From Childhood Dreams to Ministry Calling: Lekecia Fordham’s Path of Purpose

Lekecia Fordham is a native of Charleston, South Carolina, and the founder of Lekecia Fordham Ministries LLC. Through this platform, she serves as an author, public speaker, gospel minister, blogger, and more. She is a Christian author who recently published her book, “Beautiful Lies vs. The Ugly Truth: Escaping Bondage and Embracing Freedom in Truth,” now available on Amazon and her website. This book serves as a valuable tool, unveiling the lies of the enemy that seek to ensnare us in the yokes of bondage. Lekecia wholeheartedly understands the power of words and recognizes that faith comes through hearing the word of God.

In line with this, she also co-hosts the “Phone Nuggets Podcast,” which is accessible on Facebook and YouTube. The podcast’s aim is to encourage and edify others through the wondrous Word of God.

Lekecia has always had a heart for others. During her childhood, she aspired to become a psychologist with the hope of helping those who were hurting and suffering to cope with life’s challenges. After dedicating her life to the Lord, that same desire and passion were redirected towards ministry. As a gospel minister, she provides comfort and guidance to many by God’s grace. Her source of strength lies in the Word of God and a life devoted to prayer. She inspires others with the belief that, with God, all things are possible, and we can lead whole, complete, and fulfilling lives in Him. No matter where you’ve been, with faith, God can make all things new.

Her motto is, “Your failures were never intended to be a muzzle, but a bullhorn!”

In her formative years, with the guidance of her mother and grandparents, she and her siblings learned the value of family and community. Her childhood roots extend from Union Heights in North Charleston to The Drive in Downtown Charleston. In her youth, she had a passion for music, dance, and storytelling. Remarkably, these same joys are now expressed through her faith and devotion. Her aunt and uncle, Pastor and Co-pastor Rodd, played a pivotal role in laying a godly foundation for her as a young adult.

Lekecia is married to her love, Richard, and together they are blessed with six wonderful children and five adorable grandchildren. For nearly 28 years, she has been a dedicated member of her home church, Powerhouse of Deliverance Ministries, located in Hanahan, South Carolina. In this church, she has served in various capacities, including praise and worship leader, praise dance instructor, Sunday School teacher, and ordained minister.

Lekecia Fordham Ministries LLC is an extension of her calling to a life of worship. She strives to be versatile in serving all people. Whether you need a public speaker, an author, a minister, or an encouraging blog post to strengthen your faith, she is prepared to serve God’s people and glorify Him in all she does.

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with Lekecia to discuss her passion, her book and the message behind her work.

What exactly sparked your interest into the world of Psychology?

As a child I was in a community that was loving, family oriented, yet troubled. I witnessed a group of people that helped each other in times of need, yet some struggled with addictions, violence, anger, and the list goes on. As with every community there are various families with various issues and some well-hidden. Having seen this early in life it made me wonder ‘what is wrong with people?’. That really sparked my interest in knowing and understanding the dynamics of people and how they thought. I wondered what makes them do the things they do; behave the way they did and make the choices they made. This longing to understand others also came with a desire to help them. I believe this is where my love and compassion for people was born.

Can you share a little about your journey to becoming a Minister?

I gave my life to the Lord young but struggling to really know God and understand this walk of salvation. I was in my early twenties, single with a young daughter and trying to find my way in the world. As life went on, I began to walk with God and learned of Him. I wanted to experience this love that no man was able to give me. The agape love that could come only from my creator. I remember saying to God that I need a church home. There were two in my neighborhood that I was determined to give a try. The first church I visited had started early so I would have been late to worship, so I left and went to the other and service had not yet started. That decision changed my life. This was the church for me. God had led me to a ministry that not only taught the word of God but that loved me through my shortcomings and was an example of that agape love I desired. I was blessed in that God revealed to me that I was called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I must admit that I doubted that God could or ever would use someone like me, but I remained connected to Him. Through much prayer, studies and being taught the biblical truth, I was later ordained as a minister, and I am still in that same church today.

How do you balance business, ministry, and your work as an author?

Balance is a must in every aspect of life. I am a full-time employee, a minister, author, not to mention wife and mother which are my first ministries. Each of these are demanding, so I must implore patience, planning and pliability. My day starts with talking to God. Thanking Him for life and asking Him to protect me and my loved ones and to order our steps. Once I am home from work, I must be available for my husband and family. I try to ensure that home always has time with me as every family is weakened without time and communication. From there I am off to writing, blogging, or researching to ensure that I am always in tune with what I am saying and the impact I need my readers to walk away with. There are times that I feel one area of my life is lacking my attention and, in those times, I adjust. For me, sticking to a routine is very helpful but not definite. I understand that there are times that something will require more of me, and I must be flexible enough to adapt.

Your book, “Beautiful Lies vs. The Ugly Truth,” addresses the power of words and faith. Can you share more about the inspiration behind it?

This book was inspired by my desire to share with others the importance of recognizing that we have a real enemy that lies to us daily in hopes to keep us from recognizing who we really are. As a child of God and minister alike, we battle so many things, especially the fact that we belong and that we are loved. I have personally struggled with thinking I was not worthy enough for God’s love and that He could never use someone who has made as many mistakes as I have. This battle is internal, but it can be won by simply embracing God’s truth. Not what man thinks and not what man says, but what God says. This revelation opened my understanding and gave me the fortitude to tell others, who are battling in secret that they too are free and that there is no lie the enemy can tell us that can hold us fast if we simply walk in kingdom truth.

You co-host the “Phone Nuggets Podcast,” which focuses on the Word of God. How do you hope this platform encourages your audience?

The Phone Nuggets Podcast has truly been a blessing to others as they have us that can identify with where they are, we have walked as they’ve walked and lived as they’ve lived and still, we can uplift and encourage them to go on in God. Every topic is inspired by the Holy Ghost and is a real-life example of how God has caused us to triumph and wants us to triumph. It is an organic conversation that allows us to speak as real people, with real struggles and real answers according to the word of God. Our audience is being blessed and telling others about this platform that they may to walk away strengthened and desiring to go on to know God for themselves. This was all we had hoped and prayed for, and God is doing it.

Your motto is “Your failures were never intended to be a muzzle, but a bullhorn!” Can you elaborate on how you’ve turned your challenges into opportunities for growth and ministry?

So many times, in life we hide when we make mistakes. As believers we try to hide from God, we hide from fellow saints or anyone we feel we have let down. The irony is that even the Bible is an instrument that shows how men have overcome and thrived after having made multiple mistakes. I have made many mistakes after giving my life to Christ. At first, I allowed shame and guilt to silence me, but now that I have complete understanding and I realize that we are flawed as people, that will continue to make mistakes, I rely on my Savior to rescue me. So, instead of hiding or being silent, when we fall short, share it. Allow your transparency to bless someone else, and even if they do not avoid that same pitfall, they will see how to arise from it.

As a blogger, public speaker, minister, and more, you wear many hats in your ministry. How do you balance these different roles while staying true to your mission?

My mission is simple, to preach and teach the word of God and to encourage others to know Him and His undying love for themselves. To that end, it is easy for me to stay true to my mission because all that I do as a blogger, speaker, or minister is a testament to that same mission. It all edifies God and His people and if I do not lose sight of who I am, I will never lose sight of my mission.

What advice would you give to those who may be struggling with their faith, while running a business?

My encouragement would be to hold on to what you know is true. Because our faith is built on Christ, it must be sustained in Christ. Therefore, we cannot live, survive, or thrive outside of Christ. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. So, whether it be in business, your personal lives or in ministry, never focus only on what you see. You must hold on to what you know is true regardless of what you see. If God said it, believe it. Move in business and a winner, move in ministry as a winner, and move in your personal relationships as a winner. Hold on!

Can you share a memorable moment or testimonial from your ministry that has had a significant impact on you?

I’ve had several memorable moments but one that I hold on to is that God remembers His promises to us. In the 90’s God spoke to me about writing a book. I had never forgotten but I had allowed life and its struggles to drown out that word. I was a divorced mother trying to raise my three daughters, working overtime and at one point two jobs. I was in survival mode. Many years later, someone in my church I have known for years took interest in me and surprisingly we were later married. After marriage, I was no longer in survival mode, I was thriving. It was at this time that God began to deal with me concerning the word He had spoken to me in the 90’s. Not only was I at a place of peace where I could hear him clearly, but I was matured in ministry, and it was now time to bring to fruition the promise that He had spoken all those years ago. Though it seemed like it would never happen and that it took so long because I was not in position. We must remember that God remembers His promises and He makes all things beautiful in His time.

What can we expect from Lekecia Fordham Ministries LLC in the future? Are there any upcoming projects?

I am currently expanding on my current book “Beautiful Lies vs The Ugly Truth” and working to partner with ministries and youth programs that can benefit from it. I am also contacting bookstores to schedule future book signings and book readings in my community. I am currently devising a strategy to actively build up my social media platforms and presence, particularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Lastly, I will be publishing another book late 2024 entitled “Bruises in her Haste” that talks about the challenges I’ve faced in life, love and ministry that could have destroyed me but because of God, it could not happen.

Social Media Handles-

Facebook- Lekecia Fordham

Twitter- LekeciaFordham1

Instagram- TheLekeciaFordham


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