Beyond the Pages: Paula Perry’s Mission to Inspire Through Her Pen

Paula Perry is the President/ CEO of Writers Block Production & Entertainment Group, an independent African American Production, Publishing, and Digital company based in Memphis, TN. She is a talented business woman and ardent author with a penchant for Romance, Drama, and Intrigue. An accomplished writer, she has written several romance novels, many children’s books and developed game apps based on her illustrated imaginary stories.

  Passionate about helping struggling authors, she has also written a self-help guide to help fellow writers realize their dreams of publishing their stories. Distinctive traits of Paula’s driven passion is her insatiable propelling appetite for writing novels. Her stories are of relatable situations that connect intimately with the reader’s emotions, bearing vital lessons and powerful messages from real-life subjects. Paula gets her readers hooked on a captivating yet emotional story in her book and now movie, Hard Love. Paula attended Phillips College and Jackson State University, Jackson MS, for Computer Science – Programming with a Minor in Math and Pre-Engineering. She has over 40 years of Customer Service and Project Coordinator experience in multifaceted organizations, including; Federal Express, IBM, Xerox Corporation, Airtran Airways, and Southwest Airlines.  

Paula’s goal is to continue focusing on publishing and developing high-quality children’s books, children’s Apps and Desktop games, Mobile Apps, romance novels, movies, provide an opportunity for independent filmmakers, design products based on endearing characters; and offer Self-Help guidance for writing to a range of talented, practical, and committed individuals.  

She continues to be involved with “Voices Without A Platform”, The Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity.

  I’m honored to collaborate with my Co-Producers Ray Ellingsen and Management Company at Moving Pictures Media Group, also known as MPMG, is a production company founded for motion picture, television, and internet content. MPMG and provides a full suite of services to assist independent filmmakers, production companies, and investors in the development, production,  post-production, distribution, and marketing of their projects.

Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer, Michael Minkler is a three-time Academy Award winner for his outstanding work on Black Hawk Down, Chicago, and Dreamgirls. A seasoned professional who has collaborated on over 200 projects with Hollywood’s elite directors, his most recent works include the Academy Award winning film, The Hateful Eight, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Chief Legal and Operations Officer, Ron Takehara, has a wide range of legal experience in the entertainment industry, from high-profile cases involving motion picture and television industry litigation to representing entertainment production companies, television networks, actors, stunt men, and women, and screenwriters.  


We had the pleasure of sitting down with Paula Perry to discuss her journey into film, her passion and her future plans.

What inspired your start into the film and entertainment industry?

Now that I have captivated global readers with my adrenaline-pinching excitement, unparalleled scandal, and complex romance stories, Hollywood came knocking at my door. Moving Pictures Media Group (MPMG) allowed me to produce my first movie based on my novel, Hard Love. Words cannot describe my excitement!

I am thrilled to announce the Writers Block Production & Entertainment Group launch. With immense passion and dedication, we are ready to embark on a new journey that will redefine boundaries for independent authors.

We are Venturing into Hollywood with the support of my management company and Co-Producers Ray Ellingsen at MPMG, a production company founded for motion picture, television, and internet content. Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer Michael Minkler is a three-time Academy Award winner for outstanding work on Black Hawk Down, Chicago, and Dreamgirls. A seasoned professional who has collaborated on over 200 projects with Hollywood’s elite directors, his most recent works include the Academy Award-winning film The Hateful Eight, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

How did Writers Block Production come about?

After completing my novel came an even more difficult task: finding a literary agent or publisher. Headaches and heartaches were caused by receiving many rejection letters from agencies and publishers.

A friend convinced me to start my own business, helping other struggling authors like myself. He owned a printing company, and my previous career was in the printing industry, so it should have been a piece of cake, right? Wrong! I had to learn the business and the process of so many diverse self-publishing companies. Getting my name out there and connecting with the right people would be essential to not giving up and continuing my journey.

Tell us about the film and entertainment scene in Memphis, is there any creators that really inspire you?

The film industry in Memphis and throughout the state of Tennessee is booming.

However, Hard Love will either be filmed in Georgia or California. The creators that have inspired me in the film and entertainment industry are Alfred Hitchcock, Alice Walker, Steven Spielberg, Quincy Jones, Will Smith, Tyler Perry, Penny Marshall, The Wayans Family, M Night Shyamalan, and Ava DuVernay.

You are a talented author with several books under your belt, can you remember the first time you discovered you had a story worth sharing?

My career led me to relocate several times, working as a Customer Service Mechanical Engineer and Computer Specialist before tackling writing my first romance novel. It was a struggle, especially switching from reading everything related to Corporate America and business journals. I had to become a reader before I could become a writer. And I did so by reading stories of every genre that interested me.

My mother became ill, and my son left for the military after college. I left my career without question to return home to Memphis, TN. One day, my mother held my hand and asked me,” What will you do now?” I couldn’t give her an answer.

Now that I had no work-related distractions. Something on my mind had been bothering me for years, but I did not know what to do about it. I started by writing down my thoughts and using a recorder. Nothing was making sense to me. But everything became more apparent when I typed my thoughts into a story format. It was as if I was writing a letter to myself. That’s when I knew I had a story—the draft of my first novel, Romance Of A Lifetime. Escaping into an imaginary world was relaxing, and I loved it. Especially switching from reading everything that had to do with Corporate America and business journals. Writing my first novel was a struggle for me. So, I contacted a professional company to teach me how to write my book successfully. One of the crucial lessons I learned was that I had to become a reader before becoming a writer. And I did so by reading stories of every genre that interested me. I’m glad I reached out for help because I had more stories that I wanted to tell, and writing became much more straightforward. Writing became my therapy; it was cheaper than counseling.

What was the experience like holding your book for the very first time?

I was nervous and filled with a lot of excitement! It was a better feeling than a child on Christmas morning. To think something that you have thought about, worked so hard on countless hours, that it was now something real.

It is an incredibly special and rewarding experience. It is a moment many authors like myself cherish. It symbolizes the culmination of hard work, creativity, and dedication. A tangible connection between an author and their book is powerful, and it marks the realization of a dream.

One of your many passions is helping struggling authors, can you tell us a little about that part of your life?

I started Writers Block Production with struggling authors like myself in mind. To extend a helping hand throughout the creative and publishing process. Sit and talk with other authors like myself who have a story that they want to tell but, unfortunately, do not know how to get started. Where to go, what to do, and how to get started. My answer? Always keep a pad and pen nearby. Start by writing down your thoughts and ideas. Write it down regardless of how good or bad it may sound; you have to start somewhere. I encourage writers to contact one person they know will genuinely help them throughout this process, the growing pain.

We are an independent African American Production, Publishing, and Digital company. Our cultural diversity permits us to stand out from other companies.

We share a dedication to embracing contemporary topics that are encouraging and supportive to our clients and customers.

What do you hope women take away from your platform as a whole?

I want readers to walk away feeling empowered. Every reader and movie-goer is unique, and their interpretations and takeaways from stories may vary. But by creating narratives that inspire, uplift, and celebrate the human spirit, you’ll increase the chances of leaving your viewers feeling empowered and motivated long after they’ve finished reading your books.

This golden ticket that Moving Pictures Media Group (MPMG) presented to me as an Independent Author and Publisher for me is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Before now, If someone were to discuss developing one of my books into a movie, that would have been enough for me. Now, I can produce my books-movies and work with other independent authors.

What is next for Paula Perry? Can you tell us about your upcoming Movie release?

I am working on new stories, writing a new series, and working with my advisory teams to develop other made-for-TV projects.

The door to Hollywood and other opportunities has been cracked open for me. I intend to make the best of this yellow-brick road leading me to extraordinary heights. Our cultural diversity permits us to stand out from other companies.

What can viewers expect from this film?

Drama, romance, intrigue, Romantic friendships and passionate attachment, life’s lessons, family matters, marriage, and careers. These themes resonate with viewers because they often mirror the complexities and nuances of real life. Exploring topics like family, marriage, and career provides viewers with relatable and thought-provoking storytelling. Weaving these elements into narratives can create emotionally rich and engaging stories that leave a lasting impact on an audience. We are crafting stories that touch the hearts and minds of readers and viewers!

Can you tell us about the creative process, what was the behind the scenes like of watching your vision unfold?

Magical! Emotional! The behind-the-scenes experience of watching a creative vision unfold is both gratifying and challenging. It involves a combination of inspiration, dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to adapt and evolve. It’s a journey that has allowed me to share my unique story and perspectives with the world.

What are 3 takeaways that women should walk away with from this project?

Following one’s dreams, surrounding oneself with a supportive community, and staying focused on happiness and positive relationships are valuable principles for personal and professional growth. Pursuing your passions and building a network of like-minded individuals who believe in your vision can be instrumental in achieving your goals and finding fulfillment in life.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

Not accepting NO for an answer. Imagination and creativity. Clarity and direction. Having passion and drive. Set goals, not deadlines, for yourself. Content is vital to opening up doors. Remember to enjoy the process and keep nurturing your passion. Whatever your heart desires, stay focused. Captivate your audience and continue to bring joy and fulfillment to your circle. Pursuing your dreams should benefit you and bring joy and satisfaction to those around you, creating a positive ripple effect.

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