Day: June 20, 2023

Pretty Cover Stories

Busy Blazing Trails: Meet CEO AnGala Portorreal

AnGala Portorreal is a native of Dallas Texas currently residing in Charlotte, NC. AnGala is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. Ms.Portorreal is a full-time corporate treasury analyst, part-time fashion blogger, and relationship podcaster, and has recently become one of Charlotte’s newest Talk Show hosts! AnGala started her journey as a relationship […]

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entertainment Men Hustle Too

He Hustles: Meet R&B Duo Zen City

Zen City is the recently discovered dynamic duo dominating the industry with every release. Sumpter, SC shining star Reece and Lancaster, PA’s leading talent Tae make up the booming band and are ready to bring their versatile vibes to the forefront. Their trailblazing talent has an indelible impact on today’s pop culture. With serenading soulful […]

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