He Hustles: Meet R&B Duo Zen City

Zen City is the recently discovered dynamic duo dominating the industry with every release. Sumpter, SC shining star Reece and Lancaster, PA’s leading talent Tae make up the booming band and are ready to bring their versatile vibes to the forefront. Their trailblazing talent has an indelible impact on today’s pop culture. With serenading soulful sounds from Reese blended with a versatile sound made up of Gospel Trap melodic R&B vibes that resonate with a wide range audience. Since stepping into the spotlight, they’ve changed the face of modern music forever, and it all began with their explorative blends of sounds and pioneering style.

Both artists began pursuing the passion of music at young ages. In doing so, they honed their craft and began taking their talents seriously. In which their skills got them discovered by their manager, NeJcion J Davis. Since then, they’ve collaborated with label mates Dash Mylo and Callamar amongst others that are on the way! Their combined creativity is not just inspired by music, but as content creators and creatives, which has also helped them cope with the world. As a result, they utilize their talents to curate relatable records and promising projects.

Maintaining momentum as they leave their mark in music, Zen City’s craft is created to move the masses by making music that brings positivity through their presence and projects. Popularly known for their trendy tracks such as “Waiting” and “Can We Talk”. Alongside a slew of sizzling mini covers throughout their socials.

Furthermore, what sets the ensemble apart is that they can sing not just on track, but also off track. No matter how they perform, it sounds extremely similar, if not better! While they’re just getting started, they’re remaining a force to be reckoned with. Zen City soars to success with

their rhythmic gospel R&B with elements of exploitation through all genres. As a result, the two make the magical music of Zen City that captures the ears, hearts, and minds of fans worldwide. Zen City is a trendy talent with high energy and vibrant vibes that can attract all audiences! Add Zen City to your 2023 hottest artists to watch before it’s too late!

What has been the inspiration behind your music and the brand Zen City? 

Just to create feel good music that matches the times but also create something that has timeless potential for years to come, we are still building our sound, so the best is yet to come.

What challenges did you have to overcome to get where you are today?

We face many challenges because we don’t live in the same state so it gets hard sometimes for us to be as effective in the brand as we would like. With the help of our team, we get it done and they keep us busy and working. Being a duo is something the industry is lacking in mainstream music today, so we are making our presence known around the world! 

What has been the most rewarding part of your journey?

The most rewarding part of this journey for us is the growth in our artistry, the team we have, the people and creatives we have met that we are building. Waking up every day to know that we’re living out our dreams is an amazing feeling. 

If you could tribute your career to one person or thing who would be and why?

The most important people are our families because they keep us sane and whole but most important God because he’s the reason we are fortunate to share our gift.

What tips do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into the music industry?

The tips that we always give when asked this is to be in the know of your business, be loyal to your team, trust the process by keeping God first, and make sure you do the work. 

 What does success look like for you? 

For us success is financial freedom, being able to take care of our responsibilities, and aim for being #1 on those R&B charts. 

What is next for you?

Next for us is a new buzz single dropping BET Weekend titled “Levelz” along with a music video which all drops June 23. Be on the lookout for our EP dropping in September, so we are super excited to share that with you all!

What is your definition of a Man who hustles? 

Our definition of a man who hustles is a man who makes no excuses. He just executes and gets it done. A man who hustles is a man who gets results and makes no mistakes about it, a go-getter who’s strong and putting the work in. 

Listen to their newest release here:

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