Wife, Mother and Motivational Speaker Pens Two Bestselling Books: Author Colleen Williams Rennie

Two-time bestselling author Colleen Williams Rennie is a native of Trinidad, she is also a motivational speaker, Mother, wife, educator, soccer coach, and advocate of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  

She is also the C.E.O of the stop movement, her organization helps women in domestic violence or abusive situations by finding them resources, safe homes, and getting back on their feet. Coming from an abusive past herself, she picked up the pieces of her broken heart and used her past experience to educate individuals of all ages. She now teaches young girls and women how they can go from bitter and broken to beautiful and blessed. 

She spent the past 20 years traveling to jails, prisons, and battered women shelters, advocating for domestic violence victims, educating them about the Red Flags, safety tips on leaving, and most important: Knowing Their Worth.

 She is moving forward toward her purpose and breaking down doors that she thought were closed.

 She has been featured in numerous magazines, and done interviews about her fight to put an end to stop domestic violence.

When she is not writing she loves to read and travel. She is working on a few more books for 2023

Her book “If these walls could talk (an anthology) And “I am Woman” another anthology can be found on  https://payhip.com/b/3m1uX

When did you realize you had a passion for entrepreneurship and writing? 

 I realized I had a passion for writing when I noticed I was changing lives, when I started getting booked to speak at prisons and battered women shelters it was eye-opening that I am now able to tell my story and people can listen when they read my books and come back and tell me that I help them in some way, I knew I had to keep writing and keep telling my story.

Can you tell us about your organization’s “Stop movement”? 

  My organization is called the stop movement. It’s a movement to stop domestic violence against women. My organization is helping the children who lost their parent to domestic violence I help and assist them with clothes and food that they may need because now their parent is gone and it is hard for any child to start over after losing their parent. So my organization steps up with a back-to-school event in August to get them ready to go back out to school, A Christmas Gala in December where we distribute toys for the children, and an Easter parade in April for them.

When did you realize you had a story that needed to be shared with the world?

 I noticed I had a story to share with the world when God brought me out of my situation gracefully. I prayed many nights to him, I promised him if he can get me out of my mess, I would go back and help others out of their situation. I realized how many women were getting killed by their partners and at any time that could have been me. Once I was able to come out safe, I made it my job to look back and help other women who needs me. With my books, my message, and my advocacy I am helping a lot of women into a safe place. Since I’ve been telling my story a lot of women has thanked me for helping them out of their abusive situations. 

Tell us about your books, what message do you hope women take away from your work?

Both books are anthologies “If these walls could talk, my story is titled “Decades of Damage” It is my personal story about how my parents caused decades of damage in my life, I had to put a stop to it, and I wanted to be the first one to break generational curses, and break that cycle. I hope women who read this book get hope strength and encouragement to leave any uncomfortable situation they are in.

My second anthology is called “I am a woman” My story is titled “Time to Take a Stand.” I want women to stake a stand and fight for what they believe in, take a stand, and leave that domestic violence situation. I took a stand and turned my pain into purpose I am also an advocate for domestic violence, so I hope when women read the book they will take a stand as well. 

You have released two best-selling books, can you share the secret to creating a book that sells?

The secret is to have a marketing plan and a powerful team behind you. Every day you post something and hashtag your book, promote a couple of months before the book is out, share it on every platform, do interviews, get featured in magazines, join groups, and blogs, make reels, add it to your story so when the book comes out everyone is ready because they already saw it all over social media. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

 A pretty woman who hustles to me is a woman who never gives up despite her situation, a woman who knows her worth, a woman who never stops hustling, she has no excuses she takes on tasks one by one and she gets it done. She has courage, she is bold, she is determined she gives it all she got to get to where she needs to be. I am a woman who hustles because despite my past and my pain I didn’t stop I keep hustling because I am leaving a legacy. 

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