Meet Author Tiffany J. Bentley

Tiffany J. Bentley affectionately known as “Daddy’s Girl”, or “Tiff” is the published author of When All Hell Breaks Loose- Take Cover and Pray. She was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from the Hamtramck School system. In 2001, Tiffany graduated with honors from the University of Detroit Mercy with a dual bachelor’s degree in general and developmental psychology. She later achieved her Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certification. As well as completing the Advanced Project Management Professional designation all from Lawrence Technological University. For over 20 years, Tiffany has worked in the healthcare industry managing and consulting major healthcare projects.

Outside of working in the marketplace, Tiffany is the mother of (2) beautiful girls also known as the “Bentley girls” Some of her favorite hobbies include spending time with the Bentley girls, close family, and special friends. Tiffany enjoys serving God’s people, traveling, watching Netflix while eating pizza, reading a book, ballroom dancing, karaoke, and volunteering with community organizations such as Warrior Women Against Poverty, Remnant Cancer Support, and Karmano’s Cancer Center. Oh yes, I am a 7-year pink survivor with a lifetime of health to go!

Tiffany’s aspirations include walking and accepting the call/purpose God has placed on her life (with the help of the Holy Spirit) which includes writing more books. Her favorite scriptures are Joshua 1:9, Deuteronomy 31:6, and Isaiah 43:18. .

  • First things first, how did we develop an interest in writing?

I developed an interest in writing as a child. Before texting, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform- there was a simple way to communicate (pen and paper.) As a little girl, I maintained a diary…that I still have in my possession. It was my way of communicating. More than 20 years later I still write and journal regularly. It is in my writing that I found peace, a sense of release, and thanksgiving. It’s amazing when you can look back at your writings and see how far God has brought you. Or how he answered that prayer. Or how you have grown. There is no greater feeling.

  • When did you realize you had a story that the world needed to hear?

I realized I had a story the world needed to hear while going through the toughest time in my life. Hence why the book is entitled When All Hell Breaks Loose- Take Cover and Pray. Often while going through tough times we think we are the only ones. Or we feel so isolated and separated. Or our mind tells us to measure our future by our present circumstances. Notice I referenced feelings and our mind- both of which have to line up with the Word of God. When I tapped into the Word of God, I discovered that we are overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the Word of our testimony. Rev 12:11. I had no choice but to tell it so that someone else could be blessed and overcome.

  • What was the writing process like, did you come up with your title first and build around it or did the manuscript come first?

The writing process was brutal. While going through a divorce, I was being mentored by an awesome woman of God. She gave me homework assignments, scripture reading, and books to read. One of the major assignments I had to do every single day was to journal my thoughts. Every day I would sit and write and dump my brain out on black and white. There were stages to the journaling. Some stages were easier than others but needed and necessary. Little did I know I was writing my manuscript. After much prayer, the Lord gave me the title. It was on and popping from there. Because the book is very personal, very true, and transparent, I was reluctant to publish it. It took me 7 years to do what God wanted me to do. If I had to compare the process to anything I would say childbirth. I’m now looking at my baby grow!

  • What is the message behind your title?

The message behind my title is to let the world know we are all subject to tough times that can feel like hell but God our Lord has given us strategies, tools, and techniques (His Word) as a way out. Knowledge is power. I need us all to be equipped, powerful, and wise enough to handle what we sometimes cannot avoid. Life will have its moments. Moments that are tough, hard, and dark but please let it be just that – a moment.

  • Can you share 3 takeaways you would like women to take away from your book?

I would offer my dear sister this advice: Trust God
I could not have made it without God. It’s just that simple and I’m not trying to create an over-spiritual experience however I am a witness that if it had not been for the Lord who was on my side I would be sucking my thumb in a corner on 99 different pills. God gets all the credit for my redeemed life. Period! Trust the process.

When you read my book, you will find that I’m comfortable with transparency. The process sucks. Sometimes it takes forever, you don’t understand it, and you will be on an emotional rollercoaster for an undefined amount of time. You can’t rush the process but you can delay it. The best thing to do is go through it. Learn what you need to learn so you can move on. Will you feel crazy? Yup, Will you be mad? Real mad! Will you cry? Invest in tissue. Does it hurt? Like death. Will you feel alone? The worst however all the phases of the process are only for a moment. Go through it! I have found retakes are harder to take than the original test. Let’s pass the test the first time! Joy does come in the morning
I’m sure you know morning is not always literal. It could be late in the midnight hour. Just be ready for it whenever your blessing knocks on your door. I had to make myself get an expectation every day my feet touched the ground. We just never know how God is going to move. You may be sad today and jumping for joy the same day just expect that your season can and will change.

  • At any moment during your writing process did you experience writer’s block, what tips do you have for overcoming it?

I didn’t necessarily experience writer’s block but more like a lack of desire. There were times I was just mentally and physically over it all. If ever you hit these temporary moments, do not give up. Keep going and never listen to that voice that pacifies you. I had a wonderful woman of God in my ear for 7 years pushing me to complete the work. Make sure you have someone that loves you enough to get on your nerves.

  • Take me through the first moment you held your book in your hands, what did that feel like for you?

The first moment I held my book in my hand was overwhelming. I cried like an infant. God did it! I did it! I finally said yes. It happened. I was so thankful. I was so humbled and touched. My heart was overtaken with joy. Even how God put people in my life to help me complete it. The journey was amazing. When you are destined to do something, don’t fret, God will give you everything you need to get it done.

  • What would you say was the most challenging part of your writing process?

The most challenging part of the process was getting out of my thoughts. This is not a children’s book or a fairytale. This is my life. I lived it. I suffered through every sentence. I had already experienced the cruelty of people. I know how people can try to ruin you with their mouths and bad behavior. I had to choose me. I made up my mind that I would not let any negativity keep me from obeying God…not shame, not embarrassment, and not the opinion of others. My book’s focus was not to expose anyone but to show how God can deliver and make you whole again.

  • What key tips do you have for marketing your book and getting it out to the masses?

Thus far I have used social media to spread the word. Social media gives me a reach I would not have access to with my mouth. I also run ads to increase engagement. I have seen increased positive feedback and high traffic on all platforms. I have also attended local vendor opportunities. Being a vendor is a great way to get your name out there. People are always looking for a good book. Opportunities such as this are awesome as well. Because of this platform, I’m able to meet you.

  • What audience is your book written for?

All those living and breathing. There is something in the book for everyone. If you have ever experienced any kind of hell – This is the book for you.

  • How are you currently using social media as a writer?

I currently use Facebook and Instagram for advertising and marketing. I was originally not a social media fan however I had to learn to adapt and use technology to my advantage. People across the world have viewed, commented, and even purchased my book. I’m grateful for that.

  • Share with us the people or companies that helped create your amazing project?

Ross and Edwards Publishing Company
Kingdom Scribes Publishing
Glynda T Wilkes Editor
These resources are the

  • Tell us five misconceptions people have about becoming an author?

My book was published in May of 2023. My experience as an author is still very exciting and new. This far I’m still on the gravy train watching the book grow and evolve. I will say being an author has humbled me. There is not a lot of fame but there is a lot of work. Being an author was about my obedience but somebody else’s deliverance. This journey was not about financial gain or publicity for me…ALL ABOUT THE KINGDOM.
As far as misconceptions, people think it’s a major financial gain. That is not my testimony today however the door is open and the path is being made. At this point, it’s investing and working to ensure the word is getting out and my brand is solid.
I didn’t think I was an author because I love to write. Making it official was a huge step.
Becoming an author is not as hard as it sounds. Let God lead you and He will supply every piece to the puzzle.

  • Where do you hope to see your book next?

I’m looking for bookshelves for my baby (the book) to sit on like Barnes and Noble and local libraries. We are already in a local bookstore how exciting however the end game is to go global. Let’s take When All Hell Breaks Loose Take Cover and Pray on the road. This is not a black thing but a people thing. Hell does not discriminate.

  • If you could go through the process all over again, is there anything you would change?

Of course, the pain was unbearable and I wished many days and nights for relief but as I look back I’m so much better now. I’m so much stronger now. There is no way you can make me doubt God. I know Him for myself. The amount of strength I have came through pain. Yes, I have many scars but scars are my sign that I made it. If I caused anyone any extra pain because of decisions I made, I would want to change that- but as for me the plan was set, my steps are ordered so I agree.

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