Empowerment Through Words: The Inspiring Journey of Dr. Ericka L. McKnight

Meet Dr. Ericka L. McKnight, an international bestselling, multi-award-winning author, speaker, entrepreneur, mental health certified health aide, philanthropist, and Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awardee. She is also the owner of ELM School of Real Estate & ELM Realty firm. Featured in Pride Magazine, the largest African American magazine in the Carolinas, Humani, Courageous Woman Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Southern Christian Writers Magazine, and an honorable mention in Forbes Magazine, as well as the 10th Annual NAACP Author Honoree, just to name a few. She has currently written books with several New York Times bestselling authors, but her most recent was “Open Your Gifts Volume 2” with the talented, award-winning actor, comedian, and host Kim Coles.

Dr. McKnight has a vast portfolio of expertise, authoring 22 books that focus on mental health, self-care, wealth management, empowerment, and much more. Her books have earned her numerous prestigious awards, worldwide media coverage, and talk show host appearances. Her book “Silence the Noise – Uninstalling Negativity” has been a gift to the world. Despite the negative encounters one may have experienced with people, places, or things, this Trilogy has helped thousands regain their self-confidence, worth, and admiration for life again! “Self-Care: Your Ultimate Superpower” speaks to the life of a CEO who’s always giving but realizes they’re left empty. All of Dr. McKnight’s books can be purchased wherever books are sold.

Ericka is the first female African American to own a Real Estate School in the southeastern region. She has received recognition for her books by the NAACP and The Mental Health advocates and their industry. This has provided limitless opportunities for her to spread the message and acknowledgment of making history!

We had the amazing opportunity of speaking with Dr. Ericka McKnight to discuss her journey of becoming an author, the message behind her work and more:

When did you realize you had the gift of pouring into others through your words?
When others began to tell me, “The world needs to hear what you have to share and offer.” The testimonials, calls, and speaking engagements increased as well!

You have written 22 books; can you share the greatest moments of your writing career thus far?
There was a young man hospitalized with a rare disease that left him permanently paralyzed. His Mom reached out to me on social media and shared his story privately with me. She later bought my books Silence The Noise Trilogy, and after reading the book, he was no longer considering committing suicide. When I helped prevent a young man from committing suicide, it’s important to remember the right words can and will give LIFE in the midst of a dying situation!

Think back over your writing journey, what message would you say reigns true inside the pages of your work?
That life is a vapor! Here today and gone tomorrow, so choose to live “your” best life, not someone else’s. No, it’s never perfect because we’re imperfect people, but when you allow yourself more and more grace, it gets easier.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors looking to share their story?
Remember, it’s your story, and no one can tell you what to add nor leave out. Start right where you are and just write. Come back later and put it all together. The key is to get all your thoughts and ideas on paper. Be transparent with the readers; people relate better to authenticity. Then find an expert in the subject matter of your book and ask for their opinion. I also highly encourage you to self-publish your book.

What is next for Dr. Ericka L. McKnight?
I often ask myself the same question, and I don’t know! Because just when I have a plan, God switches it up! So I just enjoy the journey and know that it only gets better because I serve a gigantic God who wants only the best for me! Jeremiah 29:11

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
Confident, God-fearing, Courageous, and stops at nothing to fulfill her destiny! Keeping in mind, to hustle smart, not hard…

For more information about Dr. Ericka L. McKnight, visit any social media outlet & her websites: http://www.elmschoolofrealestate.com http://www.silencethenoiseelm.com

“Freedom and the ability to write my own paycheck, work schedule, and employ others. I felt the need to educate others about mental health and financial empowerment, all while leading a successful life and a healthy family.” – Dr. Ericka L. McKnight

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