Award-Winning actress, Author, Singer, and Career Coach Christine “The Booking Magnet” Horn

Christine Horn, also known as the “The Booking Magnet,” is known for her trademark smile and capitvating performances in some of the industry’s biggest hits and releases, including Kenan (NBC), NCIS: LA (CBS), The Good Doctor (ABC), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), The Affair (Showtime), Terminator: Dark Fate (Paramount Pictures), and Black-ish (ABC). With over two decades as an accomplished award-winning actress, Christine has also had success as a music artist, author, producer, theater performer, writer, director, and life + acting coach; the latter is where she spends most of her time outside of performing. Coaching is dear to her heart as it is a way of passing the baton to new and uprising creatives and her way of giving back to the acting community that has blessed her beyond measure. As a working actress and coach, Christine shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. She is starring in the hit series BMF (STARZ), reprising her recurring role on the critically-acclaimed Snowfall (FX), and starring in the upcoming new series Classified (Amazon Freevee/Netflix), coaching mentees in her Hollywood Bound Actors virtual community, and working on other significant projects and endeavors throughout the rest of the year.

We had the opportunity to connect and sit down with the incredibly talented Christine Horn to get an inside look into her passion and drive as an actress. 

You were born and raised in two very faced past, rich locations. How did your time in ATL & The Bronx impact who you are today?

  • Although both cities have a fast pace now, Atlanta was much slower when I was younger. New York forced me to become independent at a younger age due to my experiences growing up with a single mom. Moving to Atlanta was a significant change, especially since I moved during my sophomore year of high school. The slower lifestyle vastly differed from what I was used to in New York, but it helped me become more well-rounded. I made lifelong friendships, had the freedom to express myself, and fully emersed myself in the world of theater. Atlanta was my coming-of-age story.

You have been labeled “The Booking Magnet,” which I would conclude has much to do with your unique ability to stay booked and busy. Can you shed light on your monicker, “The Booking Magnet?”

  • As someone who studies the law of attraction, I developed a unique skill for attracting bookings. I realized everything (people, experiences, money, and opportunities) was drawn to me based on my energy and vibration. Once I learned anything followed by “I am” is a prayer and the power it possessed, I began to speak life over every aspect of my life, acting career included: “I am Christine Horn; I am a booking magnet!” I am blessed to say I have been in the game for nearly three decades, played over 70 roles, and am still booked and busy. I recently trademarked my “booking magnet” monicker, reflecting my business-focused mindset and approach. I also speak this same power over the lives of my students and anyone who crosses my path.

You have been in this industry for over two decades; I am sure you have seen the industry’s highs and lows. What has been your key to longevity?

  • As an artist, I have learned to believe in myself and my abilities, trusting that whatever opportunities come my way are meant for me. Even during slow times, I remember that things constantly change and nothing lasts forever. That’s why I prioritize patience and resilience as crucial qualities for success.

You started in theatre. How was the transition from the stage to television and motion picture productions?

  • At first, it took a lot of work to adjust to performing for the camera instead of a live audience of 1200 people. I had to learn to tone down my performance and adapt it to the camera’s lens. However, with years of studying, coaching, and dissecting the requirements of film and television, it became a fun game. That’s when my career took off.

How did your time in theatre prepare you for your career now?

  • The beauty of theater is that it teaches the importance of being present in the moment, as there are no second chances. This skill has benefited my television and film career as I focus on getting it right on every take, particularly the first. I can deliver my best performance by tapping into my character and the moment.

When you are not filming, you spend much of your time pouring into the next generation of actors and actresses. What does this part of your life mean to you? What can people expect in their sessions with you?

  • I strongly believe in lifting as I climb and helping others in ways I did and did not receive throughout my career. With the God-given gifts of patience, unique perspective, motivation, manifestation, and words of encouragement, I strive to guide and encourage those I work with in their personal and professional lives. Although my mentees come to me seeking advice on booking more jobs or improving their on-camera skills, my approach goes beyond the surface level. At the heart of success lies a deep love and care for oneself, and I challenge them to explore this. They can transform their careers and lives by tackling roadblocks and fears and growing as individuals.

You starred in the hit series “BMF.” What was your experience playing the character Mabel, and did you receive any backlash?

  • It was an incredible experience portraying Mabel in a show as huge as BMF. Playing such a compelling character with an engaging story arc was a dream come true. While I anticipated criticism and praise, I have received much positive feedback on my performance. Even though some people have had negative things to say, I am pleased that Mabel has been a topic of conversation. Ultimately, my goal was to fully embody her polarization and make a lasting impression on viewers, and I achieved that. It would have been a disservice to the character and the show if I hadn’t represented Mabel fully.

Tell us something about Mabel’s character that we may not know. What can we expect from her in the upcoming season?

  • I cannot reveal any details about the upcoming season, but it may be unknown to most that Mabel is fundamentally a good person who makes poor choices. My portrayal of Mabel depicts her as seeking love due to past emotional pain. Rather than practicing self-love, she seeks passion, comfort, and validation from others to cover her emotional wounds. If she had prioritized self-love, she would have made better decisions.

You attended the Emmys for the first time last year. What was that experience like for you?

  • I enjoyed being present at the ceremony and witnessing everything firsthand. Seeing how everything unfolds, I feel much more prepared for when it’s my turn to be acknowledged by the television academy and my peers.

You recently wrapped filming for the new series “Classified.” What can your fans expect from you this time, and what can you share about your character?

  • I’m excited to try something new and take on the role of a spy. It’s a nice change from past work, and I’m looking forward to doing more action scenes. While there’s no official release date yet, it will be available on Amazon Freevee in the US and Netflix in Africa. I can’t wait for viewers to see me as a leading lady in this series. Fun fact: I filmed this show in Joburg. So people can also expect a great blend of American and African cultures.

Your Booking Magnet Live conference for actors is coming up. Please share what people can expect if they attend and what makes yours stand out from others.

  • As an actor, I created Booking Magnet Live to provide an experience I would enjoy. This program is a safe environment that caters to actors aged 18 and above, regardless of their skill level. The aim is to develop the entirety of an actor – mind, body, and spirit – through various workshops, coaching sessions, and expos. While we offer opportunities to meet with casting directors and learn new techniques, we focus on nurturing the actor as a whole. Our program emphasizes peer connection, celebration, and mutual support rather than impressing others on stage. By participating in this unique two-day experience, you’ll have the chance to receive motivation and love from fellow actors who understand the challenges and successes you’ll face. To learn more about Booking Magnet Live, please visit

What advice do you have for the next generation of actors?

  • Don’t hesitate to create. With the prevalence of social media, there are ample opportunities to showcase your talents instead of waiting to be discovered. It’s important to continue honing your skills, taking courses, and developing a positive mindset. While it may appear that others are achieving success, remember that you have the same potential to establish your own path.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

  • My perspective has evolved as I have focused on improving my mindset. From the hustling days of my early adulthood, I preserved and still prioritize going after what I want regardless of others’ opinions. However, now that I am older, I have learned to pace myself, appreciate my femininity, and understand I can still be productive and successful while maintaining balance in my physical, mental, and spiritual health. For those still hustling to achieve your dreams, I encourage you to continue working on yourself and your passions. Once your focus shifts from the daily grind to your mindset, purpose, and intent, you will unlock your fullest potential.

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