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Alea Carter, a native of Cleveland, OH, is a published author, inspirational speaker, Personal Development & Empowerment Life Coach, and founder ofBe Whole! Life Coaching. She earned the Life Coaching Designation of Associate Certified Empowerment Life Coach(ACELC)through The Empowerment Coach Academy. However, her prior educational background includes holding a Bachelor Degree in Public Relations, Communication Studies, and International Studies. Alea pursued the more unconventional career of becoming a Life Coach, and using effective methods of group instruction and private coaching. She provides clarity, encouragement, and accountability to people of Faith seeking better mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Alea has been uniquely qualified by God to assist others in recognizing His voice and seeing themselves as He sees them. She has managed people, offices, and accounts within her professional career; now, she helps others achieve their emotional intelligence. Alea has been married to husband George LeonCarterJr. For nine years and has two young sons.

PWH: “Be whole Life Coaching” is your brand, what does it mean to be whole?

AC: My brand Be Whole Life Coaching came from the idea of being whole. This is living a lifestyle of health and healing. Being whole is indicative of soundness of mind, body, soul, and spirit. The truth is, often, bad things happen in life, causing us to break. Trust me; I’ve had my share of brokenness.

Nevertheless, I do not live in constant turmoil, worry, fear, drama, unforgiveness, resentment, regret, and the like. Instead, I experience freedom in expressed thoughts and emotions, hope, security, power, love, joy, and peace. In God, I am complete.

PWH: You are a mother, Businesswoman, and a woman of Faith who is very active in your local church. How do you balance the three?

AC: With everything that I am and do: mother, wife, Businesswoman, active in my church community, etc., I’ve learned to focus upon the harmony within all of my roles. By prioritizing God as first in my life, everything else falls into its rightful place. Of course, I have To-Do Lists, daily routines, and schedules that help provide structure in my life. I practice self-care and maintain healthy boundaries with others. Also, I am grateful to my support system which, first and foremost, includes my understanding, supportive, and loving husband.

PWH: You have a degree in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with respect to dealing with anxiety, tell me about that?

AC: I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with minors in Communication Studies and International Studies from Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. Later I found a great interest in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with respect to dealing with anxiety. CBT challenges negative thought patterns and teaches us to manage our emotions as well as to maintain healthy coping strategies. It’s some exciting stuff, and it works!

PWH: Are you currently accepting coaching clients, what can a client expect in a one on one session?

AC: I am currently accepting coaching clients. I conduct one-on-one life coaching sessions, usually remotely by phone or online video conference platforms. My coaching programs include a Free Discovery Session and 4-6, one-hour weekly sessions. In each program series, we focus on 1-2 areas in which my client wants to improve her life. She receives a weekly assignment to complete – nothing too complicated, just something that helps her to apply what we’ve talked about in sessions. We review the task, and I offer helpful suggestions and strategies. I provide clarity, encouragement, and accountability in a genuine, knowledgeable, professional, and non-judgmental safe space.

PWH: Tell me about your book entitled “She is the Ish”?

AC: My book, “She Is The Ish: Journeys Through Womanhood,” is the first of a collaborative book series compiled by “The Dream Queen,” Erial Ramsey. The book includes my personal life story as well as 12 other inspiring women from all across the country. It is a collection of our transparent, bravely-told, authentically presented truths surrounding death, break-ups, low self-esteem, confidence, healing, purpose, and Faith. You will find yourself somewhere in the pages of this book!

PWH: When you think of a pretty woman who hustles, what crosses your mind?

AC: When I think of a pretty woman who hustles, I think of a woman who recognizes her beauty but doesn’t just stop there. She also pursues life to become the very best version of herself, no matter what obstacles she may face.

PWH: Bonus Question: Briefly speak life into the college student, or young woman reading this, wondering how to get a better understanding of themselves and who they are to Christ?

AC: I always say that the Creator best knows the integrity of Creation. I firmly believe that we must first acknowledge our brokenness before we can be made whole. But how can we be made whole if we don’t know the One who orchestrates the putting of our broken pieces back together? Sometimes in life we go through hellish things, but by partnering with God we can be whole again. Jesus Christ healed people and said, “Be made whole’, thus curing their physical, mental, spiritual, and soul wounds. Although every day may not be peachy, we can be restored over and over and over again. No, we aren’t perfect, but we can be in good condition. I want to encourage you to embrace all of you – suppressing nothing. No matter what you go through in life, remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made in Him. God, the potter, holds you and your future in his hands.

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