Building Wealth With CEO Nikki Graham

Nikki Graham, an esteemed expert in financial literacy, is a seasoned individual whose passion lies in empowering individuals and businesses to achieve financial success and security. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial industry, Nikki has emerged as a trusted advisor and educator in matters of personal finance, budgeting, investing, and wealth management.

Throughout her illustrious career, Nikki has diligently worked to bridge the gap between financial jargon and the average person, making complex concepts easily understandable and applicable to everyday life. Her dedication to promoting financial literacy has made her a prominent figure in the field, frequently sought after to speak at conferences, workshops, and seminars on financial education.

Nikki started off as a Registered Medical Assistant who struggled in college with student loans, charged off credit cards, and had no financial knowledge. After almost filing bankruptcy, she educated herself on credit and completely turned her financial situation around. She then started working with her close friends and family members who also had poor credit and little to no financial guidance. This is when she decided to make a career out of helping families divorce bad credit, and divorce debt and focus on creating generational wealth. 

Nikki has curated an extensive collection of resources, including articles, podcasts, and webinars, tailored to cater to various financial needs and goals. She believes that by equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions, they can achieve financial independence and lay the foundation for a secure future.

As a mentor and coach, Nikki has inspired countless individuals to take control of their finances, guiding them through strategies for debt reduction, savings plans, and long-term investment strategies. Her approachable demeanor and ability to connect with people from all walks of life have earned her widespread admiration and respect within the financial community.

In addition to her educational initiatives, Nikki has also contributed significantly to charitable organizations focused on promoting financial literacy among underserved communities. She firmly believes that financial education is a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and enabling individuals to create better opportunities for themselves and their families.

With a proven track record of transforming lives through financial literacy, Nikki continues to inspire others to take charge of their financial destinies, helping them navigate the complexities of the financial landscape with confidence and wisdom. As a driving force in the pursuit of financial empowerment, [he/she] remains committed to making a lasting impact in the lives of individuals and the broader community through the power of financial education.

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with Nikki to discuss business, finance, and credit tips we can all use. 

Take us back to the beginning, what sparked your interest in entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship, from a professional stance, for me, was sparked by a combination of factors like identifying a problem or opportunity, a desire for independence, creativity, and the drive to bring a unique idea to life. It also stems from a passion for innovation and a willingness to take calculated risks. Now as a personal stance, I always hustled, starting from high school, doing hair, cleaning people’s yards, just to get money to keep myself up. I also worked in retail. When I saw that Ai could bring in more money than I was making working for a company, it was pretty much a done deal. I knew that I would own my own business from a young age, I just had no idea of what it would be.

When did you realize you had a passion for educating others on financial literacy?

My passion came from me going through the worst years of my financial life while living in Memphis – at the time I was a single mom of 2 girls. My now husband and I were on and off in our relationship so I was pretty much on my own doing everything. I’m going to be really transparent, I was not always on the good side when I was desperate for money. I used to crack cards, I used to write bad checks so I could pay my rent. I was on the verge of getting evicted and I was going to file bankruptcy. However, I knew bankruptcy will not allow me to get my own apartment for at least 7 years right… so I was searching on Craigslist for some sort of solution and I came across this thing called CPN. At the time, I had no idea what a CPN was. I was in my very early 20’s at this time. Being desperate, and not wanting to be put on the street with 2 toddlers, I called and inquired about this program that said to start a new credit file in your name that will allow you to rent an apartment, and get utilities….. it sounded great to me and I went through with it.

When I got approved for a house for my 2 daughters and me, I was like oh my goodness, this could really help a lot of people. So I learned how to make credit profiles. Now, I never used anyone’s social – as you see on the internet now. I literally made up numbers using a calculated formula and tripled checked these numbers with programs to show that they were not anyone’s real social. I made a ton of money for at least 4 years providing this service.

Then I remember someone asking me if could i fix their real credit. And of course, me being money hungry said yes. Now I had no idea at that time what to do with my own credit let alone anyone else’s. So Then I went back to Craigslist and found someone who worked on credit. Back in 2012-2013, people were charging 1500-2500 to repair credit. I found someone fixing it for like 1100. So I started to learn from this guy while sending him clients and taking a cut of the money. When more and more people started coming to me for credit, I was like I might as well learn this on my own. So I started to really study and I learned so much in about 4 months. I then experimented on my credit and it worked. I cleared old bills – cell phone, property management, and utilities by following letters that were in one of the books I bought. I practiced with family and friends, and that’s when I fell in love with the concept of really helping people without the risks. I went from doing it on my own, to credit repair cloud, and here I am now, 10 years later, completely legal, educated, and holding several certificates in financial literacy.

What common misconceptions do you hear when speaking with potential clients? 

I hear this time after time: “I don’t have the money but I want to change my situation, I need to talk to my husband first, this is a scam.”

You speak all around the world educating on financial literacy, what message do you hope women take away from your platform? 

I hope that people take that anyone can become wealthy and live a prosperous life. God has given everyone a talent and a gift. As long as it comes from God, it will be blessed. The journey may not be easy, but with prayer, consistency, and growth, you can really live the life of your dreams. 

Some don’t know you got your start working in the healthcare industry as a medical assistant, can you share how this role prepared you for where you are today? 

Working in healthcare taught me to be patient with people, take my time, hold hands, and reassure you that no matter what, it will be ok. That’s how I came up with the concept, Financial Health. We need to be physically healthy, mentally healthy, spiritually healthy, and financially healthy. It all ties into living in peace, abundance, and being fruitful. 

What tips do you have for new entrepreneurs looking to create a solid foundation for their businesses in regard to finances? 

Pray and ask God to help you find your talent. Try different things. If you like to cook, become a chef. If you like to sew, make dresses. If you like to decorate, become an interior designer. If you love helping people with their finances, join me in teaching financial literacy. Multi-level marketing is the easiest and most inexpensive business you can start. With a little start-up cost and a phone, you can make good money but it all depends on the work you put in.

What is next for Nikki Graham? Where do you see your brand in the next 2-3 years? 

What’s next for me is exactly what I am doing now… educating people on finances. This field just like medicine is not going anywhere. There is a lack of education when it comes to finances and people need guidance. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

Pretty is not about the looks on the outside. It’s who you are inside. Alignment with God, selflessness, gratitude, and using your resources to educate and help other people. That is my definition of a pretty woman who hustles.

What tools do you suggest that are beginner friendly for fixing credit?  

Get your free annual report from and you can send free letters to dispute them. I provide a free credit consultation which can be booked on my website

What steps can we begin to take now to create/build business credit? 

Business credit will be based on your personal credit. You have to start there first. Go to a credit union and start building a relationship. They will come in handy when you need capital. If anyone is interested in starting their own financial literacy business, get in touch with me.

What books do you suggest for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about financial literacy? 

The Bible- God teaches us about living in abundance. The Lord your God will make you abundantly prosperous in all the work of your hand, in the fruit of your womb and in the fruit of your cattle, and in the fruit of your ground. For the Lord will again take delight in prospering you, as he took delight in your fathers.

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