Busy Blazing Trails: Meet CEO AnGala Portorreal

AnGala Portorreal is a native of Dallas Texas currently residing in Charlotte, NC. AnGala is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. Ms.Portorreal is a full-time corporate treasury analyst, part-time fashion blogger, and relationship podcaster, and has recently become one of Charlotte’s newest Talk Show hosts!

AnGala started her journey as a relationship enthusiast with the now-defunct Charlotte In Crowd as a columnist writing bi-weekly articles that focused on relationship woes. DivaSpeaks Relationships quest appearances include an invitation as a contributing panelist on the Fierce Vulnerability Book Tour circuit and multiple repeat appearances on the popular Midday Madness Show on 104.4 FM internet radio. The journey has continued with the success of DivaSpeaks Relationship Podcast continuing to gain momentum, and the launch of DivaSpeaks Relationship Television Show airing on Spectrum, AT&T U-Verse, and Video on Demand. AnGala has also partnered with a local firm to help with the development and promotion of her relationship/ dating game and looks forward to the bright future ahead. Recently, Mrs. Portorreal has launched the official DivaSpeaks Relationships Roku channel and the podcast has been programmed into the Roku channel podcast catalog.

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with AnGala and discovering her passion and story behind her brand DivaSpeaks.

Who is AnGala Portorreal in five words?
Funny, warm, sophisticated,intelligent and Godly

Tell us about Dallas and Charlotte, how has the entrepreneurial scene shifted for you since moving?
Since moving from Dallas to Charlotte, I had a shift in my mindset. I went from working a 9-5, helping corporations build wealth and establish their brands to; wanting a create something of my own. Once I began that journey of building my own business and brand; it ignited a fire within me to work towards entrepreneurship.

How are you currently blazing your trail in the Charlotte area?
I am one of the first black women to have their own televised relationships talk show and create a Roku channel dedicated to the best of throwback entertainment and relationships.

You went from the corporate world to business woman, can you share how your job in corporate prepared you for where you are today in business?
My time in corporate America educated and prepared me in so many ways. I have learned the art of conflict resolution, embracing different cultures, back grounds and mind sets. Professionalism and customer service are my biggest take away from the corporate world. In addition to using my skill set of Accounting and Finance to manage my assets and the wealth I continue to build.

Tell us about your talk show?
DivaSpeaks Relationships is a talk show dedicated to having discussions about the issues and challenges of relationships. The show addresses finances, infidelity, romance. restoration, reconciliation, adultery and situationships. Over the past couple of years, DivaSpeaks has added a new segment called the “TALK THAT TALK” edition. The new edition allows fans, followers and subscribers to write the show about their relationships problems to get feedback or solutions to their issues.

You are what some would consider a relationship expert, what advice do you have for women in business trying to balance business and new relationships?
My advice: Love and family are important. Make the time! What good is it to build the empire with no one to share it with? Balancing will not be easy, so don’t expect it to be. There will be times where you will struggle or become frustrated with trying to balance that new relationship and your career. Give yourself grace, relax, breathe, this is normal. You will figure it out!

What message do you hope women take away from your podcast show?
My take away to women from my television show is: Dont buy into this toxic cancel culture! Dont be so quick to walk away or throw away your relationships / marriages when trouble comes to visit and the issues have not been resolved within 3-5 business days! Give grace, have patience, protect your relationships with privacy, keep God first and keeps everyone else out of your relationships.

You are preparing a new project in relations to your new relationship games, can you share a little about that and what your audience can expect?
DivaSpeaks Relationships is developing a new line of hosts that will deliver their own perspectives and relationships advice. Speakers from older generations, younger generations and the deep South will have a chance to share their experiences and point of views on relationships.

Where do you see your platform in the next 3-5 years?
Within the next 3-5 years, I see the platform expanding national exposure or becoming a household name along with the games.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
My definition: A pretty woman who hustles is a woman who is aware of her physical beauty and confidence. A woman who uses ( not mis-use) her beauty to open doors and uses opportunities given to build her brand, business and empire.

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