Creating Magic Right In The Heart of Harlem: Meet LaDawn Taylor

LaDawn Taylor was the Face of Princess Tiana at Walt Disney World for years, nationally and internationally, from Orlando, Florida, to Hong Kong Disneyland. Now she is in New York City Pursuing all of her Dreams on national Tours for the Lion King, Nala to Donna Summer on Cruise ships and Stages all over the big city.

After 2020 took a toll on The Broadway and International stages, LaDawn began recreating her Vision and started thinking about what made her most happy. She soon realized it was the children, the impact of their Joy, and the innocents of being cheerful and easily excited about the Joys of Life.

Once she returned to NYC in 2021, she began to be reminded of a special kind of Magic outside of the stage: Princess parties. She was hired to do a world Famous Celebrity birthday party By the Name of “Kulture,” a 4th Birthday Party for Cardi B’s Daughter. Her team sought the Best Black Princess from “The Princess and the Frog” Princess Tiana. Then, she realized she had an even bigger purpose than Broadway. “The Culture, yes Her Culture, Her People right in the Heart of Harlem.”

LaDawn knew there was more to her she needed to offer, and from there, she decided to push even harder toward her Dreams, and “RoyalemadeEvents” was created in 2023. Now her ultimate goals are to Make a safe space for little kids to see themselves represented positively and build a Legacy that will continue the Magic. Her idea is to have opportunities for kids that may not ever get the chance to go to Disney World but to create a little extra Black girl Magic right in their Neighborhood. Her Favorite Disney Movie as a child has been released, “The Little Mermaid.” Ariel is the new Black Princess, and now LaDawn is continuing the Legacy and training girls to go out into the Tri-state of NEW YORK as a representation of bringing Magic to the entire community.

Recently on May 26th, the Movie release of “The Little Mermaid ” ARIEL Royalmade events at the schools, meeting children and celebrating with kids that are huge fans right in the heart ❤️ of Bronx.

LaDawn Can not wait to see the Magic in their eyes, and she continues to make these kids smile. That is a forever Dream Come True.

We had the fantastic opportunity of sitting down with the beautiful and creative LaDawn to discuss her passion, mission, and plans for her company. 

When exactly did you fall in love with Music?

I fell in love with Music when I heard Whitney Houston’s Voice with Gospel and Pop.

Can you remember realizing you had a gift to share with the world?

It was at the age of 6 years old, which is when I found my Voice.

Who would you tribute your musical success to? Who had a significant influence on your Voice?

Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Gospel artists like CeCe Winans and Yolanda Adams. Of course, Church music.

Tell us about your experience as the international 1st black Princess of Disney.

When I graduated from college in 2010, I began a new journey at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Princess Tiana was the new Princess in town, and I was at the right place and time. I then auditioned and became the Face of Princess Tiana Globally, which included commercials, TV specials, and Stages worldwide. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to open a show in Hong Kong, China, Disneyland As Princess Tiana, in a Broadway-style show.

How did this impact who you are today musically?

To tie into my vocal ability and Princess Tiana, musical theatre is my life. I currently reside in NYC Harlem, and Broadway is my pursuit. I am now in a musical called “The Bodyguard” Musical as Nicki Marron. Which was a vast Box office hit starring Whitney Houston; you know she is my favorite.

How did the pandemic affect your career?

The pandemic affected my career when everything shut down on Broadway, including tours. I had to find many other creative ways, which took a lot of work. One thing I did was study business classes. I wanted to find a way to use everything I had learned and turn it into a Business. The Magic of what Princess Tiana brought to Me through my Disney experience stood out the most, so I decided to pursue it.

How did you have to navigate your gift during this time?

I started to network with other companies in the NYC Tristate area that did Princess’s parties.

You were the event planner for the beautiful Kulture (Cardi B’s daughter). How did this experience prepare you for the next stages of your journey?

In Sept of 2020, I began partnering with a princess party company that connected me to Cardi B’s event people. They called me “The Black Princess of Disney” in Harlem. I was then hired to Be Princess Tiana for Kulture’s bday in 2021.

Tell us more about your event planning company; what message do you hope women take away from your brand and their experience?

In 2022, I decided to move forward with my original ideas and create my business: RoyaleMadeEvents. With my brand, I create magical experiences for kids and adults that will last a lifetime. We do Birthday parties, School events, community events, story time in Libraries, and even More. Royalemade LLC keeps the positive image of Black Princess alive and remembered in the community of Harlem and the tristate of NYC and eventually travels to other states. I train young ladies to represent the Black Princesses, Princess Tiana and Ariel the Little Mermaid, or empower Young black girls to see themselves as Beautiful and royalty in a Positive image.

What is next for LaDawn Taylor? What can supporters expect from you and your brand?

To Inspire other Black girls to see themselves and Be themselves in a Positive Light. I am a working actress who isn’t always consistently working and creating multiple income streams; currently in a Contract for a musical, the “Bodyguard,” in Rhode Island Theatre by the Sea, which is running until Aug 5th. I plan to continue my Royalmadeevents Princess Parties events and work to get it in the schools as a vendor. On the day the Little Mermaid movie came out, RoyalemadeEvents brought the character of Ariel as the Little Mermaid to the school. I am so Proud that we got the chance to meet over 100 kids at the P.S.70 school in the Bronx. The Principal there is helping me stay connected to all the school districts in NYC to be listed as an official vendor.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is me, “LaDawn Taylor.” I am an ambitious, driven, fearless, and self-made business owner. As I build my empire and pursue my dreams, I plan to make Black Girl Magic for kids and bring joy and hope to a multitude of people that can see themselves Represented in a Beautiful, Positive Light!

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