International BBQ To The Rescue

International BBQ is a popular way of cooking and eating food in many parts of the world. It
involves grilling meats, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients over an open flame. You can
add seasonings as well and the flavor you get is intense. Of course barbequing is enjoyed by
many cultures around the world so why not give it a shot.

Korean BBQ is a popular style of cooking that incorporates the same technique with different
cuts of meat and spices. You’d be grilling various types of meat, such as pork, beef, and
chicken, over an open flame or charcoal right on top of the restaurant table.

The meats are usually marinated in a variety of sauces and spices before being cooked. Star
anise and pimento are usually used in the sauces. You grab the slices of thinly cut meat and
place it on the grill and you’ll notice it sizzle quite quickly. After a few minutes you can have a
taste depending on whether you prefer rare or well done meats.

Korean BBQ is often served with side dishes too such as kimchi and rice. Kimchi is basically
cabbage that has been preserved or soaked in spices and is kind of like relish. It is a great way
to enjoy the flavors of Korea while gathering with friends or family.

Whether it’s a backyard gathering or a professional event, try international barbecuing to bring unique flavors that can’t be found anywhere else.

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