Lights, Camera, Action and Shoot with Photographer & Videographer Amber Deas

Amber Deas is the owner of A1 Lenz Productions, a production company started in 2015 that provides professional videography and photography services to all surrounding areas. She produces, directs, and edits all of the work you will find on this site. Amber is a talented and driven individual who has worked with models, artists, producers, and more from all over Florida. What sets her apart from others is the passion she has for her craft and the relationships she builds with her clients. In the last year, she has produced two films, The Crunkamentary, and Muzikal Chairs the Movie.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Amber Deas to discuss her journey into photography and where her creativity will take her next.

Can you reflect back on the moment you first held a camera in your hands? Can you share what the moment was like for you?

A moment when I first held a camera in my hand was probably around 13th birthday. My Dad, Chef Mark Deas, bought me a small, black Sony camcorder. Before Youtube was a thing, I used to record myself doing dance routines and doing different dances with my brother and sister. It was a cool moment in time. At that time, I didn’t know that was something I would grow up to do as a career. I just knew I loved taking pictures and shooting videos around that time.

Who would you attribute your passion for photography to?

Myself! I can’t say I have one person that does photography or videography besides myself that I can attribute my passion to for photography. I like to look at outside things around myself and in my environment to give me inspiration. 

How would you describe your eye for images? 

I would say I have a sharp and a very creative eye for images. I don’t look at things from a normal perspective. I know what I’m looking for right away and usually have a concept in mind as a creative director. I’m always trying out different things as far as my eye for photography to fuel my creativity. 

Can you share what your creative process looks like when creating a video production?

My creative process starts with planning and hearing the music first. For example, if it’s a music video, I have to hear song first. I’ll ask what the artist wants, and come up with ideas based on the feel of the song. Then I’ll go to filming, gathering props and setting locations based on the video concept. Then comes the longest part, which is editing. The easiest part is planning and shooting. The longest part is editing because it involves putting it all together, making sure everything looks right, is in place and makes sense before the release date. My Creative process for other projects is figuring out what the client wants, take their input as best as I can, and put my own creative A1 touch to it.

What can your supporters expect from your brand next? 

My supporters can expect more opportunities for artists to perform and more creative videos. They can also expect classes that are coming soon and other projects. 

What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs looking to get into the photography industry?

Just go out and do it. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you have a camera, go outside and take pictures of whatever you can. Make your own creative images. Find things to film. From there, the creativity starts to flow. Be like Nike, Just Do It! Just get it done.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

My definition of a pretty woman that hustles is you have to be pretty on the inside and out. You can’t just be pretty on the outside; you have to be pretty on the inside too. Be kind, be open, be giving, and be loving. That’s the pretty part. Make sure you’re all of those things. For the hustle part, be assertive, be a hustler, be business minded, be a leader, get things done, and get results. Be a well-rounded person who does both to succeed. 

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Image Credits: Photographer Terrol Henderson, Photographer Captured by Tinyy, Makeup Petina Dennis – Menace Makeup

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