Deep Blue Reflections: The Story Behind Gory’s Ocean-Inspired Anthem

Growing up in the small town of India, Gory wanted to be everything at once. Finally, she decides to dedicate her life to making music focused on notes and lyrics.
She is a singer-songwriter currently finishing her album, which she has kept in the works for a long time. Besides being a lover of Earth and traveling, Gory keeps rambling from one place to another to inspire and motivate herself to keep writing more about what’s happening in the world.
She believes that music is the tool for human consciousness to reach its higher peak and unite with each other. So, whatever music we consume, whatever lyrics we read, ultimately becomes our reality.
Dropping her brand new song about the ocean, titled “Deep Blue Ocean,” Gory has sung some mind-blowing words about the oneness between nature and humans.

Can you tell us more about your journey from growing up in India to becoming a singer/songwriter? To be honest, not many people know me here in India. It is because the region I come from enjoys Bollywood music very much. I only performed last year in the northeast part of India, and it was fun because it was the first time I met a lot of musicians and learned about technical knowledge from them. It’s challenging to make money in India as a singer-songwriter because of currency issues and people’s choices. But I really enjoy music here since it is a very diverse country with diverse music backgrounds. In fact, I recently started learning classical Indian music, which is so interesting; it is almost like the roots of music.

You mentioned that you’re currently finishing your album after keeping it due for a long time. Can you share a bit about the creative process and what we can expect from this album?

Yes, it has been pending for a long time. I am almost finished with just one more song to go. I am not able to find the right producer for that song. The best part about this album is that I collaborated with so many amazing producers around the world. With this album, each song has a different theme, and writing was very easy, as was the composing. Now, in the process of editing videos for the next single dropping next month, it has a completely different genre like old school hip hop. The initial song was supposed to be different. I thought that was not catchy enough, so I made this Human experience song a part of it.

Traveling and being a lover of nature seem to play a significant role in your life. How do your journeys and experiences inspire your music?

Honestly, if there was no traveling and no nature, half of my music and writings would not be there. Nature has helped me write a lot of melodies, music, and lyrics. Whenever I am alone on a mountain or by the beach or maybe in a jungle with my guitar, something definitely comes out. After meeting a bunch of different people, I came across the most goddess woman in my life, and she helped me explore sides of me as a theoretical musician I never saw myself. I cannot wait to meet more people, visit more places that are out there to keep on making music. But before that, I would like to finish what I am starting, which is all the songs that I have written so far.

You believe that music is a tool for human consciousness to reach its higher peak and unite with each other. Could you expand on this philosophy and how it influences your music?

Yes, I believe in the power of lyrics and frequencies of notes. Each note carries a frequency that ultimately makes us feel joyful, happy, or sad. The notes and scales we put in our music do affect the chemicals in our brain negatively and positively, depending on the music that we are choosing to consume. I explored a lot of genres, music, lyrics, and artists, and I realized that a lot of my events were made because of the music I listen to. As an artist, it should be the highest priority how you are creating yourself with the help of music and what you are feeding your listener’s ears because it helps them disconnect from the world or connect with themselves.

Your brand new song, “Deep Blue Ocean,” explores the connection between nature and humans. What inspired you to write this song, and what message do you hope listeners take away from it? I guess traveling often to the seaside and watching the ocean in sunset time, monsoon time, day, and night inspired me to write a song about it. An amazing fact that I think is how big it is and we are very tiny human beings in front of it, and I feel the connection between two is the depth that hides within both. People should take the message of living life to the fullest and understanding themselves little by little every day. This is the message I would like them to take away.

How can listeners and fans connect with you and stay updated on your latest releases and artistic journey?

They can follow me on all the social platforms. Unfortunately, that is the only way in this modern world. Well, I hope to travel soon and play for people everywhere I go, but meanwhile, they can get to know me virtually, stay connected on all the following links:

– Instagram –

– YouTube –

– Facebook –

– Twitter –

– Spotify –

Check out the full song here –

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