The Prayerpist is changing Therapy

By: Jazmyne Courtnii Byrd

Having experts in the community who specialize in helping people navigate through life’s ups and downs is essential. With so many things happening in the world, it is imperative that people have someone who is educated and licensed to counsel them through their turbulent times. For Destiny Thomas, this journey started with prayer and hearing the voice of God as she experienced her own journey through troubled times. As the community learns to navigate through understanding mental health and how to process many people are ignoring childhood trauma that turns into unhealed adult trauma.

In an exclusive interview with the Virginia native, Thomas discusses how she became a Prayerpist and how Prayerpy is healing her clients.

Jazmyne- How did you get started on this journey?

Destiny Thomas- What got me started with honestly being obedient to God. I worked in corporate America for 10 years, working in the insurance industry and using a journaling process that he revealed to me during infertility in October of 2017. I got instructions to leave my job and no. The only instructions I got from there was to start writing my first book about my infertility journey and trusting God and to go live on Facebook and pray for people and from just those two steps of obedience. That led to me becoming the Prayerpist and working with high-achieving women on their mental health journey and their inner healing journey by hearing the voice of God.

 JB- Let’s walk through this journey and how the process got started. How does that process go for you to be able to transition? Were you hesitant?

DT- I listened this time. So, I had gone through my journey of infertility for 3 1/2 years. I got pregnant with my first son back in 2014, and before having him, I heard God tell me to go. After having him I went back to work part-time because he was transitioning me out. So, I was super excited about that. I get back to work and there’s this position that I wanted for years, and the hiring manager came from my desk and offered me it and I was like, this has to be God. Even though he’s telling me to go part-time, it’s the opposite of what he says. And I’m like, this has to be God, God, take that job. And it was hell. And so, this time around, I knew I could not do that again. So, this time I moved immediately. But it was because I learned from a previous mistake that when he says what he says, you want to follow it as quickly as you possibly can. It can lead you down a very, very dark road mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

JB- You go by a very interesting name and that’s a “Prayerpist”, did God instill in you that gave you that type of title?

DT- It doesn’t teach you how to pray, but it does help you learn the voice of God in a strategic, intentional type of way. I feel like we’re taught not to ask questions and not to question God. But God is an intentional creator I started the process of going to him during infertility, I was just getting to a place where I was like, I’ve lost everything. My marriage is failing, my weight is terrible because of the hormones.  I just was angry. And so, I decided to throw all of those things I was taught away about God and just be naked with God. I wanted to just be honest in my truth. And I’ve noticed in journaling those feelings that. All of a sudden, I heard God say to write GS and then I kept on writing. And a week and a half, maybe two weeks passed, and I heard it again and I would go back and read all of the GSE’s. And I realized God was speaking that to me, that he was talking to me in those moments, that he was comforting me and loving on me. And I am naturally a green personality, analytical and acquisitive. God began to take me down his journey which is now known as Prayerpy to heal me in a different capacity. To be able to identify the root of the problem. And that is when it can then be uprooted from the root, and he can re-fertilize it and resolve it so you can be fruitful. But now you’re using that thing because you’ve been able to walk out of it and bless other people with it. And so that’s what prayerapy is, it allows people to identify the root of what you are going through. God likes the healer from the bottom up. We like to heal from the top down because that feels better, right? We like to talk to God about that most recent relationship or that most recent loss of our job, when God’s like, no, I want to take you back to that little girl whose mother never allowed her to speak up for herself because that’s why you ended up where you ended up.

Destiny has chosen to take her healing journey to a different level by helping her clients understand the power of prayer and therapy together. She is instrumental in ushering in a different connection between two powerful healing mechanisms to help people become the very best versions of themselves. Incorporating prayer and therapy together can you navigate through the hardships of life in a whole different manner.

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