A Pretty Boss Mom: Meet Dr. Robyn Graham

Dr. Robyn Graham is passionate about helping entrepreneurs leverage their God-given gifts to grow businesses and have a meaningful impact without being chained to social media. 

Using her Purpose to Results™ Method, Robyn helps her clients overcome mindset barriers, create and implement brand marketing strategies, navigate the challenges of tech, systems, SEO, and processes, and take intentional effective action to build a solid foundation for long-term business success and a lifelong potential for abundance. 

She is host of a globally acclaimed podcast – The Robyn Graham show, and the best-selling author of You, Me, and Anxiety: Take Action Over Anxiety to Enjoy Being You in which she shares her life-long journey with anxiety to help others navigate anxiety to live a joyful, peaceful, purposeful life. 

Dr. Graham enjoys speaking about building a solid foundation for success, mindset, anxiety, and faith to help women become confident in pursuing their God-led callings and navigate the digital world of entrepreneurship. 

Robyn is a wife and a mom of three. She serves on the executive board of directors for Face to Face Germantown, an organization in the greater Philadelphia area that provides support and much needed services to impoverished members of the community.

What is It like to run a successful brand while running your home as a Boss Mom? 

  Running a successful brand and home is like standing in a revolving door and watching the world pass by – really fast. Time moves at lightning speed and moments are fleeting, emphasizing the need to be present and focused. It’s a matter of organization and collaboration to ensure everything goes according to schedule and nothing falls through the cracks – which inadvertently does happen from time to time. But that’s what grace and laughter are for. Both help maintain peace and joy within my home and business.   To simplify the chaos, I’ve implemented systems, processes, and automation in my business, so that I can be more focused when with my family.  

What has been your biggest challenge of balancing both career and motherhood?

  I can be very focused, especially when I have a goal or deadline. One of my biggest challenges has always been turning off work mode and being completely present with my family. It takes discipline not to get back on my computer after dinner so that I can enjoy my family and let them see that they are my number one priority. There are times for work in my calendar, and there are times specifically dedicated to family – appointments, activities, and every evening dinners together, as well as church and travel.  

Behind every great woman is a group of other great women pushing her into greatness, who is your circle made up of? 

  My circle of women is made up of my sisters, my mom, my late grandmother, several dear friends who never doubt my ability and always push me forward, my business coach, and the women in my mastermind group. With all of them cheering me on and supporting me, I never feel alone on my journey. The benefit of having women from various backgrounds in my life is that there is always someone who sees me and what I am experiencing in a way that helps me see it in a new and often better light. Each woman in my circle has a unique perspective and offers me love and support in a way that is unique to them and our relationship  – and how they see me and my goals as both a business owner and a mom.    

What advice do you have for new moms wanting to jump start their own entrepreneurship journey? 

The best advice I can give is to be patient with yourself and your child, pursue your dreams while trusting your support system, ask for and accept help, and don’t sacrifice your career because you think you can’t be both a successful entrepreneur and a great mom. . . you can do both, and do them well. Have a planner that includes both business and mom-life details, and practice gratitude every day. You will experience frustrations and doubts, but when you take time to practice gratitude, you’ll always see yourself moving forward, growing, and doing the very best you can – while giving yourself grace for the missteps, which inevitably, will happen. In addition, take time to laugh and nurture your soul. The more you nurture yourself, the better you will be in both rolls. Journal and embrace prayer. Both will help you maintain a positive mindset, give you strength, and allow you to leave the negative behind to focus on the positive – for my joy as you fulfil your purpose.      

What does being a Pretty Woman Who Hustles mean to you?

Being a pretty woman who hustles means that I have a heart of gratitude and service and work to fulfill my God-led purpose, to serve others, and help them grow businesses and achieve success without social media – with simplicity, ease, and grace for limitless earning potential. Hustle doesn’t have to mean doing all the things and working in a state of panic. Being a woman who hustles means going after what I know God has called me for, being relentless in my pursuits, persevering and not giving up when things don’t go well, and giving myself the opportunity to rest, reflect, and recharge.

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