Meet Author Diana Hill

Diana Hill has been married to Tyrone Hill for 17 years. She has six bonus children and 18 grandchildren. She is a co-author of several books and has published three of her own: ‘Marriage: A Life’s Journey’ (2018), ‘The Everyday woman 30-Day Devotional’ (2022), and the newly published anthology ‘The Other Side Of The Storm’ (July 2023), which is on the Amazon bestsellers list. She is a Transformational Purposed Life Coach, finding solutions to empower your mindset with intellectual thinking and purpose in society. This paves the way for a better tomorrow. She serves as an Usher in her church as well as in other ministries. Diana was nominated in 2022 for ‘I am Her INTERNATIONAL’ for women of influence. She was a past host of ‘Kingdom Marriages’ and a featured writer of ‘Off the Bench Magazine.’ Diana is currently creating a women’s conference scheduled for release in 2025.

First things first, how did you develop an interest in writing?

I developed an interest in writing from my journals. I was invited to be a co-author in an anthology in 2016. Since then, I have contributed to eight anthologies.

When did you realize you had a story that the world needed to hear?

I knew I had a story to share with the world when I took a chance on myself and created my own anthology.

What was the writing process like? Did you come up with your title first and build around it, or did the manuscript come first?

The writing process and gathering the content weren’t hard for me. I began writing first, and the title of my anthology came later.

What is the message behind your title?

The message to my audience is to praise God while enduring the storms of life and to believe that you will emerge on the other side of those storms.

Can you share three takeaways you would like women to gain from your book?

The three takeaways from reading my book are as follows: learning how to overcome obstacles, believing that anything is possible with the Lord, and facing adversity head-on.

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