tuning out negativity

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Mind Talks with That Riverz Gurl: Tuning out Negativity

Negativity is like a disease that spreads all over the world and people spread it to others without thinking about it first. The one thing about negativity is, it can’t be cured unless its being covered by a gratitude of positivity. Easy to believe? Nope! I’m with you on that one because as easy as it is to spread negativity, it is much harder to spread positivity. Why is that? some of you may wonder. A lot of people enjoy seeing others suffer in their own problems, trauma, and struggles without a care in the world to uplift them with encouragement and speaking positivity in their situations. There is more bad than good; at least that’s what I see on the evening news. We are all sick and tired of living in a world filled with hate, violence, and negativity.

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