Award Winning Filmmaker Producer Celebrity Designer: Andrea Ward

Andrea ward is a entrepreneur on many different levels, such as Filmmaker, Writer, Activist against Domestic violence (Survivor) ,Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Great Niece Of Billie Holiday (Lady Day), Actress, Book Author & Vocalist, Creator of Redemption Images. She attended one of
the best prestigious School in medicine while receiving recognition from the Mayor of Baltimore.

After taking her chance on her hidden love for fashion, she decided to launch a cut & sew brand without formal training. Her passion has taken her Center Stage, as a featured designer for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week such as NYFW , LAFW, Milan Fashion Week along with publication for Essence Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Style Cruz Magazine, USA Weekly, La Weekly, Madison Square Bill Boards, Height Magazine, Michael jai White, UN Women, Fashion Week online, NAACP Image Awards, Daytime Emmy, Reddit, Marvel’s Black Panther, U.S Weekly Magazine ,Ivan Button Style House. Andrea’s career began in the Fashion industry by storm Now taking over the Film industry with new Debut of her Upcoming Award-Winning Feature Film “Reborn Redemption” an Action pack super hero movie about the struggles that are currently impacting the surrounding communities of Los Angeles California. While currently being Nominated for 15 Awards and 8 Wins for her Recent Short film “Deception Street” inspired by true events. Andrea has invested her time and energy in telling untold and authentic stories inspired by her lifetime experiences which has also inspired her to launch her program “LIFE AFTER THE STORM’ this fall For families affected by domestic violence to create a safe learning environment to, inspire, teach, mentor as well as Turning their pain into power through the art of Writing, Music & Film.

Outside of entrepreneurship and business, who is Andrea Ward?
Andrea Ward is a mother, daughter, sister, mentor, activist against domestic violence, fighter and victor.

When did you discover your passion for fashion?
At the age of 23, had just recovered from abusive relationship.

How did you launch your career in the fashion industry?
I was discovered online by Mercede benz fashion week.

You have been centerstage on several platforms, can you share how this experience has prepared you for where you are now in your career?
This experience has prepared me for all walks of like and has molded me into the woman I needed to be to be successful.

Tell us about your recent debut into the film industry, with Reborn Redemption?
Reborn Redemption was a way of showing redemption for women In tough situations and how you have to be the hero for yourself to save yourself when no one else.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs looking to get their foot into the fashion industry?
Keep creating no matter what.

What message do you hope women take away from your platform?
Never be afraid to be yourself and live out in your truth.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
Female version of a boss that works hard every day for her empire.

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