The Hairvolution of Eryn H., the Twisted Tresses Queen!

L. Renee’: How did you become interested in becoming a loctician?
Eryn: “In the midst of door dashing and a soul-sucking corporate gig, one thing shone bright and brought me pure joy: doing locs. The endless hours flew by, and it never felt like work. So, I took a leap, traded chaos for curls, and never looked back.  I could spend all day doing locs and I never felt like I was at work.”

L. Renee’:What made you choose to attend barber school specifically for loctician training?
Eryn: “I chose to attend barber school to better serve my clients and offer a complete hair solution. I noticed a common trend: most people visit their barber either before or after their loc appointments. By expanding my expertise, I became their go-to destination for a seamless and satisfying hair journey.”

L. Renee’:What sets Stewart Boutique apart from other salons in your opinion?
Eryn: “Stewart Beauty holds a prime location and possesses incredible potential to provide an extensive selection of services. What sets it apart is the fusion of a tranquil spa and a licensed barbershop, creating a unique opportunity to cater to diverse client needs. This combination allows us to offer a holistic experience, ensuring our customers can indulge in both relaxation and grooming services under one roof. The possibilities for creativity and personalized care are truly limitless at Stewart Beauty.”

L. Renee’:Can you describe a typical day in your role as a loctician at Stewart Boutique?
Eryn: “In a typical day, my focus is on providing top-notch service to my valued clients, with a primary emphasis on palm roll retwists and loc repairs. Throughout an average six-hour workday, I dedicate my time and skill to attending to five clients. With unwavering attention to detail and a passion for perfection, I strive to ensure each client leaves my chair feeling satisfied, confident, and ready to rock their stunning locs.”

L. Renee’:What is the most challenging aspect of your job as a loctician?

Eryn: “As a loctician, one of the most demanding aspects is maintaining the same high energy I had at 10am, even when servicing my last client at 9pm after a long day. It becomes a personal challenge to keep my enthusiasm and vibrancy consistent throughout the day, ensuring each client receives the same level of dedication and care. It requires resilience, mental focus, and strategies to recharge myself, so that every appointment ends on a positive note, leaving my clients feeling uplifted and delighted with their hair transformation.”

L. Renee’:What is the most rewarding aspect of your job as a loctician?
Eryn: “One of the greatest joys I find as a loctician is the opportunity to foster authentic client-stylist relationships. I thrive on creating connections and being actively involved in my clients’ hair journeys. Being hands-on throughout their transformation is a true privilege. I believe in going beyond the technical aspects of hairstyling, aiming to provide an exceptional experience that leaves a lasting impact. It’s through these meaningful connections and shared moments that I find immense fulfillment in my craft.”

L. Renee’:How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the loctician industry?
Eryn: “In my quest to stay up-to-date with the latest loc trends, I actively follow numerous loc pages on social media. This allows me to immerse myself in a world of inspiration and keep my finger on the pulse of what’s hot and happening. Social media serves as a dynamic platform for exploring innovative styles, techniques, and creative ideas within the loc community. By leveraging this powerful tool, I ensure that my clients receive the trendiest and most relevant options, keeping their loc journey fresh, exciting, and in line with their unique preferences.”

L. Renee’:How do you ensure that each client’s experience at Stewart Boutique is unique and personalized?
Eryn: “Recognizing the uniqueness of each client, I approach their needs with utmost attention and care. My goal is to create a personalized experience that surpasses their expectations, both while they are sitting in my chair and as they leave. By understanding their individual desires and preferences, I adapt my techniques and services accordingly, ensuring their complete satisfaction. Going the extra mile to cater to their needs is my commitment, guaranteeing that they not only enjoy their time in my chair but also walk away with a smile, feeling truly happy.”

L. Renee’:How do you work with clients to achieve their desired look while also considering the health of their hair?
Eryn: “I always keep an honest relationship with my clients. If something isn’t going to work for their hair then I let them know. If a look that they want won’t look just like the picture because of loc size, length, etc, I let them know. If I see something that I need to speak on as far as hair health, I do so.”

L. Renee’:Can you walk us through the process of installing and maintaining locs?
Eryn: “To start locs you can do two strand twists or comb coils, those two are the traditional starter locs. There’s also loc extensions which are installed using a crochet needle and human locs and instant locs which are made using the crochet needle. Maintenance is easy, a satin or silk scarf is mandatory and also just keeping your hair moisturized in between your 4-6 week appointments.”

L. Renee’:How do you approach client consultations to ensure you understand their needs and preferences?
Eryn: “I start the consultation by asking what is the desired service or issue. Then I follow up by asking if they have any questions, as they’re speaking I’m taking notes under their client profile in StyleSeat.”

L. Renee’:How do you incorporate your own creativity and personal style into your work as a loctician?

Eryn: “When a client brings in a picture of their desired style, I see it as an opportunity to unleash my creativity and add my personal touch. While I value their inspiration, I always strive to make the final result unique, ensuring it reflects their individuality. By infusing my expertise and artistic flair, I craft a style that goes beyond replication, making it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece tailored specifically for them. It’s about capturing the essence of their vision while adding that special something that sets it apart, leaving them with a style that’s uniquely theirs and bound to turn heads.”

L. Renee’:How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance while working in the beauty industry?
Eryn: “Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is vital to my well-being, and I achieve this by prioritizing self-care and embracing mindful breaks. While there are moments when I’m fully dedicated to my work, I recognize the importance of finding time to center myself and not being solely consumed by my professional endeavors.

I make it a point to engage in self-care practices that replenish my energy and promote mental wellness. Whether it’s taking breaks for exercise, pursuing personal hobbies, or simply indulging in moments of relaxation, I ensure that I allocate time for activities that bring me joy and rejuvenation.

By nurturing this balance, I not only recharge myself but also enhance the quality of service I provide to my clients. It allows me to approach each day with renewed vigor, maintaining a harmonious rhythm between work and personal well-being.”

L. Renee’:What advice would you give to someone who is interested in becoming a loctician?
Eryn: “My only advice would be to go for it and to always be willing to learn from anyone who is willing to help. Ask questions and apply information as needed.

Remember, your journey as a loctician is a path of perpetual evolution. So, with unwavering determination, seize every chance, absorb knowledge from all sources, and apply that newfound wisdom to enhance your skills and passion. Success awaits those who are willing to embrace the transformative power of learning.”

L. Renee’:What is the most memorable experience you have had while working as a loctician at Stewart Boutique?
Eryn: “My most memorable experience is when a few of the stylist surprised me for me 1 year anniversary for working at the shop.”

L. Renee’:How do you approach continuing education and professional development as a loctician?
Eryn: “In my pursuit of excellence, I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge and constant improvement. To better my craft as a loctician, I actively seek out loc classes and diligently watch educational videos. These resources provide valuable insights, innovative techniques, and a fresh perspective to refine my skills.”

L. Renee’:How do you maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere for clients at Stewart Boutique?

Eryn: “I create a positive environment with good energy for my clients to feel welcomed during their service.”

L. Renee’:What are some common misconceptions about locs and how do you address them with clients?

Eryn: “Some misconceptions about locs is that they’re dirty or that they are for people who are criminals or of a lower social class. I don’t really have to address these things with clients, it’s usually people who don’t have them that I have to debunk those myths with. I do so by providing examples of the opposite.”

L. Renee’:What do you see as the future of the loctician industry and how do you plan to adapt and evolve with it?

Eryn: “I believe that locticians will become more common as the loc community keeps growing. I plan to adapt to the growing community by staying up to date with the latest trends as well as providing a great client experience that will set me apart from other locticians.”

Meet Eryn H., the fearless 28-year-old hair virtuoso who dared to take a twisted path to tress stardom. With a knack for locs that could make Rapunzel jealous, Eryn started Twisted Tresses LLC in 2021, but her journey to becoming a full-time loctician was anything but ordinary.

Picture this: Eryn, rocking her own mesmerizing locs, spent four years perfecting her craft on herself and her lucky family. But one fateful morning in May 2021, a lightbulb moment struck her like a curling wand. She decided to leave the nine-to-five world behind, bidding farewell to her corporate gig and diving headfirst into the wild and wonderful world of locs.

Now, Eryn’s infectious passion for hair has found a home at Stewart Beauty and Barber Boutique, where she has been weaving her magic for nearly two years. But that’s not all—this tenacious tress transformer is also a part-time barber student, on track to acquire her official Barber License by summer 2024 (or maybe even sooner).

From boardrooms to barber chairs, Eryn is on a mission to bring joy, confidence, and fabulous locs to the hearts and heads of her clients. With each twist and turn, she’s turning locks into works of art, one head at a time.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a hairvolution and unleash your inner lioness (or lion!), Eryn H. and Twisted Tresses are here to make your dreams come true. Trust us, your locs will thank you later!

L. Renee'

L. Renee is not your average community activist. She is a powerhouse from Ohio who has been passionately involved in her community for many years, but it's only in the past four years that she's truly made her mark. As an author, L. Renee has self-published four books, and her writing can also be found in the regular column she contributes to in Pretty Women Hustle Magazine. Her exceptional writing skills have earned her the highly recommended status in the International Association of Writers & Editors. L. Renee is a true entrepreneur. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Reflexologist, she is also a highly sought-after Business Consultant, having shown over 1000 businesses how to scale to 7 figures. Her knowledge and expertise in essential services have not only made her a private real estate investor but also the proud owner of a 100-person call center in Central Ohio. What sets L. Renee apart is her drive to help her community build brands and break generational curses. She is passionate about making generational wealth the norm and not the exception, and her philosophy is that nobody said you couldn't look good doing it. L. Renee is an Ohio Buckeye, born and raised. She still resides in Ohio with her husband, James, and their Italian Mastiff, Kane, their children and their 2 beautiful granddaughters. Her personal life has always been as important to her as her professional one, and she is committed to creating a well-rounded and fulfilling life for herself and those around her. L. Renee is an inspiration to those around her. She is proof that with hard work, determination, and a true passion for helping others, anything is possible. IAPWE Recommendation: Urban Business Institute Feature in NY Weekly: Written by me Political Writing: Muck Rack ( I no longer use this profile - the articles were from my work at DemCast as an activist/volunteer/podcaster. Please ignore links in bio. ) Founder/Contributor of Women of Knowledge & Empowerment Zone (W.O.K.E.)

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