Swarna Helena – International Trauma-Informed Confidence and Authenticity Coach, Nervous System & Somatics Expert

Today, We would like to introduce you to Swarna Helena:

Swarna is a former pharmacist and professional dancer who, after feeling totally lost with herself and suffering extreme burnout which left her bedridden, completely transformed her life, becoming an international confidence and authenticity coach. She is dedicated to empowering women on a path of self-acceptance, personal fulfilment, and limitless possibilities by helping them to create unshakeable confidence through mind-body practices.

Swarna uses a combination of mindset coaching, nervous system regulation work and somatics (using the mind-body connection) to help women cultivate self-love and self-compassion, release self-doubt and break free from societal expectations so that they can step into their most powerful, authentic selves and live their best lives.

We had the unique opportunity of speaking with Swarna to discuss her passion and plans for her brand.

Tell us your story, how did you land into coaching and helping women shift their mindset?

Born and raised as an adopted child in Finland, I faced the challenges of racism and a constant feeling of not belonging. To fit in and avoid standing out, I developed a habit of conforming to others’ expectations.

I was raised to study a “safe” career that would pay my bills. As a result, I chose my first career based on what seemed practical rather than following my true passion. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, I quickly became unfulfilled and bored with my career path even though I loved science.

I had always dreamt of studying dance professionally and when an opportunity surfaced, I decided to move to Germany. I was terrified to move to another country, but at that moment I asked myself the fundamental question “Will I regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t give it a chance”. The answer was a clear yes and the path I chose was incredibly fulfilling.

After struggling with injuries, I began exploring alternative career paths. I participated in a life-changing self-love and empowerment coaching program, which helped me to confront many negative beliefs and fears that had been holding me back. Inspired to support others on their journey, I became a certified life coach. Shortly after that, my health took an unexpected turn. I experienced emotional burnout with symptoms such as arrhythmias, anxiety, and heavy fatigue, to the extent that I was not able to wash my own hair. As a professional dancer, losing my physical ability to move and my channel of self-expression left me devastated and questioning my true purpose.

I chose not to give up. I sought out the right support and tools to regulate my nervous system and reclaim control over my body. This painful yet transformative journey led me to study trauma and body-based practices deeply. Today, I am dedicated to empowering women to embrace their uniqueness, feel amazing about themselves, and cultivate unshakeable self-confidence by combining the wisdom of the mind and the body.

What made you want to start your own coaching company?

Through my own journey of self-discovery, it quickly dawned on me that there are countless women with similar feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, anxiety and not feeling good and confident about themselves. I wanted to help others bridge that gap to fulfillment faster than I did. I knew that by starting my own company I would be able to serve others more efficiently and purposefully. Additionally, I have always thrived when I have spaciousness and freedom in my daily life. This environment allows me to stay creative for my business and facilitates more effective transformations for my clients.

If you could use three words to describe your platform, what would it be and why?

Empowering, authentic, and transformational. My approach centers around the fundamental belief that authenticity, confidence, and living in alignment with one’s purpose are deeply interconnected. That’s why I want to provide a platform that allows women to tap into their uniqueness and accept and love themselves as they are.

How did you personally prepare for the success your company has achieved?

Refining my coaching skills was always a big value of mine. I wanted to be as knowledgeable as possible so I invested time and money in the best certifications and mentors. At heart, my success comes from the transformation I bring to my clients. Seeing their joy is my joy. As the heart of my business, I recognize the significance of prioritizing self-care for both my mind and body. I’m a big advocate for mental health and leading by example, I believe I can reduce the stigma around mental health struggles.

Do you have any tips for upcoming entrepreneurs looking to become a coach?

Invest in your own personal growth, make it a priority, and don’t be afraid of the deep waters. You can only take your clients as deep as you’ve been. Invest in a good mentor and surround yourself with people with a similar vision. We all have doubts and struggles when we embark on something new. It’s vital to have good mentorship and support in those moments when things are difficult. The road is much easier to walk with a group of like-minded individuals who support you and cheer you on. In moments of doubt, remember that there are people out there who need your unique gift, your words, and your personality.

What is next for you in entrepreneurship?

I am excited to launch my signature program RADIATE this fall, which is all about building your self-confidence, embracing your uniqueness, and cultivating self-love!

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

A pretty woman who hustles is a woman who is first and foremost grounded in herself and her values. She has embraced her authentic self and she knows what is important to her and why. She doesn’t seek validation from anything external but sees and appreciates her unique beauty and her purpose. Her mission glows from her heart. I believe true vulnerability is one of the most beautiful things one can experience, which is why a pretty woman who hustles is also a woman who has let herself experience the highs AND the lows.

The lows and failures are her teachers, not an obstacle. She lets her heart feel it and the energy runs through her so that she can rise again and return to her purpose. She is here to take a stand and make an impact on this world. She sees the beauty and the pain of the world and it’s her mission to guide others on their path. While rooted in her purpose, she takes time to take care of her soul and body, leading others by example. She firmly believes in women supporting each other versus competing with each other.

Website: https://www.swarnahelena.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swarnahelena/

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