Recruiter, CEO and Leader: Avis Haynes

Avis Haynes is the CEO/Owner of H&H Recruiting Services, a recruiting firm that specializes in direct hire placement for leading healthcare organizations in the greater Phoenix area.

Avis earned her Associate’s Degree in Computer Aided Drafting in 1990 but shortly after learned that her passion was working with seniors in their homes. After 10 years in the field, she successfully transitioned to the office administrative team and assisted with hiring and staffing quality caregivers to assist seniors in their homes. After working in the office as a Staffing Supervisor, she was presented with the opportunity to move to the HR Manager role. She graciously accepted the challenge and flourished in the HR Manager role while earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business/Human Resources in 2011.

Prior to dedicating her work full-time to H&H Recruiting Services, Avis served in the Human Resources/Recruiting industry for over 20 years. Her previous roles included Office Manager, HR Director, HR Manager, Staffing Supervisor, National Recruiter and Corporate Recruiter. She brings a wealth of knowledge from several industries including but not limited to Senior Care, Home care, Telecommunications and her niche industry, Healthcare Administration.

Avis is passionate in her mission to assist leading healthcare companies in finding their next direct hire to keep their company running smoothly. Her years of experience and knowledge will play an important role in recognizing the need of the employers and matching that need with the industries most qualified top talent.

In addition, Avis is also the Owner of two other home based businesses, Haynes Travels and Haynes Mobile Notary Services. As a Certified Travel Agent, she is dedicated to helping her clients with creating memorable vacations such as family trips, wedding destinations, honeymoon, girl’s trips and many more exciting occasions! As a Certified Loan Signing Agent, she provides mobile services to assist clients with obtaining signatures to complete their home buying process.

Avis is determined to create an example of professional entrepreneurship for the younger generation in her family. She wants to be the blueprint to show them how to take charge to become leaders in their own way!

When did you realize entrepreneurship was for you?

When I started my first job at 14, my dream was to become the owner of a company. At that time I was working in the fast food industry and I wasn’t quite sure what type of company I wanted but I knew that fast food wasn’t my passion. I continued doing what I could while I was attending school but I knew that I wanted more. I started babysitting and doing warehouse jobs to make extra money but still, not my passion. All through my life I watched my mom work and hustle to provide for us. We never wanted for anything because she made sure that we were good! She pushed me to work hard for the things that I wanted. It was that push to stay in school and learn new skills that kept me disciplined and prepared me for the real world. Once I was out on my own I still had the passion of being my own boss but knew that I had a long way to go. Although it took me some time, I did go to school for Business/Human Resources which gave me the entrepreneur knowledge that I needed. I have always had the side hustle mentality but now I want to create growth, financial freedom and a better opportunity for myself!

How did H&H Recruiting Services come about? 

H&H Recruiting Services started in January 2021 in Phoenix, AZ. With my 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Recruiting in the Healthcare industry, I wanted to take that and branch out on my own. I love helping good people with finding the perfect career jobs. I know how hard it is to find a good, permanent position, especially since the pandemic. I would always see the struggles that people had landing a job rather it was not enough experience or maybe just having a poor interview. I wanted to create a space where I could coach them on how to write a resume, how to interview, what to say and not say, how to prepare and even offer some skills assessments to get them to the right level. My passion is helping people and I believe H&H Recruiting Services is a great opportunity to do so. H&H Recruiting Services offers our clients a streamlined recruiting experience, and the best qualified candidates for their open roles. We take the necessary steps in sourcing and screening candidates prior to submitting them for opportunities. To provide exceptional service our candidates are background screened, tested for skills and prepped for interviews. This will allow us to save the clients time and money in their recruiting efforts while still obtaining the quality candidates that they are seeking. 

You have been in the healthcare industry for many years, how did your roles in HR, Business office, etc prepare you for your role as an entrepreneur and leader. 

My past roles have helped me tremendously in preparing to be an entrepreneur! I would not know what I know now if it wasn’t for those opportunities. The HR role is still my main focus but I know that each role taught me some form of discipline, professionalism, having an ethical work behavior, and when to seek out more opportunities to expand my knowledge. I learned to never stop learning and perfecting my craft. Laws change in HR and Business and we have to ensure that we are staying in the know at all times. These roles have shown me that I can take what I know and apply it to any position including being a leader and entrepreneur!

What has been the highlight of your career thus far? 

The highlight of my career thus far was realizing my passion in Human Resources/Business and going back to school to earn my Bachelor’s Degree. It was not my start but I was given the opportunity to join a Human Resources team with no experience and I have to say, this was truly the best opportunity of my life! After becoming a Human Resources Manager, I decided that I wanted to know more. Of course the biggest highlight of my career was walking away from the nine to five, starting my own business and actually gaining my first paying client! This gave me confirmation that I am on the right tract to being a successful entrepreneur!

What experience has been your greatest lesson in entrepreneurship? 

My greatest lesson in entrepreneurship has been that there will be many obstacles to overcome. This is not an overnight, quick cash opportunity! It requires, long hours, hard work and dedication to be successful. I learned that there will be lots of No’s before you get a Yes and you still have to keep pushing towards your goal. 

 As a serial entrepreneur with several companies under your belt, how do you balance to make sure you are pouring into each business equally? 

Time Management is definitely needed to balance the three businesses equally. My main focus during the day is the recruiting firm which may require phone calls and emails at certain times of the day. The Travel Agency is something that can be done on my own time so evenings and weekends is when I focus on travel. As far as the Mobile Notary Service, it is an as needed service where I can accept the jobs if my schedule allows it. With all of the businesses my schedule is flexible so, if there is a need to jump in and take care of something for one, I can make it work. I keep a very detailed calendar that helps me stay focused on each task at hand. I try to stick with my to do list and give each client the attention that is needed while still having a little time to do my self-care!

What advice do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs? 

My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to never “Quit”! Stick to your dreams and goals and when you feel like giving up, think about why you started. There will be lots of setbacks but the most important thing is the “Comeback”. Mistakes are made to learn so don’t dwell on yesterday, figure out the solution so that you don’t make the same mistake again. I would also advise them to stay focused! There will be naysayers who will tell you that you can’t do it but this is your chance to prove to yourself that you can. One of my favorite things is keeping quiet about what you are doing, move in silence and let them see you at your next level!

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

A Pretty Woman who Hustles is a woman who makes things happen and does not let obstacles stand in her way! She is fearless and takes control of her business while creating more opportunities for the next level of success. She offers her knowledge and experience to lift up other woman and show them that it can be done. She hustles hard and does not wait for things to happen, she makes them happen…. She is beautiful, intelligent, successful and a true go getter! She is “ME”!


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