A Master of Empowerment: Meet Master Life Coach Jasmine Stokes

Master Life Coach Jasmine Stokes is a Master of All Things but her love is empowering women entrepreneurs to their greater level. Juggling the hats of Wife, Mother, Retired Corporate Bae, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Intercessor and Friend, Coach Jas has learned the dance and balance of self-care and grind. 

Coach Jas focuses on empowering women by providing training through her Life Coaching Certification program, by strengthening their foundational structure through prayer and accountability strategies and helping catapult them to achieve their greater end goal. 

With over 8 years of experience within Learning and Development, 20 years of experience in Corporate America and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Finance, Jasmine is well versed in identifying communication and accountability strategies for focusing on the development of one’s strengths and ultimate wins.

Jasmine’s goal is to help other start-up entrepreneurs with their faith walk, mirror experiences, entrepreneurial journey and foundational structure and to truly see their GREATER self. 

Jasmine founded The Greater Me Consulting in 2019. The Greater Me Consulting is a Coaching and Consulting business for faith-based minority women. The sole purpose is to empower women to their next level in business and life, which we refer to as their “greater” level. At the Greater Me Consulting, the focus is to educate and support women how to not only survive in their life and business journey but to thrive. We offer products geared towards confidence, empowerment, self-healing and entrepreneurship. The Consulting portion of the business is where we focus specifically on women entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurship journey. Here, we provide Life Coaching Certification training, courses to assist with starting and sustaining their businesses, their personal growth and continued business development.

We had the unique opportunity of speaking with Jasmine, we were able to gain insight on who she is outside of business along with her passions and plans for the next season of her career. 

Outside of business and entrepreneurship, who is Jasmine Stokes? 

This question always gets to me. As women, outside of the many titles we carry when we remove those this question hits very deep. I am a black woman, filled with faith, who loves to read a good book, sit by the water and get lost in my thoughts. It’s these times I hear the best from God and can just take in life fully. I’m a woman that loves to laugh, enjoys the company of my loved ones and strives to be the best I can be daily. I love to be a helping hand and an answered prayer. Helping others energizes me. I’m blessed to be a wife and a mom, the two titles I hold to the highest regard and as long as my family is good, I’m good.

How did you get your start in the coaching business?

My husband actually. Up late one night and while talking, he told me I should take on coaching seriously. Outside of Iyanla Vanzant, I didn’t know of any coaches. lol. I began to look up programs and found one from a High School alumni, Dr. Karen Ratliff of 365 Consulting Group. Dr. Karen certified me, opened my eyes to the world of coaching and how to properly build a business. From getting certified, I started launching products, was off to speaking and then she had me take it up a notch. Dr. Karen said, “it’s time to be a Master Coach”. I ran from this originally but God didn’t let me run long. Getting my master certification allowed me to help others build their businesses and start their entrepreneurship journey as a certified life coach.

Can you share a little about the benefits of having a life coach in your circle?

A coach will keep you motivated and my most important factor of having a coach is accountability. There are times you run well and are just on point and doing your thing but there are also times you hit a brick wall, your energy is low, your inspiration is almost non-existent and your self belief is hiding. Having my coach gives me a more mature ear to hear me, keen eyesight to help me with my vision and the hand on my back to keep pushing. When I work with a coach, I’m able to see results much quicker because I have someone that believes in what I’m doing and is committed to see me win. That alone is enough energy for me to move. I also enjoy having a coach that has been where I am and knows how to do what I’m trying to do. It’s like having a personal map service. 

What drew you to being able to empower women in entrepreneurship, what lesson do you hope women take away from your brand? 

In the first year of my business, I found it hard to get information on how to do things like publish books, branding, photoshoots, speaking engagements and the list goes on and on. I had to carve my own lane and from doing this I knew the positivity, empowering attitude and teaching was needed for women. My old corporate mentor would tell me “find a need and meet it”. This became my personal mission. When I can’t find something, instead of complaining, I create it. I offer to women what I was in search of and needed in my beginning phases of business. I want women to know and understand we all can win. We don’t have to withhold information and be jealous. What has my name on it is different from what has their name on it. Many women have been done wrong in the past from other women and my thing is, release it, let it go and be committed to finding your tribe and who you can learn from and grow with.

You hold many titles, one of which is being a mother. How do you balance the day to day demands of family and business?

One of the reasons I left corporate was to have more time to focus on my children. Being a full time entrepreneur has given me the freedom and flexibility with my schedule. I include my children in some of my work and I am very keen on wearing “one hat at a time”. I’ve stopped multi-tasking and allowed myself to be present in every moment. If I’m working, I’m not mommy’ing and when I’m mommy’ing I’m not working. This has been my biggest mindset shift and has impacted me the best. I can’t get my time back and I’m not going to miss big moments or small with my children due to work. 

One of the many facets of your brand is coaching and assisting other women into becoming life coaching themselves, can you share a little about your program? 

Sure. The certification program to become a life coach is a program that teaches you how to start. Starting is the hardest thing to do. It is a six-week live course, taught by me, that guides you through the coaching principles to establish who you are coaching, why you are coaching and how to properly get your client to their win. During the six weeks you receive group sessions to help you start and build your coaching business, coaching templates, mock coaching sessions, a one-on-one coaching session with me, guest speakers and a personalized strategy for your business upon graduation. The program gives you the tools to be confident as a coach, how to assist your clients in seeing real results and how to build your thriving coaching business. You also receive a coaching empowerment box at graduation. The coaching box is one of the highlights for the coaches. 

How do you faith impact where you are today as an entrepreneur and leader in business? 

My faith is non-negotiable. I am who I am and where I am today because of God. I told God yes in January of 2015 and I had no idea what that yes would encompass. That yes brought me a promotion, a move to a new state, my husband, my family, another promotion, freedom, entrepreneurship, books, t-shirts, microphones, conferences, new sisters and the list goes on and on. My business, The Greater Me Consulting, is built on God’s word. Grater is He that is within me than he that is within the world. Everyone was created for greatness and greatness lives in us through our father. Will we continue to strive for it? How will we tap into it? That’s what we do at The Greater Me Consulting. Without my yes, without my faith and foundation in the word my business would be non-existent, it would be stagnant, it would not be impactful and it would not be profitable. I am nothing without my faith. 

You have spent many years in the corporate world, how did that time prepare you for who are as a business woman? How does it show up now?

I loved being a Corporate Bae. Nothing excited me more than putting on a good pant suit, pulling my hair back in a slick ponytail, putting my pearl earrings on and hitting a board room. lol. Corporate taught me professionalism, it taught me grit, it taught me politics, it taught me time management and endurance, it taught me strategy. Corporate also taught me imposter syndrome, how hard work isn’t always enough and how to advocate for myself. I learned how to serve great leaders in corporate and it taught me the traits I wanted to carry as a leader and the ones I didn’t. The structure of reaching an end goal, setting goals and measuring them, team building and networking show up for me daily in my business. I learned who I was, what I needed and wanted from corporate and that allows me to structure my business the way that benefits me most. 

What is next for greater me consulting?

The Greater Me Consulting is on the road to certifying 100 minority women. We have certified 70 to date and once we hit 100, we will begin our business retreats to go along with our current business conference, The. Empower You Conference.

The Greater Me Consulting is also working on additional certifications as we are launching into the contract sector with the U.S government. We will take our empowerment teachings and corporate training into a larger scale and help organizations with their employee engagement and retention. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

Many people cringe at the word hustle while it charges me up. There are seasons for grind, hustle and rest. We must know what season we are in to be productive. My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a women who is dedicated and determined to get all she is created for. She’s a woman who prides herself on showing up fully and boldly. You’ll always find her dressed to impressed, ready for the challenge and confident in her ability to succeed. I’m a Pretty Woman Who Hustles! 

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