Award Winning Luxury Nail Artist Tamara Mitchell

Tamara Mitchell is an award-winning Nail Artist, Educator, & Business Coach. She has been in the nail industry for 9 years building the irresistible Nail’d By Tammy brand, providing high-quality luxury nail services, and educating the nail tech community. As a Nail Business Coach, she is on a mission to show fellow techs the growth and elevation that exists beyond the nail table by leveraging social media marketing and automation.

Tamara most recently attended the invite-only “American Sesh” curated by Slutty Vegan Founder, Pinky Cole. She also won the “Best Instructor” Award at the 2022 Black Spa Awards presented by Spa Boss Tribe Founder, Candace Holyfield.

We had the awesome opportunity of sitting with Tamara Mitchell of Nail’d by Tammy to discuss her passion and journey of entrepreneurship. 

Outside of entrepreneurship and business, who is Tamara Mitchell in five words? 

 A true example of authenticity

Reflect back on your childhood, who was your earliest example of success and what did you learn? 

My parents were my earliest example of success. I’m not just speaking monetarily. They showed me what it takes to succeed in happiness and teamwork. I was taught to do things that bring me joy and fulfillment and my parents actually led by example.

What inspired your start as a Nail Artist? 

When I was around 11 years old, I started going to the nail salon with my mother. I would watch the Nail Techs lay acrylic and do airbrush designs and it was very intriguing to me. Then I would look at the hair & nail magazines and dream about being a hand model or one day being a featured Nail Artist. When I really think about it, I’ve always been intrigued by things that challenge my creativity.

You have been in the nail industry for over 9 years, what has been your greatest takeaway? 

 My greatest takeaway has been that true success exists outside of your comfort zone.

Tell us about the Nail’d by Tammy Brand, what sets you apart?

 The Nail’d By Tammy brand represents quality, creativity, authenticity, and growth. From day one we’ve operated with integrity and professionalism. We provide an unmatched experience in every aspect of the brand. We stand out because we aim to serve not just through the services we provide but also through educating clients and nail techs alike.

What can upcoming Nail Techs expect from your platform? 

Upcoming Nail Techs can expect to gain industry knowledge and education about how to build a successful nail business. I want them to be inspired by the transparency and elevation that they can witness when they come to my platform.

One of the key concepts you teach your students refers to social media, how has your platform as a whole benefited from social media? 

Social media has always been at the core of my brand. I built 98% of my clientele in less than a year through Instagram back in 2015. Within the past year, social media has helped to transform my business and allowed me to better serve the Nail Tech community. I have strategically increased my brand awareness, visibility, and profits by consistently showing up on social media as my true authentic self.

What is next for Nail’d by Tammy? 

Nail’d By Tammy is about to go to another level! I’m expanding the Next Level Nail Tech extension of my brand to help educate and elevate nail techs around the world.

What advice do you have for the next generation of entrepreneurs?

 Entrepreneurship is not for the weak. However, in my experience, you can achieve a level of freedom and success that has no ceiling. You must be committed to your goals, and be fearless, different, and unstoppable.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

 Pretty Women Who Hustle means using your internal beauty to create the beautiful life you desire externally and doing it unapologetically.

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TikTok – naildbytammy

YouTube – naildbytammy


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