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Danielle Franklin is a native of Youngstown, OH, and a veteran of the US Army. She began her career in the social work case management industry 22 years ago in customer service and climbed the ranks in the field through various positions and promotions. Her experiences as a family life educator, her childhood upbringing, and her military career have shaped her into what can be best described as driven. As a case management professional with high-level management experience in the social work field, she learned the best way to achieve success is to seek out and activate the resources accessible with well-defined objectives and goals. A belief system based on selfless giving, upholding good morals and values, and a positive attitude while adapting to constant change and the ability to execute well-thought-out ideas allows her to achieve continued success while serving children, families, and agencies.

Her personality sparks conversations. A vibrant confident individual who is committed to the well-being of others, a self-guided problem solver, interpersonal communicator and a goal-oriented achiever. She successfully serves and manages multi families and clients within the child welfare foster care system. In 2018 she achieved contractor of the month, grossing the highest billable hours while serving clients in the community. In 2022 she was hired as her agency’s onboarding trainer to assist, develop and train new hires for field work. These achievements are attributed to the dedication and character of her work ethic. She holds a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies and a minor as a family life educator graduating from Kent State University. She also obtained her associate degree from Fortis College in medical office technology. She holds a certification as a life coach among many continued education credits and is also CPR certified. Danielle was more recently selected to attend a child service roundtable discussion centered around the state’s plan to improve the quality of care for everyone committed to fostering children, their families, and support systems.

Fulfilling her purpose to commit to promoting wellness within the community inspired her newly established business named Beautiful Promised Life.

Beautiful Promised Life is a brand committed to helping individuals and businesses. 

Wellness coaching with Danielle is for fitness-focused women like you who are ready to commit to your fitness. You’re doing the work and have done the work and made it this far, but now you’re ready to push past your comfort. For you, this can mean signing up for a personal trainer, committing to a gym membership, or simply engaging in some routine physical activity. 

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with Danielle to discuss entrepreneurship, her love for fitness, and her dedication to helping other women achieve their goals. 

If you had to describe yourself in four words, what would they be and why?

 I am confident because I believe in my ability to accomplish my goals. I’m inspired as I love to share stories of how I’ve overcome personal obstacles. I’m inquisitive; my favorite thing is learning and engaging in knowledge-based conversations. Lastly, I like to describe myself as chic because I love to express my personality, style, and mannerisms through fashion.

Take us back to the beginning; how did you get your start in entrepreneurship, and what sparked your interest in fitness and wellness?

From a very young age, I always enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls, admiring the different hairstyles and lengths, which inspired me to learn and teach myself how to braid and style hair. I began my hair business hustling for clients by asking to practice with friends and family until I perfected my craft. By the age of 10, I would say I learned to do extensions, and that was my money-making introduction to entrepreneurship. My mother is my fitness and wellness inspiration. As a young child, I recall she would attend aerobic classes. I saw how happy, fit, and cute she looked, and that sparked my interest. My parents prioritized wellness as a lifestyle keeping me active and engaged in activities like roller-skating and bike riding. I would join my father on hikes and trail walks as well.

How important is having a trainer when jumpstarting your health and wellness journey? 

This is the key to longevity on this journey. Trainers are uniquely trained to accommodate, identify and create individual plans for your specific needs, especially if you have health-related concerns. You reap the benefits of having someone available to modify your movements, correct and adjust form, instruct on the proper use of equipment, and provide the extra support needed to accomplish your goals. 

What would you say is a common misconception you hear when going to the gym or hiring a personal trainer?

 I would say the false statement that personal trainers will train you to look like a bodybuilder. This is false. I trained with my individual plan, and my results did not produce a bodybuilding physique. Also, a gym misconception is if you start at the gym, you can’t hire a trainer. I’ve been able to produce results in the gym and at the studio where I train.

What tips do you have for self-accountability and staying on track with fitness goals? 

I love this question because tips keep you on track. My favorite tip would be to track your progress daily and review your habits, meaning log what you eat, the time of day you eat, and how you feel after you’ve eaten. Adjust accordingly if you’re not satisfied. Portion control! It’s vital; you don’t want to sabotage your workouts by high-calorie intake. Journal daily to mentally connect to the process so you can reflect back and see where your shortcomings are occurring. This helped me tremendously.

You recently created a fitness blog and community to help women with their everyday struggles to stay consistent. Can you share a little about this component of your brand?

 Absolutely! This is exciting for me. I realized journaling my journey was and is my lifeline to staying the course. Oftentimes, people who are not on this journey will not be able to relate to your needs, therefore, unable to advise on how to stay consistent. Family and friends will not understand the intensity and focus it takes to push through your workouts. The journey gets lonely and discouraging, and a lot of times, you’ll want to simply give up. Having a supportive fit sis community is what gets you to the finish line. Blogging is the transparency of the process and benefits all women, not limited to those who simply prefer reading, learning, and engaging at their own pace.

Here is a famous question that I bet you get asked all the time, how much water is too much water? 

Lol, I do get asked this question often, and while I’m no water intake guru and there isn’t a specific guideline, I will say anything over a gallon a day will probably be excessive.

What is a healthy amount to intake daily?

My daily goal is 1 gallon.

What apps do you recommend for daily use for women wanting to log and track what they consume? 

I don’t use any particular app, which is why I created my very own interactive journal and fitness workbook that can be used for daily logging and tracking.

Available on my site www.beautifulpromisedlife.com

What message do you hope women take away from your platform?

 Be inspired and feel supported with no shame or judgment. I am a 48yr old African American women who decided to find my fit, and so can you. If you need a lifestyle makeover, commit to your fit! You will experience a physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. It does not matter the obstacles you face, the barriers along the way, the resources you may lack, or your personal struggles. If you desire to live a fun, fit, healthy lifestyle, you can. Make a promise to yourself, hold it, keep it, and live it out beautifully, making it your Beautiful Promise Life. 

What is next for you and your brand? 

I have so many goals set for myself it’s exciting to see where my brand Beautiful Promised Life will take me. I’m currently coordinating a lifestyle speaking tour to be held within our communities, schools, companies, and businesses; I’m currently writing a lifestyle living book, coaching services will expand, and future podcasts and merchandise will be coming soon. Beautiful Promised Life will expand to offer services at locations.

Social media handles:

Website: www.beautifulpromisedlife.com  

 Instagram: Daniellemfranklin  

Pinterest-Danielle Franklin

Official Credits: Photographer:Andrea Smith/Studio 57 Photography

Makeup Artist: Christina Fillmore/ IG handle@themisschriss

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