From Pain To Power: Meet Award Winning Author Harriette Patrick – Barron

Harriette Patrick Barron is an award-winning author and motivational speaker. She has relied on her faith in God, and all of her life experience, to fuel her passion for helping others through her writings and public speaking. Harriette is a survivor of sexual trauma in childhood. Later, she was further victimized in adulthood through a kidnapping and sexual assault. The Author knows the personal pain of trauma and recovery. She credits God for giving her the strength to turn her pain into power.

Harriette Patrick Barron has over 18 years of professional experience in human services. As a Child Abuse Investigator, she witnessed the devastating effects of child abuse and neglect on youth development. As a Foster Care Home Case Manager, she also monitored children in the foster care system. Pivoting to the Mental Health System, she assisted families experiencing severe mental health crises. As a Crisis Mental Health Specialist, she could monitor those needing immediate mental health services. Harriette remains an advocate for those affected by all types of trauma abuse. She is currently a Home Care Attendant for disabled adults.

The Author and speaker also served as a youth pastor for the House of Deliverance Church in Athens, Texas. Pastor Hygeia Patrick and the late Reverend William E. Patrick provided a strong spiritual foundation as her Pastors and as her Parents. Harriette graduated from Sam Houston State University with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. The Author enjoys her family, church, and beautiful sunny Texas days.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Harriette to discuss faith, business and what’s next for her brand and ministry.

What inspired your start in entrepreneurship, specifically motivational speaking?
My inspiration came from my parents. I am a pastor’s daughter, so I have always been used to motivational speaking. I was brought up giving speeches at church and have always loved speaking to people. I remember welcoming everyone to church when I was a small child. My parents realized very early that I did not have a shy bone in my body.

How has your faith in God played a significant role in how you operate your brand?
My faith is incorporated into every part of my life. My choices for my career and life are all motivated by my faith in God. I chose a career in human service because I was compelled to help people and show the love of Christ. I was so excited that I could get paid for doing what I loved. My faith in God encourages me to be honest, faithful, and kind. I feel that if your Faith in God is strong, then it should guide everything you do. Your brand should reflect who you are from the inside out. You have a powerful story of being an overcomer.

Can you share how your past experiences have shaped your message to your audience?
My past experiences have shaped my message to others because it is a personal story of overcoming through faith in God. You can’t feel as passionate about telling someone else’s experience as you would. I wouldn’t know that there was hope after trauma if I hadn’t experienced it myself. My deepest desire is to give hope to those who need it.

Tell us about your books; what do you hope women take away from your work?
My books contain faith, failure, courage, love, agony, and hope. My books are relatable and down to earth. Life is about love, loss, faith, and recovery from life’s challenges. I want women to take away the feeling of absolute hope after they read each of my books. I want them to know that you can be tough and vulnerable at the same time. Each character will remind them of someone that they know. Each character has a trauma but finds a way to overcome it.
That is real life, and my characters have real-life issues and find real-life solutions.

You worked many years in the workforce; how did your years in the workforce prepare you for business?
I worked with all types of people daily. I have resolved difficult situations while maintaining my integrity.
People come in all temperaments, and you have to be prepared to deal with pleasant people and people in crisis situations. Being in the challenging workforce for many years has taught me time and people management. I took that same understanding and positive attitude into my preparation for my own business.

Tell us about your ministry life; how did serving as a youth pastor prepare you for entrepreneurship and advocacy?

Being a youth pastor allowed me to become involved with youth and their families on a personal level. I also recognized that our youth had a great need for spiritual care, and I was able to provide the guidance that they needed. Youth ministry helped me make the connection between crime, violence, and the lack of faith. My youth needed to have a strong relationship with God to avoid going down the “wrong road.” I became their advocate in school and church because I wanted them to succeed.

How do you balance the day-to-day demands of entrepreneurship, ministry, and community advocacy?

I have a long way to go to balance the demands of entrepreneurship, ministry, and community advocacy. I struggle to give everyone their time in my day. Of course, my family demands most of my time, but I sometimes need help putting the time and energy into entrepreneurship and ministry. A few years ago, I became lost in my role as a mother and caretaker. I stopped writing, and everything else took a backseat. Someone asked me who I was, and I honestly didn’t know.

Over the last few years, I have gained a sense of purpose, but I still struggle to put everything else in its proper place. It took me years, but I now feel secure and am learning to become a successful entrepreneur, minister, wife, and mother at the same time.

What’s next for you? Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years?
I am so excited about my future. I couldn’t always say that, but today I can. I have several life-changing novels coming out, and I plan to have at least two movies based on my novels. I hope my brand will carry me to all venues, even the ones that challenge me. The key word is “hope” I have hope for my future.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
A pretty woman who hustles is a woman who is confident, passionate, and has a vision of what she wants for her life. She is also flexible and deals with the challenges that come her way. She is willing to work hard to climb the ladder to success and put God first in her life. A pretty woman tries to wear many hats successfully, and the truth is that sometimes we can wear all the hats, and sometimes we can’t. A pretty woman can put down one hat and pick up another one to get the job done.

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