Your Favorite Expert: Meet Lady T’Mil Curtis

A born and bred Chicagoan that wants to see people win, T’Mil Curtis aka Lady T’Mil Curtis is a well-rounded expert in many areas including marketing, coaching, ministry, public speaking, event production, promotion, and more.

With so many areas and fields of interest under her belt, some may see her as a serial entrepreneur. Others may see her as an expert pivoter. However, whatever she does, she gives 100% and leaves no questions unanswered.

As a Strategic Coach, through her company, The Itsladytmil Agency, she coaches the gifted and talented who lack administration and/or accountability to bring strategy to their life comprehensively that doesn’t make them feel like their creativity is being hindered when handling the business side of things. She’s able to combine her expertise along with her experience to help Entrepreneurs, ARTrepreneurs, and creatives reach their goals.

No stranger to late nights and hard work, her marketing career started early, working on CD layouts and MySpace campaigns, which led her to owning her marketing firm and co-owning a music imprint that has major distribution.

She uses her dominate spiritual gifts of administration and teaching to propel individuals to higher levels in their respective arenas. Her goal is to help uncover true potential so that her clients can succeed beyond all limitations. She provides support and guidance as a coach for transforming the issues that stand in the way of achieving their goals. Whether you want coaching help to achieve a specific outcome or wish to enhance all areas of your professional side, she can help you get there.
In January 2023, she accepted the General Manager position at VGNBae Music Group and VGNBae Studios, a Multimedia Complex and record label in Houston, TX. In this role, she manages and oversees the growth and developing structure of the label. She also focuses on the growth of general label revenues, streams, and all ancillary commercial opportunities; seeks and discovers new music and talent opportunities; and acts as an ambassador for the label.

If that isn’t enough, she launched The Ministry GPS, created to help churches, leaders and non-profits better navigate the virtual space. The Ministry GPS fits perfectly in her bag of expertise because she has the ability to create a relaxed-environment while counseling and encouraging clients without them knowing realizing what she’s doing.

Aside from the business and ministry roles, she is a simple, yet complexed personality. She loves everything pink, is a proud nerd, an unapologetic lover of all genres of music from classical, to jazz, to gospel, to country.
T’Mil is also a trigeminal neuralgia advocate and warrior who pushes through pain every day. Trigeminal neuralgia is a type of chronic pain disorder that involves sudden, severe facial pain. It affects the trigeminal nerve, or fifth cranial nerve, which provides feeling and nerve signaling to many parts of the head and face.

It goes without saying that she loves makeup and stilettos and everything else about being a woman, although surprisingly she was once a tomboy.
However, it doesn’t matter what room her gifts make for her, the title that brings her the most honor is “servant”. At the heart of every endeavor is the desire to serve and see people win!

When did you discover entrepreneurship would be apart of your life journey?

When I got sick and realized I could no longer work a regular 9 to 5. I have a chronic pain illness called Trigeminal Neuralgia that can mean I have a bad day or bad month. I went through a brief time where I couldn’t walk or talk and had to depend on my then boyfriend to feed me. Such a humbling experience that taught me to appreciate life in ways I once took for granted. There are days when I’m having a flare up that everything from washing my face to brushing my teeth to combing my hair causing excruciating pain. So, I had to reimagine life as II knew it and tap into my God given gifts and skills to figure how I was going to keep a roof over my head. It was one of the scariest but has become one of the most fulfilling changes ever in and for my life. I find myself often saying “God thank you for the pain that pushed me into purpose” with a smile.

How did The Itsladytmil Agency come about?
Funny story… I was in school for my certification in digital marketing and one of the assignments was to brand or rebrand a company. Being a person who believes in disrupting status quos, I decided to rebrand myself. My professor said I was nuts and I laughed and said “I resemble that” to which we both were laughing by then. I had found out so much about myself even concerning business that I had thought about expanding into just didn’t see the need. In the process I finally resolved that it was time for me to embrace all that I was beyond a strategist and add coach and consult to my services. Sometimes we do things naturally without titles and definitions that the adjustment is with ourselves and not those we are called to help.

What can women expect when connecting and working with your agency?
As a Strategic Coach, I help women uncover their true potential and so that they can succeed beyond all limitations. I provide support and guidance as a coach for transforming the issues that stand in the way of them achieving their goals. So, whether they want coaching help to achieve a specific goal or wish to enhance areas of their professional side, I can help them get there faster.

As a Consultant, I simply help them put the missing pieces of whatever professional puzzle is before them together. And sometimes this means reshaping the puzzle and making new pieces to fit the masterpiece their purpose is.

You are currently in a new role since the beginning of the year, can you share how this position has shifted your career or how it aligns with your previous experience?

SURE! I get to do what I love; with people I love! Lol I know that sounds awesome right? I am the General Manager now of VGNBae Music Group out of Houston, Texas. I’ve been with them since the inception but right before my mom transitioned in August, Dominique and Anthony approached me about taking on a more hands on role with the company beyond being their advisor and label liaison. VGNBae is housed inside our 18,000 sq ft multi-media complex I like to call “The Hub”. The complex is everything from a state-of-the-art music studio, to be the home of the first and currently only Dolby certified Atmos room. We also have a sync podcast and content rooms, a live theater, sunroom, auditorium and more. “The Hub” is an ideal place for musicians, content creators, podcasters, chefs, authors, real estate agents, you name it to come and have everything they need recorded and produced in one space. VGNBae Music Group is home to some amazing talent that includes the co-owners as artists themselves. Anthony has a fast movement being built in the gospel arena while the VGNBae herself Dominique, is an icon in the making pop star. In my role as General Manager, I’m excited to work with some of our signed artists even closer like the amazing Nakitta Foxx who can just flat out sing. She’s been in the industry for a while but gained international notoriety being one of the guest singers for George Floyd’s Memorial service. So, yeah… I get to do what I love with people that I love.

You are also a woman of faith, can you tell us about your new ministry GPS, which is designed specifically for churches and ministries?

The Ministry GPS was birthed at the start of the pandemic to help pastors and churches better establish their virtual presence which most of my clients did not have. We support ministries through evaluation, strategy, execution, and collaboration to improve their engagement, visibility, and overall, all awareness. One’s ability to connect with people virtually right where they are is what sparks growth. This is achieved through amazing content and engagement. I teach all my clients that social media is about creating an experience that takes people on a journey and makes them buy into you. So, engagement done well keeps people coming back, going deeper, and bringing others with them. This is a concept a lot if ministries didn’t have because they were used to people coming into the four walls of the church. But if you can go to school online and have your groceries delivered to your doorstep, one should be able to attend church in the same way. And that goes beyond just the Sunday morning streaming on social media or the church’s website to fellowship and outreach because an online community has been created to that reflects the vision and mission of ministry.

You wear many hats, what can your supporters expect from you next?
Well, I just got the incorporation documents back for a new entity that has been relaunched if you will specifically help musician sand producers. Also, in the process of finalizing somethings where I will be able to offer certified classes for entrepreneurs and ministries.

What message do you hope women takeaway from your platform?
No matter what the obstacles are you may face in life, beautiful girl you are more than enough to get it done. I pray women see an imperfect woman that was birth in a perfect time to make an impact that inspires others to do the same.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
My definition would be she is a woman who has elevated beyond being just pleasing to one’s sight, hearing or mind into someone who while being aggressive about her business, she maintains your gracefulness and poise. She’s a boss in both business and her personal life and she’s simply unforgettable.

For more information or to contact Lady T’Mil, please visit
Social Media – Facebook: T’Mil Curtis, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, Clubhouse & Wisdom: @itsladytmil.

 T’Mil Curtis with VGNBae Music Group co-owners Anthony Hall and Dominique Side

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