Mind Talks with That Riverz Gurl: Tuning out Negativity

Negativity is like a disease that spreads all over the world and people spread it to others without thinking about it first. The one thing about negativity is, it can’t be cured unless its being covered by a gratitude of positivity. Easy to believe? Nope! I’m with you on that one because as easy as it is to spread negativity, it is much harder to spread positivity. Why is that? some of you may wonder. A lot of people enjoy seeing others suffer in their own problems, trauma, and struggles without a care in the world to uplift them with encouragement and speaking positivity in their situations. There is more bad than good; at least that’s what I see on the evening news. We are all sick and tired of living in a world filled with hate, violence, and negativity. You can’t even walk in peace in your own neighborhood without getting shot or even if you look at someone wrong, they are ready to fight. So the question I want to ask you is “How do you tune out the negativity?” In this blog post, I will be talking a little bit about how you can tune out negativity and how it is healthy for your mental health.

Have you heard of the phrase: “Music is my therapy”? Well trust me, it is pure therapy listening to some of your favorite songs on your playlist even playing some meditation music to calm down your mind and to get into a mood of relaxation. When you are dealing with negativity whether it’s in your workplace, home, with friends or even via social media, step away and dive into a musical scene. The workplace can be pretty hectic and with a lot of pressure, projects, and deadlines going to, things can be pretty crazy. Your boss may sound aggressive because he/she wants that memo typed by the end of the day and you have like five other priority projects that needs attention as well. Or co-workers may be jealous of you or someone else because you got promoted, so now they are saying negative things behind your back. When you are dealing with all that, the best thing you can do is close your eyes, count to five and take deep breaths. Allow your mind to calm down. I’m not going to lie, it’s difficult to do at times when faced with these adversities at work. By doing this, you are practicing safe and healthy mental health skills. You don’t ever want to get to the point where everything is bottled inside and you don’t release it through meditation or calming down. You will feel stressed and burned out with anger raging and irritability snapping at you every chance it gets.

That is why it is very important to tune out negativity to avoid feeling stressed, burned out, irritated, and angry. You want to try to tackle it before it boils over the flames causing a big fire. Trust me, doing this faithfully and consistently isn’t always easy and it’s going to take some practice to get the hang of it. For starters, you can just stay away from negativity if possible and from toxic people. Hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to comment, like, share, pin, and save this post for future reference.

That Riverz Gurl

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