an hour a day. That didn’t quite go the way I planned. Once I would start writing, I didn’t want to stop. I was so emotional when writing, I didn’t want to forget anything. I came up with the title first, then I thought about chapter titles. Made it easier to write once the book was outlined.

What is the message behind your title?
The book title is “Robbed By Death Twice” I felt robbed by the deaths of my late father and late husband. My dad and I had a challenging relationship, and when we finally reconciled, he died a year later. My late husband and I were only married for 3 years, so I felt robbed because I wanted to grow old with him.

Can you share 3 takeaways you would like women to take away from your book?
Never be ashamed of your past, we all have a story to tell. Never be afraid to tell your story. Know that death is a part of life, so live your best life while you are here.

At any moment during your writing process did you experience writer’s block, what tips do you have for overcoming it?
I experienced writer’s block when it came to writing about my late husband. The part was I didn’t want to tell all our secrets, and his death was so fresh so I was very emotional. Sometimes I was at a loss for words.

Take me through the first moment you held your book in your hands, what did that feel like for you?
When my author copies arrived, I felt emotional but accomplished. I also felt nervous because I didn’t know how people would accept my truth. For the most part, I was happy and excited. I screamed, “I am an Author”

What would you say was the most challenging part of your writing process?
I would say, the last chapter. You start off by telling your story. You include everything, all the details, then you get toward the end and want to go out with a bang, so you second guess everything you say. You think this is not a good ending. That is really when I got writer’s block.

What key tips do you have for marketing your book and getting it out to the masses?
Social media is great. Word of mouth is even better.

What audience is your book written for?
Grievers, widows, widowers, fatherless daughters, Nola residents, anyone looking for a short story but powerful message.

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